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What's new, Pussycat2407Dec 2017Dec 2017Sep 19
Greetings regulars2,58857Sep 2016Sep 2016Sep 19
Hen's B&B in Cork89841Apr 2015Apr 2015Sep 19
p*nis Envy1,19132Apr 2015Apr 2015Sep 19
Dwyer Straits....84544Apr 2015Apr 201542 mins ago
Bruce Jenner...72427Feb 2015Feb 2015Sep 18
Misophonia1,60331Jan 2015Jan 2015Sep 19
Should parents-to-be require a licence?1,60075Jan 2015Jan 2015Sep 15
Foreigners....1,13653Jan 2015Jan 201516 hrs ago
Molly, can I borrow....32010Jan 2015Jan 2015Sep 18
Smile of the Day.....2111Jan 2015Jan 2015Sep 17
Do you, Men, actually ask women out?1,51567Jan 2015Jan 2015Sep 14
MJ's Macro Economics Thread for General Chat59125Jan 2015Jan 2015Sep 17
What's important to you when picking a mate?1,11435Jan 2015Jan 2015Sep 18
Why Do Men Have Nipples?68821Dec 2014Dec 20143 hrs ago
Nocturnal Penile Tumescence75224Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 16
Post Nasal Depression1420Dec 2014Dec 201414 hrs ago
Frozen....91739Dec 2014Dec 201411 hrs ago
Happy Christmas, CS-ers54918Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 19
Sisyphus....49716Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 7
The Good Husband's Guide....36619Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 18
The Good Wife's Guide....94737Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 19
Name a reason you're single.....3,13767Dec 2014Dec 201422 hrs ago
ONE LINERS...1,48449Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 17
ENGLISH PUBS4974Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 18
CHIVALRY - is it dead? #21,83193Dec 2014Dec 20141 hrs ago
Chilvalry - is it dead?1112Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 18
LETTERS TO SANTA2052Dec 2014Dec 2014Sep 15
Pistorius the Blade Runner1,77276Sep 2014Oct 2014Sep 18
Open Relationships2,06799Aug 2014Sep 2014Sep 19
If Men Were Lizards.....1,23299Sep 2014Sep 2014Sep 16
Guess Phoenix's First Name....1,14642Sep 2014Sep 2014Sep 19
What Are You Most Inclined to be Addicted to?1,698100Sep 2014Sep 2014Sep 19
Describe an ex using a Movie Title1,40290Sep 2014Sep 2014Sep 12
Would you date a man with...1,775101Aug 2014Sep 2014Sep 6
Best Pick-Up Lines....2,084104Aug 2014Sep 201416 hrs ago
Would You Donate Your Organs1,65468Aug 2014Aug 2014Sep 18
If I'm A Blow-In....1,15259Aug 2014Aug 2014Sep 15
What happened to Cinderella...1,09856Aug 2014Aug 201437 mins ago
What's worse than a slow handyman....1,01661Aug 2014Aug 2014Sep 15
Supermoon70221Aug 2014Aug 2014Sep 14
Cold Callers...2834Aug 2014Aug 2014Sep 16

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