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My Skype girlfriend is cheating on me2,46927Jan 2015Jul 46 hrs ago
Bedtime3,23962Jan 2015Sep 20161 hrs ago
Megamouthed shark5196Jan 2015Feb 2016Sep 5
Korean Desserts68417Jan 2015Mar 2015Sep 3
Oh Gloria5036Feb 2015Mar 20152 hrs ago
Cops in your town2,86631Jan 2015Feb 20153 hrs ago
British yobs abroad2604Feb 2015Feb 2015Sep 10
Who´s the dullest of the dull?49417Feb 2015Feb 201511 hrs ago
Unbelievable bill in the post today1620Feb 2015Feb 2015Aug 23
Can you racially abuse an animal?1873Feb 2015Feb 2015Sep 19
Bronchitis2802Feb 2015Feb 2015Sep 11
Kids are driving me crazy3862Feb 2015Feb 2015Sep 13
Morning2111Feb 2015Feb 2015Sep 1
South America1,14446Jan 2015Feb 2015Sep 18
I´ve built a glass house2905Feb 2015Feb 2015Aug 24
Message to Gloria35413Feb 2015Feb 201519 hrs ago
Invisible ink2375Feb 2015Feb 201512 hrs ago
Enjoy the little things in life2252Jan 2015Feb 20153 hrs ago
Where should the next cs meeting be held?1,26347Jan 2015Feb 2015Sep 11
Who got lucky tonight?1,32543Jan 2015Feb 2015Sep 13

This is a list of threads created by Borja22.

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