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Life sentences35924Mar 7Apr 26Jul 16
Scent of a woman and/or man34122Mar 17Apr 2219 mins ago
Which do you prefer?85650Feb 25Apr 1110 hrs ago
Armed teachers2,252198Feb 22Apr 720 hrs ago
One single change33228Mar 24Mar 24Jul 16
No30822Mar 24Mar 24Jul 15
Proposals1608Mar 20Mar 20Jul 15
Exciting...or odd34923Mar 16Mar 1712 hrs ago
Men versus women86781Mar 17Mar 17Jul 16
Your own television network1086Mar 17Mar 1713 hrs ago
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High school47233Mar 13Mar 1614 hrs ago
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Values41728Mar 13Mar 1312 hrs ago
Bad habits42130Mar 8Mar 132 hrs ago
Sports and alcohol42236Jan 20Mar 8Jul 16
Music genre's1687Mar 7Mar 8Jul 15
Guaranteed28524Mar 7Mar 8Jul 15
Do you find it ok to share your partner's toothbrush?72161Feb 28Mar 718 hrs ago
Fill in the blank38126Feb 25Mar 517 hrs ago
Invisible52041Mar 3Mar 4Jul 14
Arrested48842Mar 3Mar 49 hrs ago
The elderly44338Mar 3Mar 423 hrs ago
How was your day?89177Feb 26Mar 37 hrs ago
MOVIES71571Feb 28Mar 23 hrs ago
New Relationships95265Feb 28Mar 14 hrs ago
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Government assistance50136Feb 27Mar 122 hrs ago
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