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Dad doesn´t trust my girlfriend63118Apr 2015Oct 17Feb 15
EU to put a cap on migrants85419Apr 2015Oct 9Feb 22
Why have dinosaurs got crap arms?3,61288Apr 2015May 2016Feb 22
Hi I´m kind of new and desperate for friends92113Apr 2015Apr 2016Feb 16
Lion eating giant Chimps in the Congo..Is it true???1,13716Apr 2015Feb 2016Feb 21
Dear Canada3,22949Apr 2015Jul 2015Feb 22
Alternative names for Canada should you wish to change its name1,09716Apr 2015Jun 2015Feb 8
Ignore the title of this thread80230May 2015May 2015Feb 19
Face that launched a thousand ships49214May 2015May 2015Feb 18
¡¡pu????z ??u pu? ?i????sn? ???3156Apr 2015May 2015Feb 13
I´ve lost a lot of weight1,14530Apr 2015May 2015Feb 15
How do I tell the difference......4819Apr 2015May 2015Feb 16
Do you spend too much on your weekly/monthly shopping?3189Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 13
Hopeless people all is not lost91122Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 17
Dramatic weight gain cure to end all diets44313Apr 2015Apr 201511 hrs ago
Somewhere in the world it´s Sunday morning3669Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 28
Dear Don Agony Uncle2,06678Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 19
Imaginary friends1,02523Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 14
Troll Oscars Ceremony..............1,39541Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 18
Anyone here running the London marathon?1943Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 16
Thread digging4627Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 22
Think you´re clever eggheads?2070Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 13
Baby names67123Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 22
She´s left me for good and I´m feeling terrible2405Apr 2015Apr 2015Dec 14
One door closes but a window opens93940Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 15
Australians and Kiwis Beware!!2623Apr 2015Apr 2015Jan 22
Honorary Kiwi or Ozzie42714Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 10
Closet skeletons34712Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 16
Easter egg hunt2252Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 18
Foxy Lady2932Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 6
Spel Chekker56418Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 23
Intelijent life forms on CS1,07920Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 8
Genetically modified food4180Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 18
My wife is so attractive94420Apr 2015Apr 2015Feb 22
Cures for a sore throat??1,18630Mar 2015Mar 2015Feb 20
What´s happened to milkshakes???1,01717Mar 2015Mar 2015Feb 20
Violent wind2786Mar 2015Mar 2015Feb 16
Give England back to the English1,85270Mar 2015Mar 201512 hrs ago
Why no Chinese ladies on the forums?51613Mar 2015Mar 2015Feb 20
In laws2717Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 31
Intergalactic marriages48110Mar 2015Mar 2015Feb 9
Spiderman and my brother2615Mar 2015Mar 2015Jan 30

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