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My Skype girlfriend is cheating on me1,78723Jan 2015Apr 1737 mins ago
Bedtime3,16962Jan 2015Sep 2016Apr 16
Megamouthed shark5116Jan 2015Feb 2016Apr 7
Korean Desserts67117Jan 2015Mar 2015Apr 7
Oh Gloria4856Feb 2015Mar 2015Apr 20
Cops in your town2,70931Jan 2015Feb 2015Apr 20
British yobs abroad2504Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 7
Who´s the dullest of the dull?47617Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 7
Unbelievable bill in the post today1530Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 18
Can you racially abuse an animal?1723Feb 2015Feb 201513 hrs ago
Bronchitis2722Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 8
Kids are driving me crazy3732Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 8
Morning2031Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 7
South America1,10846Jan 2015Feb 2015Apr 19
I´ve built a glass house2795Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 7
Message to Gloria33313Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 18
Invisible ink2275Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 7
Enjoy the little things in life2172Jan 2015Feb 2015Apr 7
Where should the next cs meeting be held?1,22047Jan 2015Feb 2015Apr 16
Who got lucky tonight?1,29843Jan 2015Feb 2015Apr 13

This is a list of threads created by Borja22.

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