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Do you believe that Love is a selfish emotion?1,546118Sep 30Oct 610 hrs ago
A Star is Born1185Oct 1Oct 510 hrs ago
Why fear Intimacy?2,449179Aug 29Sep 83 hrs ago
Yoga...45140Aug 26Sep 25 hrs ago
Experience Joy before Happiness1342Sep 1Sep 28 hrs ago
Why do some men disrespect women?2,133127Aug 21Aug 298 hrs ago
Hello - Pope Francis is in Ireland...97171Aug 25Aug 265 hrs ago
Why do some women abuse men?1,59794Aug 23Aug 267 hrs ago
Porn-aholic, turning porn into a serious addiction.....76638Aug 13Aug 148 hrs ago
How can we recognize a Narcissist?3,364171Aug 7Aug 108 hrs ago
Have you ever told someone you loved them...2,022127Jul 30Aug 54 hrs ago
When is Enough, Enough???2,362123Jul 22Jul 257 hrs ago
Do you think it’s important1,36884Jul 15Jul 191 hrs ago
Before you push the Chair...6612Jul 18Jul 196 hrs ago
s*xual health......1,52278Jul 8Jul 112 hrs ago
Where is the most interesting place you’ve been?61429Jul 5Jul 77 hrs ago
Some say that love is not a feeling you feel....2,405136Jul 2Jul 67 hrs ago
Self-absorption40114Apr 17Apr 1723 hrs ago
Happy St Patrick’s Day1,455103Mar 16Mar 229 hrs ago
Congrats Ireland3266Mar 10Mar 11Dec 10
What are you “Giving up”55220Feb 14Feb 28Dec 8
It's official: Men are more vain than women1,55262Jan 7Feb 134 hrs ago
Truth or Lie?88041Jan 14Jan 24Dec 10
Enneagram Test…. Discover Your Personality Type1,18063Jan 14Jan 193 hrs ago
Your experience or opinion......1,11655Jan 6Jan 74 hrs ago
Moment in time3009Nov 2017Nov 20176 hrs ago
Are men from Mars and women from Venus?3,246110Apr 2015May 2015Dec 8
What is love?2,48367Mar 2015Mar 20152 hrs ago

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