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The Light Went Out1,46924Oct 30Nov 1736 mins ago
Does It Make You Angry But You Do It Anyway5364Feb 2023Feb 202312 hrs ago
Public Service Announcement For Air Fryers2770Feb 2023Feb 2023Feb 16
Sad News Today About Lisa Marie Presley52815Jan 2023Jan 2023Feb 20
Does Anybody Know Why This Carnegie Professor Said This About Queen Elizabeth2,62638Sep 2022Sep 20227 hrs ago
Queen Elizabeth Through The Years5217Sep 2022Sep 2022Feb 13
Trump Under Investigation For Potential Obstruction of Justice And Espionage Violations3863Aug 2022Aug 2022Feb 18
Amazon dot com86218Aug 2022Aug 20222 hrs ago
A Video That Will Make Your Heart Cry3966Jul 2022Jul 2022Feb 14
Beware If An Orange Dot Shows Up On Your Phone Screen4803Jul 2022Jul 2022Feb 14
"You can't even go to a store, you can't even go to school, now you can't go to the doctor?"51312Jun 2022Jun 2022Feb 20
She Said She Didn't Do It6527Jun 2022Jun 2022Feb 16
Taps Across America On Memorial Day2471May 2022May 202217 hrs ago
Little People Doing Funny Things To Make You Laugh50313Dec 2021Apr 2022Feb 19
The Artist Who Uses Tape Instead Of A Paintbrush4836Apr 2022Apr 2022Feb 20
I Really Didn't Want This To Happen1,57537Apr 2022Apr 2022Feb 18
Officer Kim Potter Made A Mistake.......A Very Bad Mistake1,43132Dec 2021Feb 2022Feb 13
Nancy Pelosi......UGH !!5816Feb 2022Feb 2022Feb 18
Famous Movies Lines Not In The Script That Made The Movie Famous3120Jan 2022Jan 2022Feb 20
UPDATE......Crime Does Pay3592Jan 2022Jan 2022Feb 14
Looking For A Suggestion1,62540Jan 2022Jan 202222 hrs ago
What Is The Last Movie You Saw In 2021 On TV Or The Theatre47716Jan 2022Jan 2022Feb 16
If You Could Be Invisible52318Dec 2021Dec 2021Feb 20
No Surprise......They Got What They Deserved3171Nov 2021Nov 2021Feb 16
OMG..... Another Thread About Being Nice95619Nov 2021Nov 2021Feb 20
Do You Trust Your Gut Instinct Or Do You Ignore It?1,53152Oct 2021Oct 2021Feb 20
"Get Baked" Bakery In Northern England Can't Use Sprinkles From The U.S.4372Oct 2021Oct 2021Feb 16
Son Of A Beech5159Oct 2021Oct 2021Feb 16
Happy Birthday America2,24264Jul 2021Jul 20215 hrs ago
Did He Do still the question1,13826Jun 2021Jun 2021Feb 17
Taps Across America At 3 p.m. on Memorial Day 20213939May 2021May 2021Feb 15
Whatever Works To Feed Your Baby1,31646May 2021May 2021Feb 18
Lifestyle In Dubai5102May 2021May 2021Feb 20
No More Puppy Dog Eyes.......This Cat Knows How To Smooze You Out Of Your Money3542May 2021May 2021Feb 19
The Can You Believe This Thread54410May 2021May 2021Feb 14
Bernie Madoff Ponzi Schemer Died Today3633Apr 2021Apr 2021Feb 21
Easter Bunny For CS Peeps To Share4756Apr 2021Apr 2021Feb 19
This Takes The Cake1,45931Mar 2021Mar 2021Feb 20
Do You Have An Air Fryer?66216Mar 2021Mar 2021Feb 13
Is There A CS Member From Salisbury?4365Feb 2021Mar 2021Feb 15
EBOLA Virus2,25672May 2019Feb 20213 hrs ago
Lots Of Snow For A Snowball Fight And Sleigh Riding4247Feb 2021Feb 202110 hrs ago

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