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Roll Call.3083Mar 27Mar 29just now
Dublin Singles Night.8118Jan 2016Jan 2016Dec 6
Dublin City, Singles Night Out.9570Jan 2016Jan 2016Dec 8
Trying to find old CS friends Thread5097Apr 2014Apr 2014Dec 12
Identify The Song1,48128Sep 2013Nov 201316 hrs ago
~~Identify The Song~~:help:1,52811Sep 2013Sep 2013Nov 30
~~~~ PLAY ON ME PORN POLL. ;) ~~~~9621Nov 2011Jan 2013Dec 7
~~~ SAME SEX MARRIAGE, Right or wrong ??~~~8,885231May 2012May 2012Dec 13
~~~ SAME SEX MARRIAGE, Right or wrong ??~~~13,098532May 2012May 2012Dec 13
LUCKY LOVERS (The XY Factor Fun Game)6,017198Nov 2011Nov 201124 hrs ago
WHO IS ON CS FOR THE PURPOSE OF DATING ?5,591176Nov 2011Nov 201118 hrs ago
~~~~ PLAY ON ME PORN POLL. ;) ~~~~1,0208Nov 2011Nov 2011Nov 22
~~Guys in a relationship with women who already have kids~~55710Nov 2011Nov 2011Nov 23
>>>>>REINTRODUCTION THREAD<<<<<76318Nov 2011Nov 2011Dec 1
~~~REINTRODUCTION THREAD~~~4731Nov 2011Nov 2011Nov 27
>>>RUSULTS<<< LUCKY LOVERS GAME85413Nov 2011Nov 2011Nov 25
[b]>>>RUSULTS<<< LUCKY LOVERS GAME[/b]2,30558Nov 2011Nov 2011Dec 14
LUCKY LOVERS (The XY Factor Fun Game)2,07778Nov 2011Nov 2011Dec 11
Do you think friends with benefits can go back to being just friends ?1,91758Nov 2011Nov 20113 hrs ago
Roll call for old Cs friends3,785142Jul 2010Jul 2010Dec 5
Sex ratings1,73873Jul 2010Jul 2010Dec 7
{Rate the sex drive of the one above}1,33459Jul 2010Jul 2010Dec 10
Sex Ratings..83720Jul 2010Jul 2010Nov 20
Just can stay awake for this one!!!2893Jul 2010Jul 2010Dec 5
HOW MANY DATES?1,76346Oct 2007Jun 2008Dec 7
****I thought of you last night and pulled one off ****1,55852Feb 2008Jun 2008Dec 12
~~~~~*******SEXY ALPHABET*******~~~~~4,622109Jan 2008Apr 200810 hrs ago
**********FILL YOUR DANCE CARD**************5,275323Dec 2007Mar 2008Dec 8
Get Well Soon Imasquirly144512Feb 2008Feb 2008Nov 15
The CS Clock Is Counting Our Birthdays.. :)89426Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 10
*****Touching things for fun*****2,49279Feb 2008Feb 200818 hrs ago
*****Lets have a Saturday/Sunday Formal night*****1,20435Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 10
****Go The Celtic..yay...*****86023Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 12
******Hands up...Who's Hungry ??******1,44062Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 13
******Well Done France******3132Feb 2008Feb 2008Nov 22
******Come on you boys in green******1,21154Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 14
******When Done Wales******3334Feb 2008Feb 2008Nov 24
******SEX OVERKILL******1,45056Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 13
*******LADIES UNDERWEAR*******3,725138Nov 2007Feb 200818 hrs ago
****** :) DROP A HINT :) ******3,823106Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 9
*****Song play list for St Louis ;)*****46316Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 12
*****NEW FORMATS ????*****85020Feb 2008Feb 2008Dec 11

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