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Your character feature you don’t like yourself99031Jun 2818 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Whatcha dancin?57519Nov 10Nov 2822 hrs ago
3 best decisions98231Nov 18Nov 247 hrs ago
Any nice moments from your holiday?41512Sep 17Nov 139 hrs ago
Whatcha singin?66021Sep 17Nov 123 hrs ago
Let’s poet1936Nov 10Nov 109 hrs ago
Size matters 23062Jul 22Jul 24Nov 30
Size matters2572Jul 22Jul 23Dec 1
The word of the day85312Mar 26Jun 29Nov 30
Reading books1,04519May 12May 27Nov 29
Groundhog day2623Feb 5Feb 5Dec 1
Have you donated for a generator?1,52334Jan 3Jan 15Dec 1
Old New Year34611Jan 14Jan 15Nov 26
Bidding farewell to 202289511Dec 2022Jan 424 hrs ago
A question to men without picture2,28058Dec 2022Dec 202214 hrs ago
Information hygien37110Nov 2022Dec 2022Nov 29
Expensive lies1,41321Oct 2022Oct 2022Nov 29
The first move1,55841Jun 2022Jul 20222 hrs ago
Connecting Singles be like:7699Oct 2021May 2022Nov 28
Moskva42,24747Apr 2022May 2022Nov 30
Where is the rudest EU population thread?7,35413Mar 2016Apr 2022Nov 27
MEDUZA1,07618Mar 2022Apr 202224 hrs ago
If falling in love was a scent...1,37156Mar 2022Mar 202218 hrs ago
Do boring messages warrant an answer?1,86639Jan 2022Jan 20223 hrs ago
The absence of an alpha male72720Nov 2021Nov 2021Nov 23
What are you: gala or weekday?40012Nov 2021Nov 2021Nov 14
Why COVID-19 is much worse than flu4403Oct 2021Oct 2021Nov 27
Toward a bright future?96721Sep 2021Sep 202114 hrs ago
Going in style4204Sep 2021Sep 2021Nov 26
ABBA released a new album1,18945Sep 2021Sep 2021Nov 19
Bébé phoque (warning for ecessive cuteness)3520Sep 2021Sep 20216 hrs ago
How was your summer holiday?1,72257Aug 2021Aug 2021Nov 30
I call it service68828Jul 2021Jul 2021Nov 29
In 10 years1,76658Jun 2021Jul 2021Nov 25
A discussion on how to manipulate and lie to men4636Jul 2021Jul 2021Nov 29
Restrict don’t allow1,37242May 2021Jun 2021Dec 1
First this year63315Apr 2021Apr 2021Nov 30
CS vs FB4,101105Mar 2021Mar 202118 hrs ago
8th March1,41039Mar 2021Mar 2021Dec 1
Missing link6297Feb 2021Mar 2021Nov 30
Protection vs control1,49435Jan 2021Jan 2021Nov 29
Do you take care of yourself?2,67746May 2020Jan 2021Nov 29

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