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DizzyDiDizzyDi Threads (40)

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Happy Birthday Bodleing1,70242Sep 2011Sep 2011Apr 14
Joke for Claayer67412Mar 2008Aug 2009Mar 8
More of a dare, on a first date1,025149Feb 2009Feb 200919 hrs ago
She has shocked me!1,01529Nov 2008Dec 2008Apr 9
Who Knows Jack Schitt???????????5467Jun 2008Jul 2008Apr 7
should you go with an ex?1,12026Jul 2008Jul 2008Apr 8
Congratulations Trish2,749116Jun 2008Jun 2008Apr 11
just new threaeds ?58713Jun 2008Jun 2008Feb 27
Do you have songs that give you goosebumps?2,14369Apr 2008Jun 2008Apr 15
Sorry folks55212May 2008May 2008Feb 28
Shortest Fairy Tale77415May 2008May 200848 mins ago
Pet Hates4499May 2008May 2008Apr 2
How do I block IM's5207Apr 2008Apr 2008Mar 17
It's the 29th4614Feb 2008Feb 2008Feb 24
Trouserius Erectus8,42346Feb 2008Feb 2008Apr 11
try this one3743Jan 2008Jan 2008Mar 17
try this one again3833Jan 2008Jan 200829 mins ago
If God was a woman4919Dec 2007Dec 2007Apr 8
Ok where is my apple pie????2,24690Oct 2007Oct 2007Mar 29
Going to sleep5699Oct 2007Oct 2007Mar 3
it's party time4,626223Sep 2007Oct 2007Apr 14
hey guys have you heard!!!!!!!!!83513Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 5
Giving up wine79517Oct 2007Oct 2007Feb 25
vet school4191Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 14
Just a Joke9746Jul 2007Oct 2007Apr 4
Why men are89318Sep 2007Sep 2007Mar 30
As I Mature4411Sep 2007Sep 2007Apr 8
Four letter words1,35130Sep 2007Sep 2007Apr 8
Autobiography in 5 short chapters4211Sep 2007Sep 2007Apr 13
Granny5525Sep 2007Sep 2007Mar 28
It finally all makes sense73315Aug 2007Aug 2007Mar 29
The Girls Prayer6298Aug 2007Aug 2007Mar 17
Inner Peace5997Aug 2007Aug 2007Apr 14
Good Vibrations1,34733Aug 2007Aug 2007Mar 19
It's Friday4732Aug 2007Aug 2007Feb 25
Silly Monday Afternoon73617Aug 2007Aug 2007Mar 18
Single how are you?7393Aug 2007Aug 2007Apr 4
A Friend????69411Aug 2007Aug 2007Apr 6
When you sign into CS in the morning5505Jul 2007Jul 2007Apr 3
Cheating ?7184Jul 2007Jul 2007Apr 5

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