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What's Your Favorite Radio Station In Arizona??2,97010Oct 2008Jul 2011Mar 28
Hi, Everyone. My Name Is Leana...Nice To Meet...2,87024Jun 2007Jun 2010Mar 31
What Is The One Thing That You Don't Like About Arizona??3,08750Sep 2007Apr 2010Mar 21
Why Are So Many Men In Arizona Heartbreakers??2,50219Oct 2007Apr 2009Apr 3
What Is Your Favorite Missing Persons Case??2436Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 7
What Was Your Highest Weight? What Was Your Lowest Weight?1,10746Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 27
Do You Ever Just Go Out On The Middle Of The Week??34910Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 20
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders-Making The Team 35264Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 13
Why Do People Order A Hamburger At A Really Nice Restuarants???1,71378Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 14
What's Your Favorite Bars/Pubs/Lounges/Clubs??1,00130Jun 2008Oct 2008Mar 27
Okay, 1 Date And No More For 9 Months!!!1,60971Jul 2008Jul 2008Mar 29
So, How Is Your Summer Going???2011Jul 2008Jul 2008Mar 31
Why Is It When A Guy Likes You....2,04350Dec 2007Jul 2008Mar 31
What Is Your Ethnicity/Ethnicities???2,318108Jun 2008Jun 2008Mar 19
Have You Ever Had A Rumor About You??1,13330Jan 2008Jan 2008Apr 7
Bike Week at Steel Horse Saloon...2,2865Oct 2007Jan 2008Apr 8
How Come A Lot Of Men In Arizona Don't Have A Vehicle??4,90125Aug 2007Dec 2007Apr 6
Do You Have A Favorite Local Band??5912Dec 2007Dec 2007Mar 24
Single Men In Prescott/Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, Dewey, and Humbolt...Where Are They??5351Dec 2007Dec 2007Mar 21
Who's Going Out This Weekend??1,21131Dec 2007Dec 2007Mar 21
If You Ever Wanted To Be Converted Into Another Religion, What Would It Be??59114Dec 2007Dec 2007Feb 28
What Kind Of Swimsuit Do You Like To Wear??1,30025Sep 2007Dec 2007Mar 14
I'm Getting A Dog In January!!1,83854Dec 2007Dec 2007Mar 18
Don't You Freakin' Hate Dating??1,75048Dec 2007Dec 2007Apr 9
Where's All The Joggers??2,62669Oct 2007Dec 2007Mar 28
What's Your Favorite Wine??2,58071Nov 2007Nov 2007Mar 1
Ladies....What's Your Favorite Nail Polish Color??1,18025Nov 2007Nov 2007Apr 4
Puggies, Puggies, Puggies...Who Here Loves Pugs??1,30726Nov 2007Nov 2007Feb 28
Puggies, Puggies, Puggies...Who Here Loves Pugs??3031Nov 2007Nov 2007Apr 9
Puggies, Puggies, Puggies...Who Here Loves Pugs??2390Nov 2007Nov 2007Feb 25
What Is So Wrong With Going To A Bar??9126Sep 2007Nov 2007Apr 7
What Is The Best Strip Club To Work At In Phoenix??8353Sep 2007Nov 2007Apr 7
When You Go To A Bar, What's The First Thing You Do??1,83642Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 2
Do You Have A Favorite Pro-Football Cheerleading Squad??3275Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 10
Do You Have A Favorite Pornstar??73215Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 11
(Only For People Who Like Bars/Pubs/Clubs)...What Kind Of Bar Do You Like??2730Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 9
I Hate The Cold Weather Coming Up Here...Don't You??2151Oct 2007Oct 2007Mar 1
Blondes, Brunettes, or Redheads???2,39944Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 9
Have You Ever Gotten So Nervous, On A Date, That You Dranked Too Much On It???4116Oct 2007Oct 2007Mar 27
Who Here Likes Porn??3,48694Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 12
When You Go Sunbathing, How Long Do You Go??1,18527Oct 2007Oct 2007Apr 8
Are There Really Men Out There Who Likes Women Who Don't Drink??1,65542Sep 2007Sep 2007Apr 5

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