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What chat up line would you use on the person above if u met them in a pub ? hehe6,181268Oct 2007Apr 2008Oct 19
where would you take your man..lady to on the first date.mmmm??2,28193Oct 2007Mar 2008Oct 6
whats the funniest thing thats happened to you while having sex5,724159Oct 2007Jan 2008Oct 8
what frightens you most ;the future, relationships,fear of flying ,losing someone you love3,100100Oct 2007Jan 2008Sep 26
if you found out you r husband or partner was having an affair9,526320Nov 2007Dec 20075 hrs ago
If you were stranded on a desert island what 3 people would u like to be4,400200Nov 2007Dec 2007Oct 19
guys what do u like your women to wear in bed ....?10,023166Oct 2007Dec 2007Oct 17
name 3 things you like to do in bed....??7,737240Oct 2007Dec 2007Oct 8
guys this is for you lusty men...what do prefer your women to wear in bed...6,752210Oct 2007Nov 200719 hrs ago
what are your dreams or funny...or wot ??1,79974Nov 2007Nov 2007Sep 29
come on people i want you to have some fun!! whats the naughiest thing you have everdone2,945133Nov 2007Nov 2007Oct 9
sorry all2,77493Nov 2007Nov 2007Oct 18
If you knew your best friend was having an affair would you tell her husband ?4,747161Oct 2007Nov 2007Oct 17
do you let people smoke in your house or ask4,992166Oct 2007Nov 2007Oct 1
if you are feeling down what things do ya do to make yourself happier ??3,772148Oct 2007Oct 2007Oct 18
would you let the one above suck your lollipop....any flavours .mmmmm??2,527106Oct 2007Oct 2007Oct 15
what song reminds you of your special moments in your life1,56641Oct 2007Oct 2007Oct 15
If you were cooking for the first time for your new love3,194117Oct 2007Oct 2007Oct 8
If you were meeting a guy for the first date what would you wear too impress him....? to2,39687Oct 2007Oct 2007Oct 16
hi all7379Aug 2007Sep 2007Oct 8

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