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what truly turns you off36,0071,054Aug 2015Sep 1535 mins ago
The swamp that Trump is draining36021Sep 3Sep 9Sep 16
What truly turns you on Part 24,408254Dec 2017Sep 38 hrs ago
BIKINI BLIMP FOR KHAN47035Aug 30Sep 3Sep 16
Democrats are in jubilation: Impeachment is close at hand for Trump1,79898Aug 27Sep 213 hrs ago
Justice must be served5,872439Feb 2Aug 303 hrs ago
(LDR) Long Distance Relationship2,435177Aug 18Aug 2720 hrs ago
This thread is for Trump lovers only7,466434Aug 14Aug 2222 mins ago
Breaking up97065Aug 20Aug 2210 hrs ago
I am grateful3,313137Aug 16Aug 201 hrs ago
5 least characteristic of the one you're looking for64750Aug 14Aug 2015 hrs ago
Trump is a moron8,539523Jun 23Aug 1744 mins ago
Anti Trump 271354Aug 15Aug 16Sep 16
5 most important characteristics of the one you're looking for68453Aug 14Aug 169 hrs ago
Austria closes 7 mosques and expels 60 Imams97961Aug 2Aug 9Sep 17
What truly turns you off - Part 29,272534Feb 4Aug 94 hrs ago
The show must go on75030Nov 2017Jul 26Sep 17
No proof of collusion1,978109Jul 4Jul 1819 hrs ago
Europe must pay their fair share of THEIR national defense2,342137Jul 12Jul 188 hrs ago
The most honest Muslim ever1,65478Dec 2017Jul 1210 hrs ago
11 past Presidents failed to do what President Trump have achieved in 15 months.3,486211Jun 12Jul 82 hrs ago
Israel as a nation1,840109May 14Jul 72 hrs ago
Can America be great again?1,967116Feb 24Jul 77 hrs ago
Denmark approves burka ban8,546502Jun 2Jul 33 hrs ago
"Incel, Chads and Stacys" and the Toronto van ploughing1,23482Apr 25Jun 2811 hrs ago
The historic moment is happening80943Jun 10Jun 146 hrs ago
Nobel Peace Price and our President - Korea war is finally at rest1,14147May 1May 30Sep 16
Our dear Reb is ok64831May 20May 2423 hrs ago
Gambling1,24878Apr 24May 21Sep 16
Jobless rate at 17 year low51028May 9May 12Sep 17
Is gun control the solution to these unspeakable tragedies?9,479691Feb 15May 86 hrs ago
Bill Cosby and his downfall1,11469Apr 27Apr 29Sep 17
Draining the swamp3,089190Mar 14Apr 297 hrs ago
Viktor Orban won again93846Apr 9Apr 171 hrs ago
Robotics61954Apr 5Apr 79 hrs ago
Roseanne72440Apr 4Apr 74 hrs ago
The World's Future2323Mar 16Mar 27Sep 16
Democrats angry at Clinton! Really?22211Mar 14Mar 14Sep 17
Bringing back the Mental Facilities that were closed during Reagan, agree or disagree?1,27493Feb 18Mar 97 hrs ago
Unjust and cruel34712Mar 7Mar 9Sep 17
Criticism95551Feb 23Mar 316 hrs ago
The lowest record of unemployment for the last 45 years78668Jan 31Feb 416 hrs ago

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