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Last two letters start the next word54,8924,622Sep 20196 hrs ago3 mins ago
First letter, last letter34,0122,614Sep 2019Jul 53 hrs ago
COVID-1927213Sep 2020Sep 2020Jul 31
hamburger or pizza ?52717Jun 2020Jun 2020Jul 31
Does body type matter to you, when choosing someone to date?5529Feb 2020Feb 2020Jul 31
what do you do when you are really bored ?62718Jul 2019Sep 2019Jul 31
most attractive body part1,07437Jul 2019Sep 2019Jul 31
What country has the most beautiful women ?1,19637Jul 2019Jul 2019Jul 31
What Attracts You More: Face or Body?1,58533Jun 2019Jun 2019Aug 2
Are you one of them ?4609Jun 2019Jun 2019Jul 31
Immigration for and against2,08081Mar 2019Apr 2019Aug 1
what make you feel good about yourself ?48315Mar 2019Apr 2019Jul 31
YouTube43511Feb 2019Feb 2019Aug 1
How important your family to you?64322Feb 2019Feb 2019Jul 31
Does it happen to you too.58719Feb 2019Feb 2019Jul 31
what subjects you wouldn't like to talk about ?90227Sep 2018Sep 2018Jul 31
who is your favorite poster92027Sep 2018Sep 2018Jul 31
Revenge or forgiveness1,970104Sep 2018Sep 20189 hrs ago
Ireland4,072167Sep 2018Sep 201811 hrs ago
Harvey Weinstein61911Jul 2018Jul 2018Jul 31
Why not Skype ?78818Nov 2017Dec 20174 hrs ago
What scares you most in life?1,31954Nov 2017Nov 2017Jul 31
s*xual harassment lately.64110Oct 2017Oct 201721 hrs ago
To cheat or not to cheat !97525Oct 2017Oct 2017Jul 31
Sex without love or love without sex1,23932Sep 2017Sep 2017Jul 31
How much is too much ?4299Aug 2017Aug 2017Aug 1
Name things that are better than sex.2,35169Aug 2017Aug 2017Jul 31
Beauty or peace of mind ?66516Aug 2017Aug 20177 hrs ago
The things i would do if i were a woman\man for one day.71916Aug 2017Aug 201714 hrs ago
Would you continue to date a guy with a small "package" ?2,58650Mar 2017Jul 2017Jul 31
Do you still believe in love at the first sight?50710Jul 2017Jul 2017Jul 31
what would you do differently ?1,29227May 2017Jul 2017Jul 31
what calm you down ?5238Jul 2017Jul 2017Jul 31
Who gets more pleasure from sex - men or women?67012Jun 2017Jun 2017Aug 1
Terror attack in England70711Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 31
ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR HIM ?62112May 2017May 2017Jul 31
Free love48215May 2017May 2017Aug 2
Did you have enough sex ?3,276104Feb 2017May 2017Aug 1
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy1,00823May 2017May 201721 hrs ago
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy4867May 2017May 2017Aug 1
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy3120May 2017May 2017Jul 31
Legalize weed and prostitution ?1,08429Mar 2017Apr 201712 hrs ago

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