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What's new, Pussycat2967Dec 2017Dec 2017Nov 16
Greetings regulars2,64657Sep 2016Sep 2016Nov 17
Hen's B&B in Cork92341Apr 2015Apr 2015Nov 11
p*nis Envy1,22932Apr 2015Apr 2015Nov 16
Dwyer Straits....87744Apr 2015Apr 2015Nov 17
Bruce Jenner...74827Feb 2015Feb 2015Nov 18
Misophonia1,67031Jan 2015Jan 201523 hrs ago
Should parents-to-be require a licence?1,64975Jan 2015Jan 201520 hrs ago
Foreigners....1,17053Jan 2015Jan 2015Nov 16
Molly, can I borrow....33710Jan 2015Jan 2015Nov 16
Smile of the Day.....2221Jan 2015Jan 2015Nov 7
Do you, Men, actually ask women out?1,54267Jan 2015Jan 20158 hrs ago
MJ's Macro Economics Thread for General Chat61125Jan 2015Jan 201516 hrs ago
What's important to you when picking a mate?1,14335Jan 2015Jan 2015Nov 11
Why Do Men Have Nipples?70621Dec 2014Dec 2014Nov 16
Nocturnal Penile Tumescence77824Dec 2014Dec 201412 hrs ago
Post Nasal Depression1550Dec 2014Dec 2014Nov 16
Frozen....94839Dec 2014Dec 2014Nov 17
Happy Christmas, CS-ers55518Dec 2014Dec 2014Nov 3
Sisyphus....52316Dec 2014Dec 2014Nov 16
The Good Husband's Guide....38119Dec 2014Dec 201423 hrs ago
The Good Wife's Guide....97837Dec 2014Dec 201421 hrs ago
Name a reason you're single.....3,22767Dec 2014Dec 2014Nov 16
ONE LINERS...1,52449Dec 2014Dec 201416 mins ago
ENGLISH PUBS5064Dec 2014Dec 2014Oct 30
CHIVALRY - is it dead? #21,89893Dec 2014Dec 201413 hrs ago
Chilvalry - is it dead?1192Dec 2014Dec 2014Nov 12
LETTERS TO SANTA2102Dec 2014Dec 2014Nov 6
Pistorius the Blade Runner1,80276Sep 2014Oct 2014Nov 14
Open Relationships2,10499Aug 2014Sep 201411 hrs ago
If Men Were Lizards.....1,26199Sep 2014Sep 2014Nov 16
Guess Phoenix's First Name....1,18242Sep 2014Sep 2014Nov 17
What Are You Most Inclined to be Addicted to?1,728100Sep 2014Sep 2014Oct 31
Describe an ex using a Movie Title1,43290Sep 2014Sep 201424 hrs ago
Would you date a man with...1,807101Aug 2014Sep 201447 mins ago
Best Pick-Up Lines....2,119104Aug 2014Sep 2014Nov 18
Would You Donate Your Organs1,69668Aug 2014Aug 2014Nov 18
If I'm A Blow-In....1,19859Aug 2014Aug 201421 hrs ago
What happened to Cinderella...1,14056Aug 2014Aug 2014Nov 17
What's worse than a slow handyman....1,03461Aug 2014Aug 201418 hrs ago
Supermoon71921Aug 2014Aug 2014Nov 2
Cold Callers...2984Aug 2014Aug 2014Nov 9

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