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What truly turns you off - Part 23,303223Feb 4May 257 hrs ago
Nobel Peace Price and our President - Korea war is finally at rest92245May 1May 242 hrs ago
Our dear Reb is ok53131May 20May 2414 hrs ago
What truly turns you on Part 21,944137Dec 12May 227 hrs ago
Israel as a nation1,394108May 14May 2251 mins ago
Gambling1,00478Apr 24May 2111 hrs ago
Jobless rate at 17 year low36228May 9May 1223 hrs ago
Is gun control the solution to these unspeakable tragedies?8,254691Feb 15May 849 mins ago
"Incel, Chads and Stacys" and the Toronto van ploughing91081Apr 25May 54 hrs ago
Bill Cosby and his downfall91969Apr 27Apr 295 hrs ago
Draining the swamp2,677190Mar 14Apr 293 hrs ago
Viktor Orban won again75346Apr 9Apr 178 hrs ago
Robotics46154Apr 5Apr 7May 22
Roseanne52140Apr 4Apr 721 hrs ago
The World's Future1373Mar 16Mar 27May 26
Democrats angry at Clinton! Really?13611Mar 14Mar 1421 hrs ago
Can America be great again?1,307100Feb 24Mar 146 hrs ago
Bringing back the Mental Facilities that were closed during Reagan, agree or disagree?1,05993Feb 18Mar 919 hrs ago
Unjust and cruel26812Mar 7Mar 9May 25
Criticism82951Feb 23Mar 3May 26
Justice must be served5,214438Feb 2Feb 268 hrs ago
what truly turns you off33,8411,000Aug 2015Feb 42 hrs ago
The lowest record of unemployment for the last 45 years73568Jan 31Feb 4May 20
Vote for Democrat56350Jan 30Jan 315 hrs ago
The most honest Muslim ever97456Dec 29Jan 319 hrs ago
Doing good, for my God and my fellow man2,447166Jun 2017Dec 21May 26
NK just fired a missile against Japan4,064293Nov 28Dec 1012 hrs ago
The show must go on59129Nov 7Dec 847 mins ago
Who is next?51431Nov 29Dec 213 hrs ago
Trump -Target of Mueller's Investigation57939Nov 2Nov 12May 25
Transgender raped: jailed with men instead of women86652Nov 7Nov 10May 25
Latest on Weinstein1,62882Oct 17Nov 7May 26
Jeff Flake and his Vindictiveness1,35792Oct 25Nov 117 hrs ago
Future of humanity1,25046Sep 2016Oct 2724 hrs ago
Is Marilou Danley really innocent?1,41575Oct 10Oct 1510 hrs ago
NK and the US war1,17862Aug 2017Sep 28May 24
US drones to help battle militants in Philippines81555Sep 2017Sep 2017May 25
Build a Wall or Government Shutdown1,31284Aug 2017Aug 201711 hrs ago
The story of a transgender giving birth.1,73688Aug 2017Aug 2017May 25
Feminism as generally defined1,28270Aug 2017Aug 2017May 24
What a great speech: I don 't represent the world, I represent America4,351238Feb 2017Aug 20178 hrs ago
Britons may lose their right to live in another EU country1,04355Jul 2017Jul 2017May 26

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