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POST SOMETHING INSPIRATIONAL...5,485143Feb 2011Aug 2011Apr 18
POST A SONG..PART 6.5,926161Feb 2011Aug 2011Apr 13
POWERLIFTING 1018,530231Jun 2010Aug 2011Apr 17
Plans for Today...1,53750Mar 2010Aug 2011Apr 16
Anyway Poem65412Jul 2011Aug 2011Apr 2
THE LAST PERSON TO POST HERE IS A SUPERSTAR...PART 9!!!5,560172May 2010Aug 2011Apr 17
Comes the Dawn..4435Feb 2011Jul 2011Apr 10
What Song Are You Listening To..Part 36.19,3591,000May 2010Feb 2011Apr 16
READY?3166Feb 2011Feb 2011Mar 28
Give me...1,14239Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 15
HAPPY CANADA'S DAY!!!!45110Jul 2010Jul 2010Apr 17
WORLD CUP 2010!47019Jun 2010Jun 2010Feb 28
WHAT!?54018Oct 2009Jun 2010Apr 7
LEAVING THE CITY OF REGRET5,86037Nov 2008May 2010Apr 16
Any POWERLIFTERS AROUND?8,678195Jul 2008May 2010Apr 13
If you think CS is one of the best damn single sites around give me........4,645125Apr 2008Apr 2010Mar 29
I AM ME....70213Jan 2009Apr 2010Mar 27
What song are you listening to....101.20,8041,001Sep 2009Apr 20105 hrs ago
Don't CHANGE3,30496Jul 2008Apr 2010Apr 16
Take Time...3825Nov 2009Apr 2010Mar 24
My Bill Of Rights.40910Nov 2009Apr 2010Apr 14
INVISIBLE MOTHER..50410Nov 2009Apr 2010Apr 16
THE MAN IN THE GLASS.....1,90619Feb 2009Mar 2010Mar 6
I've LEARNED....1,06529Nov 2009Mar 2010Mar 28
MY WORTH...71516Jan 2009Mar 2010Apr 13
There Comes A Point.......44912Jul 2009Mar 2010Mar 24
Yesterday,Today,Tomorrow82224Nov 2009Mar 2010Mar 9
THIS IS.....3264Feb 2010Mar 201019 hrs ago
GENTLEMEN.........1,01327Aug 2009Mar 2010Apr 7
What type of exercise???1,28558Nov 2009Mar 2010Apr 16
Powerful thoughts for 2008.............1,57333Feb 2008Feb 2010Mar 21
AM I WILLING?76122Nov 2009Feb 2010Mar 11
Thank you....2969Dec 2009Jan 2010Mar 9
RESENT SOMEBODY.1,09119Nov 2009Jan 2010Apr 16
P.U.S.H2,10249Feb 2008Jan 2010Apr 7
HAPPY NEW YEAR....2655Dec 2009Dec 2009Mar 4
THE WALL SAYS....3107Dec 2009Dec 2009Mar 24
WHEN YTOU MARRY AN ITALIAN,,,,2,08848Nov 2009Dec 2009Apr 17
POSITIVE THOUGHTS.......6,723170Aug 2009Dec 2009Apr 9
BUTTPRINTS IN THE SAND.....95626Oct 2008Dec 2009Mar 12
POST.....3014Dec 2009Dec 2009Apr 9

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