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Will This Finding Reveal the Mystery Of Stonehenge Or Make It Even Bigger Of Why It Is There24410Jun 23Jul 2Jul 13
The Subject Is Old About Scammers ..........But I've Never Seen This Video Before............39312Jun 6Jun 165 hrs ago
Another Dumb Thread .......National Donut Day23415Jun 5Jun 8Jul 12
In Memory Of Those Who Gave It All42820May 24May 304 hrs ago
It's Friday Night - Let's Dance37426May 15May 17Jul 11
A global shortage of condoms is looming. Coronavirus lockdown forced to shut down production.40915Mar 27Apr 27Jul 12
From a $25,000 Fine to a Warning: Here’s How States Are Enforcing Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Orders1222Apr 5Apr 10Jul 12
From a $25,000 Fine to a Warning: Here’s How States Are Enforcing Coronavirus Stay-at-Home Orders2345Apr 5Apr 613 hrs ago
If Anyone Wants Ideas How To Make A Face Mask2707Mar 31Mar 31Jul 12
17,000 Hand Sanitizer Bottles That He Can't Sell3409Mar 14Mar 145 hrs ago
How Much Time Do You Spend In The Shower36915Feb 10Feb 11Jul 13
The Thin Blue Line Protected The Father But Failed His Son2194Jan 25Jan 2518 hrs ago
Vintage TV Advertisements You Won't See In 20202826Jan 23Jan 24Jul 9
Baby Koala Named Hope Dedicated To Koalas That Died In Australia Fires1312Jan 17Jan 17Jul 10
Do you remember the ...6,029449Sep 2019Jan 1519 hrs ago
You Better Abide By These Unusual Laws In Singapore.............Or Get Fined And Maybe Beaten41718Jan 9Jan 1023 hrs ago
When A Woman Makes A Marriage Proposal To A Man How Does He Feel About It1,08054Jan 8Jan 924 hrs ago
60 Minutes Interview With Forensic Doctor Who Examined Jeffrey Epstein1400Jan 5Jan 5Jul 13
How They Make Seex Scenes Look Real In The Movies34210Dec 29Dec 29Jul 10
The Twelve Days Of Christmas27312Dec 22Dec 22Jul 11
Why Do You Log Onto Connectingsingles1,59184Dec 17Dec 227 hrs ago
Do You Have A Favorite Christmas Movie1,512135Dec 14Dec 2122 hrs ago
The Do You Remember Thread61235Dec 18Dec 1922 hrs ago
How Do You Know When It's Okay To Confront Someone97051Dec 11Dec 17Jul 11
Recipe For A Love Cake53426Dec 9Dec 1716 hrs ago
What Kind Of Christmas Cookies Are You Making This Year87346Dec 7Dec 177 hrs ago
Family Dollar......Dollar General......Dollar Tree Stores2,011116Dec 8Dec 17Jul 12
Melania's Classy Christmas Decorations In The White House29613Dec 2Dec 12Jul 10
Do You Remember The Y2K Frenzy?32019Dec 7Dec 10Jul 12
This Is How Maricopa County, Arizona Treats Mental Illness Prisoners26110Dec 10Dec 10Jul 10
Jack and Jill2,991160Nov 29Dec 8Jul 12
When You Hear This Song Do You Think Of Someone Special1670Dec 5Dec 5Jul 12
What Special Toy/Present Did You Put Together On Christmas Eve2525Dec 3Dec 5Jul 11
If I Could Go Back In Time It Would Be ________70132Nov 27Dec 214 hrs ago
Did You Ever Wonder What GPS Is All About42520Dec 1Dec 2Jul 10
Does Anybody Have A Good Guess How Many64848Nov 23Nov 247 hrs ago
Oymyakon, Russia Coldest City On Earth1754Nov 22Nov 22Jul 10
Ask A Question1,00972Nov 17Nov 172 hrs ago
Death With Dignity81037Nov 2019Nov 1412 hrs ago
Do You Always Pay In Full Or Ask Him/Her To Split The Check1,46874Nov 2019Nov 14Jul 13
I Copied This From The Blogs In Case Anyone Is Interested In A Celestial Event On Monday25712Nov 2019Nov 2019Jul 7
November 11, 2019..........Giving Thank You To Our Veterans Who Paid The Ultimate Price76240Nov 2019Nov 201912 hrs ago

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