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First letter, last letter62,0953,264Sep 2019Mar 44 hrs ago
Last two letters start the next word99,2535,553Sep 2019Mar 315 mins ago
COVID-1949510Sep 2020Sep 2020Sep 14
hamburger or pizza ?76913Jun 2020Jun 2020Sep 19
Does body type matter to you, when choosing someone to date?7686Feb 2020Feb 2020Sep 26
what do you do when you are really bored ?86718Jul 2019Sep 201911 hrs ago
What country has the most beautiful women ?1,48533Jul 2019Jul 2019Sep 26
What Attracts You More: Face or Body?1,90628Jun 2019Jun 20199 hrs ago
Are you one of them ?6777Jun 2019Jun 20192 hrs ago
Immigration for and against2,74066Mar 2019Apr 2019Sep 26
what make you feel good about yourself ?63315Mar 2019Apr 2019Sep 27
YouTube70411Feb 2019Feb 2019Sep 19
How important your family to you?88117Feb 2019Feb 2019Sep 19
Does it happen to you too.83318Feb 2019Feb 2019Sep 13
what subjects you wouldn't like to talk about ?1,14121Sep 2018Sep 2018Sep 23
who is your favorite poster1,26527Sep 2018Sep 2018Sep 27
Revenge or forgiveness2,58594Sep 2018Sep 2018Sep 23
Ireland4,905149Sep 2018Sep 2018Sep 22
Harvey Weinstein8104Jul 2018Jul 2018Sep 23
Why not Skype ?92818Nov 2017Dec 2017Sep 27
What scares you most in life?1,59042Nov 2017Nov 2017Sep 26
How much is too much ?5648Aug 2017Aug 2017Sep 16
Beauty or peace of mind ?81614Aug 2017Aug 2017Sep 26
The things i would do if i were a woman\man for one day.88914Aug 2017Aug 2017Sep 26
Do you still believe in love at the first sight?6278Jul 2017Jul 2017Sep 26
what would you do differently ?1,55825May 2017Jul 2017Sep 24
what calm you down ?6418Jul 2017Jul 2017Sep 27
Terror attack in England92510Jun 2017Jun 2017Sep 10
ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR HIM ?73611May 2017May 2017Sep 12
Free love60313May 2017May 2017Sep 12
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy1,20723May 2017May 2017Sep 21
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy5947May 2017May 2017Sep 11
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy4110May 2017May 2017Sep 15
WHAT DO WOMEN FANTASIZE ABOUT?1,58836Apr 2017Apr 2017Sep 24
What nationality is the best in the bed room?3,25549Apr 2017Apr 2017Sep 25
Things that make life worth living ..56114Apr 2017Apr 201718 hrs ago
What would make you happy ?5184Mar 2017Apr 2017Sep 12
So .. why women have the need to show us .............64311Mar 2017Mar 2017Sep 22
What You SHOULD Do When She Asks You Out But Doesn't Follow Through ?5999Feb 2017Mar 2017Sep 11
Have you ever thought ..1,41530Feb 2017Feb 2017Sep 26
99 years old ladies93217Feb 2017Feb 2017Sep 7
kiss in an elevator.78814May 2015May 2015Sep 21

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