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Answer a question with a question924151Nov 9Nov 153 hrs ago
Clothes23831Nov 13Nov 151 hrs ago
Do you feel yourself hugged?46545Oct 28Nov 9Nov 15
Spotting the green lights16913Nov 3Nov 918 hrs ago
Old EU forum pens1427Oct 13Oct 21Nov 14
Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?2,052177Sep 29Oct 1420 mins ago
Your latest achievement44630Sep 22Oct 128 hrs ago
What is your trump card?24519Oct 4Oct 6Nov 13
Observation of the day40524Sep 10Sep 11Nov 14
Qigong27526Sep 9Sep 9Nov 15
Where to meet single women1,73588Aug 15Aug 3013 hrs ago
How are you different from all other people?1,07180Aug 19Aug 1912 hrs ago
"Tell me more..."82345Jul 16Jul 1712 hrs ago
Likes box = monkey buseness29713Jul 7Jul 88 hrs ago
Humanitarian help needed50922Jul 1Jul 3Nov 4
Spirited erg2465May 3May 4Nov 10
Controllable events (urgent)94144Mar 23Mar 2518 hrs ago
Success86643Feb 24Mar 10Nov 13
Full time45121Feb 25Feb 2823 hrs ago
Why didn't you climb Everest yet?1,22667Feb 11Feb 17Nov 16
Forum... instead of what?1,24471Jan 7Jan 1315 hrs ago
A new computer77134Oct 2017Oct 2017Nov 13
I am a total catch74236Sep 2017Oct 201713 hrs ago
Aruba vs Curaçao90840Sep 2017Sep 20177 hrs ago
”…friens first” = impotent3,71498Oct 2016Aug 201712 hrs ago
What can I do – another round4549Mar 2017Mar 201758 mins ago
Leonard Cohen5840Nov 2016Nov 2016Nov 10
I'm either blocked or the participant don't exist anymore5227Aug 2016Aug 2016Nov 12
Where is the rudest EU population thread?4,66418Mar 2016May 2016Nov 13

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