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Merkel was a nudist2,31735Aug 2015Sep 201714 hrs ago
last night I had one54814Aug 2015Sep 201512 hrs ago
I want a perfect soul60315Aug 2015Sep 2015May 21
we all we all2562Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 23
funny how some women here called the devil...2711Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 29
this is a good joke/good joke3833Aug 2015Aug 2015May 25
Breaking Benjamin1330Aug 2015Aug 2015May 25
heavy is...1912Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 23
along came Ashley1881Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 23
casual conversation...48113Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 27
Jehowah Witnesses?92524Aug 2015Aug 20159 hrs ago
Is CS for real1,5949Aug 2015Aug 2015May 23
casual conversation...64424Aug 2015Aug 2015May 1
the outpost3148Aug 2015Aug 2015May 14
going incognito1900Aug 2015Aug 2015May 16
torture new?1721Aug 2015Aug 2015May 17
the west is burning3423Aug 2015Aug 2015May 9
Trump Promises Revange After Being Fired1580Aug 2015Aug 2015May 4
review your home insurace policy...I did2343Aug 2015Aug 2015May 21
how Charles Manson was caught3276Aug 2015Aug 2015May 3
where are...2396Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 28
Metallica's Song Say It All2949Aug 2015Aug 2015May 26
hey you1890Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 23
let's face it1732Aug 2015Aug 2015May 9
real men2355Aug 2015Aug 2015May 2
Iceland5414Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 28
so hard to choose90135Aug 2015Aug 2015May 18
Papa Roach, Papa Roach1440Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 26
Five Fingers Dead Punch3579Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 22
accents2473Aug 2015Aug 2015May 7
when I was a kid...1,34161Aug 2015Aug 2015May 22
Kommunist-as or Fascist-as50012Aug 2015Aug 2015May 20
recently59520Aug 2015Aug 2015May 19
I wish I was a creep2708Aug 2015Aug 20153 hrs ago
I've seen better days...6967Aug 2015Aug 2015May 11
Van Halen/Hot For The teacher2796Aug 2015Aug 2015May 14
down with the sickness2336Aug 2015Aug 2015May 15
3 days of grace69920Jul 2015Aug 2015May 24
and the bang and the boom...2834Aug 2015Aug 2015Apr 26
am I always right? YES!37819Jul 2015Jul 2015Apr 23
unthinkable!93232Jul 2015Jul 20158 hrs ago
SURPRISE!2561Jul 2015Jul 2015Apr 23

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