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Would you go to an event if you knew you would have to set at the same table as your ex and his wife7944Sep 25Mar 11Apr 20
How far will Trump get after Iowa?58410Jan 17Jan 3022 hrs ago
Will every State want Trump off the ballot?5109Dec 29Jan 8Apr 23
What are you all doing to combat crime?96418Sep 25Oct 1818 hrs ago
How long is bad customer service going to last?1,02017May 2023Oct 24 hrs ago
Dogs chasing people and running loose2162Sep 25Sep 2712 mins ago
Do people change from their high school immaturity?66010Aug 2023Aug 20235 hrs ago
Will Trump be the nominee for President2,11558Jul 2023Aug 20236 hrs ago
Cataract Surgery5617Jun 2023Jun 20239 hrs ago
Doctor's Offices4296May 2023Jun 202338 mins ago
Hiring Bus Drivers with a bad driving record and a DWI5499Mar 2023May 20239 hrs ago
Cataracs1,0983May 2023May 202319 hrs ago
Housing issues78817Apr 2023Apr 2023Apr 20
Daylight Savings Time Coming Up2689Mar 2023Apr 2023Apr 16
Daylight Savings Time Coming Up2051Mar 2023Mar 2023Apr 1
Hiring Bus Drivers with a bad driving record and a DWI1830Mar 2023Mar 2023Apr 16
What are men looking for over 50 years of age?2,33336Jan 2023Feb 202339 mins ago
What are some great movies in the Theater these days?4443Jan 2023Jan 2023Apr 19
Hawley1840Nov 2022Nov 2022Apr 21
Can Republicans take the House of Reps back?4162Sep 2022Sep 2022Apr 19
Panhandling every day4255Sep 2021Sep 2021Apr 3
Covid-19 injections1,79932Feb 2021Aug 202119 hrs ago
Any dates on Connecting Singles3,45256Dec 2020Jan 2021Apr 18
Fun stuff you are participating in now95513Dec 2020Dec 2020Apr 21
Happy Moments in High School2501Aug 2020Aug 2020Apr 19
Any men on here looking for a real connection1,04919Apr 2020May 2020Apr 12
Marriage seems to hit an all time low since in the 1800's4989Apr 2020May 2020Apr 16
Sunday afternoon drives85123Apr 2020Apr 2020Apr 19
Wonder why people are on here and tell a story on their profile3403Apr 2020Apr 2020Apr 17
Has anyone had luck on here?79815Jan 2020Jan 2020Apr 15
Columbia Mo2,4494Feb 2015Feb 201611 hrs ago

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