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Fed UP! I'm Furious & Need To Vent.92424Jan 2008Jan 2008Sep 24
I Can See Clearly Now The Rain Has Gone1,0665Jan 2008Jan 2008Sep 25
I Did It. Lasik Surgery87321Jan 2008Jan 2008Sep 19
Lasik Vision Correction - Have You Had It?3029Jan 2008Jan 2008Sep 15
Merry Christmas71916Dec 2007Dec 2007Sep 8
Give A Laptop69419Nov 2007Dec 2007Sep 22
Coffee1,28033Dec 2007Dec 20073 hrs ago
A Test For Smart People1,00227Dec 2007Dec 2007Sep 6
Clean House47012Dec 2007Dec 2007Sep 25
John Lennon1,08421Dec 2007Dec 2007Sep 23
What Now Defunct (or those under the radar) Singers/Bands Do You Miss?1,67348Nov 2007Dec 2007Sep 8
How Is That...47111Dec 2007Dec 2007Sep 7
OK, Seriously...1,11639Dec 2007Dec 2007Sep 25
To Spicey, Heater, HJ, and Ambrose3979Nov 2007Nov 2007Aug 16
I Just Had The Best Night Of My Life, LOL51414Nov 2007Nov 2007Sep 21
OK...Who's Big Idea Was It1,74544Nov 2007Nov 2007Sep 4
Hate When Songs Just Pop Into Your Head2850Nov 2007Nov 2007Sep 25
What Misconceptions Do People About Your Hometown?1,03536Oct 2007Oct 2007Sep 25
Taking A Break4053Oct 2007Oct 2007Sep 24
He Won! He Won! He Won!!!!!!6089Oct 2007Oct 2007Sep 4
MMA56410Oct 2007Oct 2007Sep 23
Does This Happen To You?1,22630Oct 2007Oct 2007Sep 17
30 Days of Night2850Oct 2007Oct 2007Jun 30
This Is What I Hate (Just Need To Vent)2,02157Oct 2007Oct 2007Sep 23
The Bachelor68515Oct 2007Oct 2007Sep 13
Hi All...59816Oct 2007Oct 200715 hrs ago

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