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Happy Birthday America1,39275Jul 3Jul 522 hrs ago
Another Member of CS Has Passed On1,21238Jun 29Jul 17 hrs ago
Did He Do still the question76629Jun 13Jun 1414 hrs ago
Taps Across America At 3 p.m. on Memorial Day 20211719May 30May 31Jul 27
Whatever Works To Feed Your Baby95250May 19May 1922 hrs ago
Lifestyle In Dubai1902May 14May 1422 hrs ago
No More Puppy Dog Eyes.......This Cat Knows How To Smooze You Out Of Your Money1832May 12May 1322 hrs ago
The Can You Believe This Thread37611May 6May 1222 hrs ago
Bernie Madoff Ponzi Schemer Died Today1423Apr 14Apr 18Jul 30
Easter Bunny For CS Peeps To Share2786Apr 3Apr 422 hrs ago
This Takes The Cake1,13532Mar 23Mar 2422 hrs ago
Do You Have An Air Fryer?44816Mar 22Mar 2322 hrs ago
Is There A CS Member From Salisbury?2895Feb 9Mar 822 hrs ago
EBOLA Virus1,76495May 2019Feb 13Jul 29
Lots Of Snow For A Snowball Fight And Sleigh Riding2657Feb 2Feb 221 hrs ago
Secrets and Torture62626Jan 27Jan 3021 hrs ago
Ever Wonder How You Will Know The Pandemic Is Over ........98947Oct 2020Oct 20204 hrs ago
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Has Died2388Sep 2020Sep 2020Jul 30
I Need Advice About My Car67336Sep 2020Sep 2020Jul 29
I Haven't Had -------------------------- In A Long Time1,59868Sep 2020Sep 2020Jul 25
Do You Relive That One Special Love Making Experience You Ever Had52916Sep 2020Sep 20204 hrs ago
That Minute When You Heard That Someone Has Died1,40574Sep 2020Sep 2020Jul 20
UPDATE on George Floyd and Officer Derek Chauvin case62136Aug 2020Sep 2020Jul 28
What Is The Last Thing You Bought To Make Your Life Better97640Aug 2020Sep 202013 hrs ago
I Hope Somebody Has An Answer How To Fix This Problem1,22349Aug 2020Aug 202010 hrs ago
What Color Are These Flip Flops3104Jul 2020Jul 2020Jul 20
Will This Finding Reveal the Mystery Of Stonehenge Or Make It Even Bigger Of Why It Is There36510Jun 2020Jul 2020Jul 26
The Subject Is Old About Scammers ..........But I've Never Seen This Video Before............54812Jun 2020Jun 2020Jul 25
Another Dumb Thread .......National Donut Day36815Jun 2020Jun 2020Jul 26
In Memory Of Those Who Gave It All61720May 2020May 2020Jul 30
It's Friday Night - Let's Dance53026May 2020May 202020 hrs ago
A global shortage of condoms is looming. Coronavirus lockdown forced to shut down production.53015Mar 2020Apr 202011 hrs ago
From a $25,000 Fine to a Warning: Here’s How States Are Enforcing Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Orders2252Apr 2020Apr 2020Jul 28
From a $25,000 Fine to a Warning: Here’s How States Are Enforcing Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Orders3075Apr 2020Apr 2020Jul 17
If Anyone Wants Ideas How To Make A Face Mask4117Mar 2020Mar 2020Jul 21
17,000 Hand Sanitizer Bottles That He Can't Sell4899Mar 2020Mar 2020Jul 30
How Much Time Do You Spend In The Shower49015Feb 2020Feb 202014 hrs ago
The Thin Blue Line Protected The Father But Failed His Son3024Jan 2020Jan 202016 hrs ago
Vintage TV Advertisements You Won't See In 20203506Jan 2020Jan 2020Jul 27
Baby Koala Named Hope Dedicated To Koalas That Died In Australia Fires2012Jan 2020Jan 2020Jul 21
Do you remember the ...7,051449Sep 2019Jan 2020Jul 30
You Better Abide By These Unusual Laws In Singapore.............Or Get Fined And Maybe Beaten51818Jan 2020Jan 2020Jul 29

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