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Romney and Ryan or Obama and Biden?1,4074Aug 2012Apr 2015Oct 12
Obama/Biden or McCain/Palin/Who ever4752Sep 2008Nov 201432 mins ago
Obama Rocks ! Romney Sucks!25,4141,000Oct 2012Oct 20141 hrs ago
THE President Actually! Preisdent Obama or President Romney?15,3001,005Oct 2012Oct 201211 hrs ago
Who is going to win the american presidential election in November? Obama or Romney?14,8321,001Sep 2012Sep 20123 hrs ago
Romney and Ryan really better than Obama and Biden benefiting most Americans?13,3661,000Aug 2012Sep 2012Oct 19
Obama or Romney? That is the Question!14,589999Jun 2012Aug 201210 hrs ago
Obama or Romney? That is the Question!2,57440May 2012May 20123 hrs ago
November 2012 is near America! Obama Rocks, and even GOP knows this, and do not know what to do a bo13,9591,001Feb 2012May 201219 hrs ago
American jobs Good or Bad? Obama wants new AMERICAN jobs! Why the GOP is freaking fighting against t16,5931,002Nov 2011Feb 20123 hrs ago
Obama,s plan: Living Within Our Means and Investing in the Future (Economic Growth & Deficit reducti11,1501,000Sep 2011Nov 201122 hrs ago
Fabulous speech regarding jobs by president Obama, and much better than expected even experts say...10,6681,003Sep 2011Sep 20111 hrs ago
America will get back on track even it still takes time! Support Obama to win again in 2012!15,7261,007Aug 2011Sep 201114 hrs ago
GOP knows that Obama will win a gain in 2012! GOP have gone chicken and knows that the battle is al14,4711,003Jul 2011Aug 201114 hrs ago
Debt ceiling! Obama wants a fair deal and Republicans playing games!7,5491,003Jul 2011Jul 201117 hrs ago
President Obama is absolutely attacked by Murdoch runned media and Murdoch wants Obama to Fail!5,998507Jul 2011Jul 2011Oct 19
Obama wants a fair health care coverage for all americans... why GOP attacks this honorable goal?11,8421,006Jul 2011Jul 20112 hrs ago
President Obama tries his best recovering the economy! Republicans are just Moaning and Whining!4,671456Jul 2011Jul 2011Oct 16
Obama keeps his important promise and begining pulling out troops from Afghanistan as promised.9,7251,009Jun 2011Jun 201123 hrs ago
Obama administration works for modernising of american Railways! Why the Heck is moron GOP against?9,1401,000Jun 2011Jun 2011Oct 19
President Obama promisses federal support for rebuilding hurricane destructed areas in America.8,5991,000May 2011Jun 20116 hrs ago
Mission accomplished! Obama got Bin Laden as promissed even he is called Weak by Dang GOP !10,7871,002May 2011May 20112 hrs ago
Obama for president in 2012 or will America allow the mighty Spin machine of GOP defeating Sanity?9,4751,004Apr 2011May 2011Oct 19
Obama or ... do America really want the new Republican landscape?10,1721,006Apr 2011Apr 20112 hrs ago
Obama 2012! YES WE CAN again! Support Obama and keep working for american prosperity!9,2921,001Apr 2011Apr 2011Oct 18
Obama calls moving a way from reliance on oil a “national mission” ! Support!8,3751,004Mar 2011Apr 201110 hrs ago
Politics of Obama administration are working ! Support the presindent toward economical Recovery !10,6291,002Mar 2011Mar 20118 hrs ago
Obama announced change! Obama created Change! Open ur eyes and see and Support the president!8,8161,002Feb 2011Mar 201134 mins ago
Obama is going ot win the presidency in 2012!9,8511,001Feb 2011Feb 201116 hrs ago
Obama wants american economy to recover, and Republicans are working activly against this!8,4811,001Feb 2011Feb 20112 hrs ago
Most promisses of Obama are kept WHEN and IF possible! Support him keeping all of his promisses!6,3371,000Feb 2011Feb 2011Oct 19
Obama Is REALLY changing world to better! Enjoy rise of Humanity and Support this guy!6,1881,002Jan 2011Feb 20117 hrs ago
President Obama is changing a whole world to better! Support him!7,7281,001Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 19
Obama is bringing american ecnomy on track! Support Him!5,9271,000Jan 2011Jan 201113 hrs ago
Obama beleives more regulations are necessary in order to Recover America! Right or Wrong?7,5891,001Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 19
America stands behind president Obama! Big challenges to solve!7,3921,004Jan 2011Jan 2011Oct 19
Reject violence! Stand behind president Obama!2,089163Jan 2011Jan 20116 hrs ago
Year 2011! Obama is going to Gain back more support in USA!5,5691,000Jan 2011Jan 20115 hrs ago
Affordable health care plan of Obama supports less fortuned America!6,8531,000Dec 2010Jan 20117 hrs ago
Job Creation! Obama does the best possible job concidering Reality!6,5711,000Dec 2010Dec 20104 hrs ago
Obama does his best and Economy is still the main issue!7,3971,001Dec 2010Dec 20106 hrs ago
America is recovering! Obama deserves Credit and not Nagging liers!9,3121,000Nov 2010Dec 20102 hrs ago

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