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The most honest Muslim ever79654Dec 29Jan 7Jan 18
What truly turns you on Part 279370Dec 12Dec 31Jan 18
what truly turns you off32,283945Aug 2015Dec 311 hrs ago
Doing good, for my God and my fellow man2,215166Jun 21Dec 2114 hrs ago
NK just fired a missile against Japan3,741293Nov 28Dec 1011 hrs ago
The show must go on52329Nov 7Dec 811 hrs ago
Who is next?42531Nov 29Dec 2Jan 17
Trump -Target of Mueller's Investigation50439Nov 2Nov 128 hrs ago
Transgender raped: jailed with men instead of women77452Nov 7Nov 10Jan 18
Latest on Weinstein1,41782Oct 17Nov 77 hrs ago
Jeff Flake and his Vindictiveness1,23192Oct 25Nov 15 hrs ago
Future of humanity1,20446Sep 2016Oct 27Jan 15
Is Marilou Danley really innocent?1,26175Oct 10Oct 15Jan 17
NK and the US war1,08862Aug 17Sep 288 hrs ago
US drones to help battle militants in Philippines73155Sep 12Sep 23Jan 16
Build a Wall or Government Shutdown1,16584Aug 24Aug 26Jan 17
The story of a transgender giving birth.1,62388Aug 4Aug 19Jan 19
Feminism as generally defined1,16770Aug 9Aug 1714 hrs ago
What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America4,042238Feb 2017Aug 9Jan 18
Britons may lose their right to live in another EU country96155Jul 20Jul 25Jan 16
Anti Trump propaganda2,782171May 26Jul 25Jan 19
Can humanity be saved?1,52376Jun 5Jul 227 hrs ago
Calls for jihad against American government90961Jul 12Jul 1521 hrs ago
Invasion, the cause of terrorism1,962111Jun 6Jun 27Jan 11
Attack on Finsbury Park Mosque in London1905Jun 19Jun 19Jan 7
Who is Reality Winner?29012Jun 14Jun 18Jan 18
Martyrs2247May 29May 29Jan 18
Why Macron won1,975130May 2017May 26Jan 19
Martyrs1555May 25May 25Jan 19
ISIS Claims responsibility for the MANCHESTER bombing35514May 23May 2510 hrs ago
Legalizing muslim rape2,110144May 2017May 2321 hrs ago
Ransomeware: Be careful- wanna cry virus37312May 2017May 201 hrs ago
WW3, to end all wars1,19285Apr 2017May 2017Jan 17
Sanctuary city ban could spread to other States after Texas law signed21717May 2017May 2017Jan 4
Finally, Deportation of migrants88644Mar 2017May 2017Jan 16
Trump invites Duterte to the White House68745May 2017May 201714 hrs ago
Where's the best places (country or states) you've been and why?94361Apr 2017May 2017Jan 14
Korea is ready to blast a Thermonuclear attack2,197147Apr 2017Apr 2017Jan 19
radical islam2,28963Jul 2015Apr 2017Jan 15
Money witheld for sanctuary cities1487Apr 2017Apr 2017Jan 15
Withold money against sactuary cities, unconstitutional, really?23018Apr 2017Apr 201717 hrs ago
Outsourced jobs, might all come back1,66889Mar 2017Apr 2017Jan 17

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