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Facebook Libra12026 mins ago26 mins agojust now
The right to free speech1711724 hrs ago7 hrs ago6 mins ago
Death row70678Jun 1113 hrs ago2 hrs ago
What's a dealbreaker?74967Jun 1614 hrs ago2 hrs ago
The hardest thing to do2302924 hrs ago16 hrs ago3 mins ago
Word association game37,6043,712Mar 201819 hrs ago10 mins ago
Sharing1241624 hrs ago22 hrs ago14 mins ago
A wild party34332Jun 5Jun 163 hrs ago
Accomplishments38626Jun 6Jun 163 hrs ago
Best concerts1,00793May 4Jun 131 hrs ago
Fair or unfair?28524Jun 12Jun 132 hrs ago
Columbine School proposal41231Jun 7Jun 132 hrs ago
I can't wait to see this!1042Jun 12Jun 132 hrs ago
Never24132Jun 11Jun 1139 mins ago
Money41941Jun 10Jun 113 hrs ago
Salvation or downfall?43851Jun 10Jun 103 hrs ago
Advantages/disadvantages21010Jun 8Jun 93 hrs ago
Favorites12914Jun 9Jun 93 hrs ago
Wow!35021May 29Jun 63 hrs ago
The National Anthem78672May 28Jun 63 hrs ago
Parkland shooting16612Jun 5Jun 53 hrs ago
Perks35531May 24Jun 13 hrs ago
Complicated22115May 28May 292 hrs ago
My "reputation"...1,22676Apr 28May 253 hrs ago
Let's have some fun92493May 20May 242 hrs ago
Accountability1549May 20May 213 hrs ago
Facebook break-up?29911May 9May 193 hrs ago
Life without76466May 16May 183 hrs ago
What would you be?15914May 17May 173 hrs ago
Story telling game1,22391May 2May 16Jun 17
Inappropriate conduct or not?50635May 12May 131 hrs ago
Choices36230May 11May 113 hrs ago
Changes17815May 11May 113 hrs ago
Opioid epidemic65256May 8May 103 hrs ago
Irritated?45333May 9May 102 hrs ago
Facebook/Mark Zuckerburg1,21785May 4May 83 hrs ago
Risks23719May 6May 73 hrs ago
Faceless CS members1,856115May 2May 63 hrs ago
Dysfunctional Boeing airplanes42430Apr 25May 43 hrs ago
Mandatory law for the day66048May 1May 3Jun 13
In the mood...67850May 1May 23 hrs ago
Transgender rights in the National Guard52535Apr 22Apr 303 hrs ago

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