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Compare Covers7,822328Nov 2020Sep 192 hrs ago
Mick Jagger, 80 today.68217Jul 26Sep 617 hrs ago
R.I.P. Tina Turner1,48125May 24May 2818 hrs ago
Just Dylan61916Feb 1Mar 2711 hrs ago
Vocal Fry69616Feb 26Feb 2818 hrs ago
R.I.P. Maxi Jazz2042Dec 2022Dec 2022Sep 20
R.I.P. Jet Black51515Dec 2022Dec 2022Sep 26
What is Woke?7,435248Nov 2022Dec 20221 hrs ago
R.I.P. Christine McVie76828Nov 2022Dec 20228 hrs ago
Spontaneous Musical Entertainment2784Nov 2022Nov 2022Sep 20
Plonker of the Week1,23320Oct 2022Nov 2022Sep 27
The narratives of the powerful99421Nov 2022Nov 2022Sep 26
Who is the coolest female rock star....and why?1,58138Aug 2022Oct 20226 hrs ago
How do you cope when the heat is on?2,41679Jul 2022Aug 2022Sep 27
Ohio52612Jun 2022Jul 2022Sep 17
Have you ever been searched by the police?1,41036May 2022Jun 2022Sep 27
Texas school shooting3,18968May 2022Jun 2022Sep 26
Happy Birthday Tru.1,40732May 2022May 20225 hrs ago
Jonathan Pie on Partygate3184Apr 2022Apr 2022Sep 12
Anyone got a spare keyboard?4207Apr 2022Apr 2022Sep 12
Killing Eve49910Mar 2022Mar 2022Sep 20
The Queen has covid1,57856Feb 2022Feb 2022Sep 28
Name that storm.1,31542Feb 2022Feb 202212 hrs ago
Omicron... bring it on.3,117103Dec 2021Jan 2022Sep 23
No Buddhist retreat for me over Christmas1,891100Dec 2021Dec 20213 hrs ago
Need for vaccine aspiration confirmed, why is this not being done1,24231Dec 2021Dec 2021Sep 27
Pie on 'the Christmas Party' and other Government misdemeanours.3997Dec 2021Dec 2021Sep 28
Did you have a good Dad?1,07327Dec 2021Dec 2021Sep 25
England 89-0 United States49413Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 24
Not bad for a little’un.44211Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 21
On the 6th Day God Created MANcheter52215Nov 2021Nov 202119 hrs ago
For Karl53315Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 28
Vaccine Wars3585Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 13
Questionable Lyrics2780Oct 2021Oct 2021Sep 12
Why Buddha and not God?2,81588Oct 2021Oct 202120 hrs ago
UK Foreign Policy (is a joke)2932Oct 2021Oct 2021Sep 21
A Pause for Thought.4626Sep 2021Sep 2021Sep 14
"You Are the Quarantined”72917Aug 2021Aug 2021Sep 20
A Country Divided?2,08162Aug 2021Aug 2021Sep 23
The uk wallabies are no more.86036Jun 2021Jun 2021Sep 22
Happy Birthday truheart.73117May 2021May 2021Sep 24
Transforming Anger into Love44811Jan 2021Jan 2021Sep 25

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