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Anyplace in Europe - A-Z229,6191,392Nov 11 hrs ago11 mins ago
Have you visited any of these famous haunted sites/houses?1,16131Oct 2016Mar 2019May 30
Where should one go for one's next holiday/city break?4951Apr 2017Feb 2019May 30
Popular Past-times8391Jun 2014Feb 2019May 30
Best Disco Songs2,43240Dec 2017Aug 201814 hrs ago
Favourite Movie Theme6604Sep 2017Jun 2018May 30
Favourite Sayings5,338209May 2014Jun 20185 hrs ago
Ok guys, what skills do you have to impress a new girlfriend?2,00441Nov 2016May 2018May 30
What was your favourite subject at school? (even if you didn't like school)1,92049Jun 2017Apr 2018May 30
Body shopping1,04126May 2017Apr 2018May 30
Which female movie character would you like to live next door to?1,50435Oct 2017Apr 201823 hrs ago
Best Entertainers that have passed1,2637Sep 2016Apr 2018May 30
In Honour of David Bowie. R.I.P. Pick your favourite song of his.3,26936Jan 2016Apr 2018May 30
New Famous Person Beginning With The Last Letter of the Previous One3,627155Jun 2016Mar 2018Jun 1
What's the best part of your life? Be honest now!2,69838Jul 2016Mar 2018May 30
Snog, Marry, Avoid, Kill (for the girls)86712Aug 2017Mar 201820 hrs ago
Name TV Programme Starting with last letter of previous4192Oct 2017Mar 2018May 30
3 Letters and 3 Words Part 58,340363Oct 2016Jan 20187 hrs ago
Does a man/woman in uniform do it for you? And which uniform more so?2,17340Nov 2016Jan 2018May 30
New Write a song (last letter of previous and name of singer/s in brackets)17,409414Dec 2014Dec 2017May 31
Write a country, city or major well known town with last letter of previous12,639623May 2017Dec 20171 hrs ago
Best Female TV Presenter80812Nov 2017Dec 2017May 30
Have you had a stalker alert on CS?2,40683Nov 2017Dec 2017May 30
Favourite way to keep fit1,06726Sep 2017Nov 201716 hrs ago
Which era of movies do you prefer? and name your fave movie from that era1,81629Jul 2017Nov 2017May 30
Best Male TV Presenter83713Nov 2017Nov 2017May 30
Favourite Animal Character from Movie/TV5626Oct 2017Oct 201711 hrs ago
Snog, Marry, Avoid, Kill (for the lads)1,07820Aug 2017Oct 2017May 30
Knock Three Times...65228Sep 2017Sep 2017May 30
Holiday Destination Suggestions2,00262May 2017Sep 20176 hrs ago
Word Association Re-incarnated!50618Sep 2017Sep 2017May 30
Best TV Series Theme Tunes1,18929Aug 2017Aug 2017Jun 1
Favourite type of Holiday/Vacation1,47225May 2016Aug 2017May 30
If you had to take part in one, which would you pick?99010Nov 2016Jun 2017May 30
Write a Story with Three words26,728762Dec 2015Jun 20174 hrs ago
For Bee Gees fans: Best Bee Gees song2,18426May 2017May 2017May 30
Favourite Movie or Other Lines3,57588Oct 2016May 2017May 31
Best kind of pub/bar81915May 2017May 2017May 30
Book title starting with last letter of previous with author in brackets57621Apr 2017May 2017May 30
10 more uniforms to pick from!1,56225Nov 2016Apr 2017May 31
A newer word beginning with last letter of the previous2,823153Oct 2016Apr 2017May 30
How do you like your coffee?1,51564Apr 2017Apr 2017May 30

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