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Alien Hybrid Child Created In Government Laboratory2,41214Jan 2014Sep 13Jan 13
Can Anyone Tell Me who Is Conrad 73?2,59359Oct 2013Feb 2015Jan 13
Obama Wants Military Leaders Who Will Fire on U.S. Citizens2,896105Oct 2013Sep 2014Jan 19
Who Are The Islamic Terrorists?1,23144Jul 2014Aug 201424 hrs ago
Re: Who Are The Islamic Terrorists?7419Jul 2014Aug 201412 hrs ago
Caucasian Freemasons Plot Against Young Blackman In Marshville, North Carolina3,45191May 2014Aug 201415 hrs ago
LA Cops Tased Man’s Genitals Until He Could ‘Smell His Flesh Burning’61732Jan 2014Jul 2014Jan 5
Secret Societies At Work With Jason Society Etc..3118Jul 2014Jul 2014Dec 26
Indiana Gives Citizens Right To Protect Themselves Against Police770Jun 2014Jun 2014Dec 26
Young Blackman Murdered At Motel In Charlotte, North Carolina47717Jun 2014Jun 2014Nov 29
Re: The Revenge....June 25, 201429018Jun 2014Jun 2014Jan 18
The Revenge.... June 25, 20142715Jun 2014Jun 2014Jan 16
The Latest On Charlotte, North Carolina2121Jun 2014Jun 2014Jan 12
Greensboro, High Point, Charlotte, NC... Sleep Imposers1834Jun 2014Jun 2014Dec 26
Re: Young Blackman Killed At Charlotte, NC Motel931Jun 2014Jun 2014Dec 19
Hell On Earth59516Jun 2014Jun 2014Dec 28
Have You Ever Wondered.......64126Jun 2014Jun 2014Jan 21
Can You Stand The Rain?24815Jun 2014Jun 2014Dec 28
Re: Caucasian Freemasons Plot Against Young Blackman In Marshville, North Carolina1990May 2014May 2014Dec 21
Re: Caucasian Freemasons Plot Against Young Blackman In Marshville, North Carolina2974May 2014May 2014Dec 22
Re: Caucasian Freemasons Plot Against Young Blackman In Marshville, North Carolina9053May 2014May 2014Jan 2
They Say "Call The Cops" For Everything4187May 2014May 201414 hrs ago
Former CIA Agent Makes a Shocking Statement that Will ROCK the Whole World…2092May 2014May 2014Dec 20
They Are Going Crazy Folks3985May 2014May 201423 hrs ago
Taking Over The Ukraine's Gas Supply And More3148May 2014May 2014Jan 15
China Considering Building High-speed Railway To U.S.1822May 2014May 2014Jan 18
They Say "Call The Cops" For Everything5366May 2014May 2014Jan 19
The New Jesuit Pope Finally Show His True Colors For NWO1720May 2014May 2014Oct 25
7 Demons1920May 2014May 2014Dec 28
Very Advanced Weaponry By Military..Like The Reaper2602May 2014May 2014Oct 25
They Plan To Use Bio-logical Warfare On You All1441May 2014May 2014Nov 20
Virginia Follows High Point, North Carolina..Welcome To Slavery2474May 2014May 2014Jan 20
The Unadorned Truth.. Within Union County, North Carolina And Abroad38015May 2014May 2014Jan 17
We Dare You To Read These Links3265May 2014May 2014Jan 5
New Bill To Stop Inquiries About Mexicans And More2404May 2014May 2014Jan 18
Mexicans Must Stop Snitching On Others93619Apr 2014May 2014Jan 18
Time Travel Is Real Folks84726May 2014May 2014Dec 31
DHS Covers Up Another Mexican Military Incursion Into U.S.1561Apr 2014Apr 2014Oct 15
Welcome To Barack Obama's New World Order53918Oct 2013Oct 2013Dec 24
Day 3: Negative US Media Coverage Fails to Stop Constitutional Truckers and Veterans Moving Into DC1942Oct 2013Oct 2013Dec 26
Real Crazy News55715Oct 2013Oct 2013Dec 28
President Obama Turns Against Americans59213Oct 2013Oct 2013Jan 16

This is a list of threads created by Black_Voices.