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Word association continued24,6611,826Apr 20205 hrs ago9 mins ago
Unfamiliar territory2109Jul 16Jul 1616 hrs ago
Lessons learned78045Jul 15Jul 1622 hrs ago
What do you think20417Jul 16Jul 1610 hrs ago
Wonders of the world27113Jul 15Jul 1622 hrs ago
People79034Apr 23May 421 hrs ago
Preferences46018Apr 23Apr 289 hrs ago
In a lifetime79531Apr 20Apr 2721 hrs ago
What do you do?32316Apr 20Apr 2422 hrs ago
Tear jerker1,43456Apr 1Apr 621 hrs ago
Ambushed92929Mar 21Mar 2911 hrs ago
Security or spying?67029Mar 22Mar 2821 hrs ago
Dining out95853Jan 17Jan 221 hrs ago
Have you ever experienced...85044Jan 17Jan 2121 hrs ago
Competition47634Jan 17Jan 1721 hrs ago
What do you wan't?71243Jan 17Jan 171 hrs ago
How confident are you?75236Oct 2020Nov 20202 mins ago
Double standards?1,20352Jun 2020Jun 202022 hrs ago
At least one time98950May 2020May 202020 hrs ago
Medical treatments and vaccinations87444May 2020May 202019 hrs ago
Discovering...1,40051May 2020May 202022 hrs ago
Food chain7,364486Sep 2019Apr 202022 hrs ago
What would you decide on?36611Apr 2020Apr 202022 hrs ago
5 million dollars60333Apr 2020Apr 202022 hrs ago
Automobile driver's38921Apr 2020Apr 202022 hrs ago
A happy thread for the dire times56526Mar 2020Apr 202022 hrs ago
Word association game107,7228,000Mar 2018Mar 202048 mins ago
BEWARE! GRAPHIC/SENSITIVE MATERIAL51314Mar 2020Mar 202022 hrs ago
"Ban the box" law44217Mar 2020Mar 202022 hrs ago
Never85839Jun 2019Mar 202022 hrs ago
Prenuptial agreements1,77463Jun 2019Mar 202022 hrs ago
Preferences3006Mar 2020Mar 202022 hrs ago
Jealousy4,887224Jan 2020Feb 202022 hrs ago
A wild party1,02551Jun 2019Feb 202017 hrs ago
Conspiracy theories34914Feb 2020Feb 202022 hrs ago
I wish I knew....36415Feb 2020Feb 202022 hrs ago
Who is in the wrong?1,34566Feb 2020Feb 202014 hrs ago
Parental rights?71434Feb 2020Feb 20202 hrs ago
Taboo85124Nov 2019Feb 202022 hrs ago
Old fashioned ways1,23852Feb 2020Feb 202022 hrs ago
For a very hefty price40119Feb 2020Feb 202022 hrs ago
Black out40312Feb 2020Feb 202022 hrs ago

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