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First letter, last letter22,7862,126Sep 2019Aug 710 hrs ago
Last two letters start the next word34,4183,260Sep 2019Aug 22 hrs ago
hamburger or pizza ?39617Jun 11Jun 166 hrs ago
Does body type matter to you, when choosing someone to date?4619Feb 3Feb 1111 hrs ago
what do you do when you are really bored ?54918Jul 2019Sep 20196 hrs ago
most attractive body part97537Jul 2019Sep 2019Aug 5
What country has the most beautiful women ?1,08637Jul 2019Jul 20195 hrs ago
What Attracts You More: Face or Body?1,46633Jun 2019Jun 201923 hrs ago
Are you one of them ?3929Jun 2019Jun 2019Aug 6
Immigration for and against1,81581Mar 2019Apr 2019Aug 5
what make you feel good about yourself ?42515Mar 2019Apr 2019Aug 6
YouTube37111Feb 2019Feb 2019Aug 5
How important your family to you?54422Feb 2019Feb 201913 hrs ago
Does it happen to you too.51719Feb 2019Feb 2019Aug 5
what subjects you wouldn't like to talk about ?78027Sep 2018Sep 2018Aug 8
who is your favorite poster82327Sep 2018Sep 2018Aug 8
Revenge or forgiveness1,795104Sep 2018Sep 2018Aug 6
Ireland3,617167Sep 2018Sep 20181 hrs ago
Harvey Weinstein55311Jul 2018Jul 2018Aug 5
Why not Skype ?73218Nov 2017Dec 20179 hrs ago
What scares you most in life?1,21954Nov 2017Nov 2017Aug 6
s*xual harassment lately.58910Oct 2017Oct 2017Aug 5
To cheat or not to cheat !88525Oct 2017Oct 2017Aug 5
Sex without love or love without sex1,14532Sep 2017Sep 2017Aug 6
How much is too much ?3789Aug 2017Aug 2017Aug 5
Name things that are better than sex.2,09269Aug 2017Aug 201715 mins ago
Beauty or peace of mind ?61916Aug 2017Aug 2017Aug 6
The things i would do if i were a woman\man for one day.66116Aug 2017Aug 2017Aug 5
Would you continue to date a guy with a small "package" ?2,31050Mar 2017Jul 2017Aug 5
Do you still believe in love at the first sight?45010Jul 2017Jul 2017Aug 8
what would you do differently ?1,18727May 2017Jul 2017Aug 5
what calm you down ?4838Jul 2017Jul 2017Aug 8
Who gets more pleasure from sex - men or women?62112Jun 2017Jun 2017Aug 5
Terror attack in England66311Jun 2017Jun 2017Aug 5
ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR HIM ?56712May 2017May 2017Aug 6
Free love43315May 2017May 2017Aug 5
Did you have enough sex ?3,123104Feb 2017May 2017Aug 8
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy92423May 2017May 20178 hrs ago
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy4367May 2017May 2017Aug 6
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy2750May 2017May 2017Aug 5
Legalize weed and prostitution ?1,00229Mar 2017Apr 2017Aug 7
WHAT DO WOMEN FANTASIZE ABOUT?1,23938Apr 2017Apr 20176 hrs ago

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