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Are you one of them ?2149Jun 3Jun 420 mins ago
Immigration for and against1,44281Mar 28Apr 1111 hrs ago
what make you feel good about yourself ?30615Mar 11Apr 2Jun 11
YouTube26111Feb 15Feb 2314 hrs ago
How important your family to you?37222Feb 11Feb 12Jun 12
Does it happen to you too.41219Feb 3Feb 8Jun 5
butt or brain1,58084Feb 2Feb 61 hrs ago
what subjects you wouldn't like to talk about ?62327Sep 2018Sep 20187 hrs ago
who is your favorite poster64327Sep 2018Sep 2018Jun 13
Revenge or forgiveness1,489104Sep 2018Sep 20182 hrs ago
Ireland2,895167Sep 2018Sep 20187 hrs ago
Harvey Weinstein40411Jul 2018Jul 201811 hrs ago
Why not Skype ?61518Nov 2017Dec 20178 hrs ago
What scares you most in life?1,03654Nov 2017Nov 2017Jun 14
s*xual harassment lately.48510Oct 2017Oct 201717 hrs ago
To cheat or not to cheat !75525Oct 2017Oct 20177 hrs ago
Sex without love or love without sex99932Sep 2017Sep 2017Jun 14
How much is too much ?3089Aug 2017Aug 201721 hrs ago
Name things that are better than sex.1,75469Aug 2017Aug 2017Jun 13
Beauty or peace of mind ?51316Aug 2017Aug 2017Jun 13
The things i would do if i were a woman\man for one day.55216Aug 2017Aug 2017Jun 13
Would you continue to date a guy with a small "package" ?1,91450Mar 2017Jul 201713 hrs ago
Do you still believe in love at the first sight?36910Jul 2017Jul 2017Jun 11
what would you do differently ?1,03727May 2017Jul 2017Jun 13
what calm you down ?4058Jul 2017Jul 2017Jun 13
Who gets more pleasure from sex - men or women?51712Jun 2017Jun 20171 hrs ago
Terror attack in England57111Jun 2017Jun 2017Jun 12
ARE YOU TOO GOOD FOR HIM ?45112May 2017May 2017Jun 10
Free love36615May 2017May 20172 hrs ago
Did you have enough sex ?2,873104Feb 2017May 2017Jun 13
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy79323May 2017May 2017Jun 13
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy3507May 2017May 2017Jun 3
What have seven fingers in give you a lot of joy1970May 2017May 20172 hrs ago
Legalize weed and prostitution ?87429Mar 2017Apr 201726 mins ago
WHAT DO WOMEN FANTASIZE ABOUT?1,03938Apr 2017Apr 2017Jun 10
What nationality is the best in the bed room?2,24456Apr 2017Apr 20172 hrs ago
Things that make life worth living ..37114Apr 2017Apr 2017Jun 13
What would make you happy ?3725Mar 2017Apr 2017Jun 13
So .. why women have the need to show us .............41612Mar 2017Mar 2017Jun 13
What You SHOULD Do When She Asks You Out But Doesn't Follow Through ?39412Feb 2017Mar 2017Jun 9
Have you ever thought ..1,02033Feb 2017Feb 2017Jun 14
99 years old ladies67225Feb 2017Feb 2017Jun 3

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