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Cyber sex1,975136Feb 21May 1714 hrs ago
Gift for a friend60350Mar 20May 1May 24
Life sentences30224Mar 7Apr 2611 hrs ago
Scent of a woman and/or man29322Mar 17Apr 2218 hrs ago
Which do you prefer?72450Feb 25Apr 116 hrs ago
Armed teachers2,097198Feb 22Apr 72 hrs ago
One single change30228Mar 24Mar 24May 19
No27522Mar 24Mar 24May 23
Proposals1348Mar 20Mar 20May 24
Exciting...or odd29323Mar 16Mar 1735 mins ago
Men versus women80581Mar 17Mar 175 mins ago
Your own television network936Mar 17Mar 178 hrs ago
Decisions57363Mar 16Mar 16May 24
High school44533Mar 13Mar 16May 21
Organ donation86270Mar 13Mar 156 hrs ago
SEX2,939205Feb 18Mar 1510 hrs ago
What would you do?18916Mar 13Mar 14May 23
Values35028Mar 13Mar 132 hrs ago
Bad habits37730Mar 8Mar 13May 22
Word association game65382Mar 8Mar 9May 22
Sports and alcohol38036Jan 20Mar 8May 24
Music genre's1417Mar 7Mar 8May 24
Guaranteed26024Mar 7Mar 8May 22
Do you find it ok to share your partner's toothbrush?63761Feb 28Mar 757 mins ago
Fill in the blank34526Feb 25Mar 516 hrs ago
Invisible47341Mar 3Mar 4May 21
Arrested44942Mar 3Mar 4May 23
The elderly40238Mar 3Mar 45 hrs ago
How was your day?78577Feb 26Mar 322 hrs ago
MOVIES65771Feb 28Mar 221 hrs ago
New Relationships90365Feb 28Mar 12 hrs ago
Animals591Feb 27Mar 1May 21
Government assistance45236Feb 27Mar 1May 24
Comedian's51139Feb 26Mar 1May 22
After life48445Feb 28Mar 1May 22
Down under84789Feb 26Feb 287 hrs ago
MOVIES652Feb 28Feb 28May 22
Reactions18315Feb 27Feb 28May 22
Ultimatums35426Feb 27Feb 27May 23
Animals828Feb 27Feb 27May 22
Possessions55952Feb 26Feb 27May 22
In the mood29531Feb 26Feb 26May 23

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