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Merkel was a nudist2,17835Aug 2015Sep 1422 hrs ago
last night I had one53914Aug 2015Sep 2015Jan 18
I want a perfect soul57615Aug 2015Sep 2015Jan 16
we all we all2522Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 8
funny how some women here called the devil...2651Aug 2015Aug 201511 hrs ago
this is a good joke/good joke3593Aug 2015Aug 201522 hrs ago
Breaking Benjamin1270Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 10
heavy is...1882Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 8
along came Ashley1821Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 7
casual conversation...47413Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 19
Jehowah Witnesses?91124Aug 2015Aug 201521 hrs ago
Is CS for real1,5819Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 29
casual conversation...63724Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 26
the outpost3058Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 12
going incognito1820Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 14
torture new?1681Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 21
the west is burning3323Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 15
Trump Promises Revange After Being Fired1520Aug 2015Aug 201514 hrs ago
review your home insurace policy...I did2293Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 30
how Charles Manson was caught3216Aug 2015Aug 201549 mins ago
where are...2336Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 27
Metallica's Song Say It All2789Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 27
hey you1840Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 11
let's face it1632Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 27
real men2305Aug 2015Aug 201510 hrs ago
Iceland5364Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 20
so hard to choose88835Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 16
Papa Roach, Papa Roach1390Aug 2015Aug 2015Nov 19
Five Fingers Dead Punch3509Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 27
accents2403Aug 2015Aug 201515 hrs ago
when I was a kid...1,32761Aug 2015Aug 20156 hrs ago
Kommunist-as or Fascist-as46812Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 26
recently58020Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 8
I wish I was a creep2598Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 29
I've seen better days...6817Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 21
Van Halen/Hot For The teacher2716Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 4
down with the sickness2276Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 8
3 days of grace67720Jul 2015Aug 2015Dec 25
and the bang and the boom...2804Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 31
am I always right? YES!36719Jul 2015Jul 2015Dec 9
unthinkable!91132Jul 2015Jul 2015Dec 22
SURPRISE!2501Jul 2015Jul 2015Dec 28

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