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The Nanny State64712Apr 2011Apr 2011Mar 25
A little morning humor4015Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 16
Doctors vs. Gun Owners2,826134Feb 2011Mar 2011Mar 26
One Question Test1,05939Aug 2009Oct 2009Mar 28
Do women like intelligent men3,14188Aug 2009Oct 200921 hrs ago
John Edwards61318Sep 2009Sep 2009Apr 16
Service64620Sep 2009Sep 2009Apr 4
I AM NOT44310Sep 2009Sep 2009Mar 30
Farah Fawcett Dead at 6239213Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 7
NEW FY09 ARMY POLICIES49519Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 13
This is an Incredible story4289May 2009May 2009Apr 5
Weight Watchers3187May 2009May 2009Apr 16
Confession81010Mar 2008May 2009Mar 12
YOU KNOW YOU ARE LIVING IN 2009 when...2952Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 22
Why nobody had ADHD when we were growing up1,2209Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 14
Sometimes we need to have the *hit scared out of us?1,07441Feb 2009Feb 2009Apr 7
Our Wonderful Representatives1640Feb 2009Feb 2009Apr 14
CS Mail2,09482Feb 2009Feb 2009Apr 15
CS Mail1600Feb 2009Feb 2009Feb 27
Class Act (Kansan & Jackson)77420Jan 2009Jan 2009Mar 16
Do We Have Enough Polls Yet48724Jan 2009Jan 2009Apr 7
Anybody Seen or Heard from61118Dec 2008Jan 2009Mar 18
Would you work in Afghanistan or Iraq & why or why not3,561189Jul 2008Jan 2009Apr 14
New Years Resolutions89045Dec 2008Jan 2009Apr 11
Gov Blagojevich Plays the race card?95454Dec 2008Dec 2008Feb 27
Let Me Tell You About My Weekend37515Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 13
Judge orders state Dept of Human Services to bail out rape suspect71821Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 14
FOR SALE - Obama's Vacant Senate Seat2855Dec 2008Dec 2008Mar 4
Christmas Joke1940Dec 2008Dec 2008Feb 26
Christmas Came Early52618Dec 2008Dec 2008Feb 26
Fear Mongering1,61091Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 25
Tornado Warning - Alabama3538Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 1
Her First Time78823Aug 2008Aug 2008Feb 28
SENIOR MOMENTS49213Jun 2008Aug 2008Apr 18
Rude Astrology1,91644Jun 2008Aug 2008Apr 16
House Sale1,45029Jun 2008Jul 2008Mar 25
Battle of the Sexes5398May 2008Jun 2008Mar 18
Last Wishes5244Mar 2008Jun 2008Mar 1
A Day at the Vet - Beware, this is not for everyone98410Mar 2008May 2008Apr 5
Poor Dog4773Mar 2008May 200821 hrs ago
Cooter's Dead4313May 2008May 2008Mar 13
AMAZING HOME REMEDIES48811May 2008May 2008Apr 16

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