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How do you rate yourself??7,295277Jul 2016May 201713 hrs ago
Americans10,338224Jun 2016Oct 2016Aug 10
Cooking tips1,63535Aug 2016Aug 2016Aug 7
Spiritual ??2,61850Aug 2016Aug 201613 hrs ago
Adoption!1,56138Aug 2016Aug 2016Jul 19
Spoilers.3,870133Aug 2016Aug 2016Aug 3
Midlife crisis!!4,20180Apr 2016Jul 2016Aug 7
Rejection5,651142Jun 2016Jul 2016Aug 5
My unbearable train journey1,94950Jul 2016Jul 2016Aug 7
Proud.1,87950Jul 2016Jul 2016Jul 31
One for the ladies.3,43590Jun 2016Jul 2016Aug 9
Emotional blackmail3,20561Jun 2016Jul 2016Aug 4
Killing time.2,33776Jun 2016Jun 201613 hrs ago
The art of conversation!!2,04956Jun 2016Jun 201611 hrs ago
What is your motive??3,38585Jun 2016Jun 2016Aug 1
How fit are you?6,136128May 2016Jun 2016Aug 7
Mexican wave.1,48728May 2016May 2016Aug 9
What response did you get, the last time you sent...4,779136May 2016May 2016Aug 7
Why no photo?5,503146May 2016May 2016Aug 9
Are women6,984143May 2016May 201623 hrs ago
What's the difference..1,41132May 2016May 201622 hrs ago
Are the guys battling for scraps?7,366175Apr 2016May 2016Aug 6
A leopard never changes it's spots.3,05369Apr 2016Apr 201618 hrs ago
Have you ever6,761177Apr 2016Apr 201610 hrs ago
Off putting1,73838Apr 2016Apr 20165 hrs ago
What makes a normal woman turn to feminism .15,092390Feb 2016Mar 201622 hrs ago
Diet1,72239Mar 2016Mar 2016Jul 25
Perfect3,81295Mar 2016Mar 2016Aug 6
Woman on the train2,88975Feb 2016Feb 201618 hrs ago
Politics & religion2,44359Feb 2016Feb 2016Aug 6
Lights on or off?2,46453Jan 2016Jan 2016Aug 9
What's the first sigh of madness??7,490180Jan 2016Jan 2016Aug 9
What is your photo rating3,65389Jan 2016Jan 201615 hrs ago
What annoys you most..8,993376Aug 2015Aug 201520 hrs ago
Do you think5,139125Jul 2015Jul 20152 hrs ago
"Happy Father's Day"1,53020Jun 2015Jun 2015Aug 10
Real world8,080218Jun 2015Jun 20155 hrs ago
Can you keep a secret?2,57860Jun 2015Jun 2015Aug 3
Childhood Memories.67515Feb 2015Feb 2015Aug 6
modelling3,02278Feb 2015Feb 2015Aug 1
Eternal Youth.2,24650Feb 2015Feb 2015Aug 6
Female bosses1,62628Feb 2015Feb 2015Aug 8

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