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The third month of the special operation. Liberation, eh?4,346173May 220 hrs ago2 hrs ago
The first move65544Jun 30Jul 1014 hrs ago
Connecting Singles be like:45410Oct 2021May 2213 hrs ago
Moskva41,64660Apr 15May 125 hrs ago
Where is the rudest EU population thread?5,55220Mar 2016Apr 211 hrs ago
MEDUZA55520Mar 30Apr 15Aug 6
If falling in love was a scent...98758Mar 24Mar 26Aug 6
Is it poverty that makes people stupid or is it stupidity that keeps people poor?2,337100Jan 17Jan 2915 hrs ago
Do boring messages warrant an answer?1,51752Jan 14Jan 23Aug 1
The absence of an alpha male58620Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 6
What are you: gala or weekday?30014Nov 2021Nov 2021Aug 1
Why COVID-19 is much worse than flu2874Oct 2021Oct 2021Jul 31
Toward a bright future?71330Sep 2021Sep 2021Aug 5
Going in style2804Sep 2021Sep 2021Aug 5
ABBA released a new album1,00947Sep 2021Sep 202120 hrs ago
Bébé phoque (warning for ecessive cuteness)2380Sep 2021Sep 2021Aug 2
Behind the scenes2,983109Aug 2021Aug 20216 hrs ago
How was your summer holiday?1,30160Aug 2021Aug 20213 hrs ago
I call it service58731Jul 2021Jul 2021Aug 4
In 10 years1,47663Jun 2021Jul 202123 hrs ago
A discussion on how to manipulate and lie to men3806Jul 2021Jul 202111 hrs ago
Restrict don’t allow1,24046May 2021Jun 2021Aug 3
First this year49615Apr 2021Apr 2021Aug 6
CS vs FB3,600126Mar 2021Mar 2021Aug 6
8th March1,20745Mar 2021Mar 202113 hrs ago
Missing link5239Feb 2021Mar 2021Jul 31
Protection vs control1,26545Jan 2021Jan 2021Aug 3
Do you take care of yourself?2,37348May 2020Jan 20218 hrs ago
Anti-vaxxers' dirty trick2,091139Dec 2020Jan 20216 hrs ago
Long-term Covid-19 symptoms53227Dec 2020Dec 202024 hrs ago
Black Friday1,58161Nov 2020Dec 2020Aug 5
Name it!47418Nov 2020Nov 2020Jul 27
Four Seasons Total Landscaping2934Nov 2020Nov 2020Aug 1
Thank you!3269Nov 2020Nov 2020Jul 30
I turned on TV2835Nov 2020Nov 2020Jul 19
How the coronavirus is spread through the air94836Oct 2020Nov 2020Aug 2
Dessert of the day2774Oct 2020Oct 202016 hrs ago
Possible factors for Swedish Covid-19 death rate2604Oct 2020Oct 2020Aug 2
Coincidence?81737Oct 2020Oct 202019 hrs ago
Tomorrow is promised to none1,37164Oct 2020Oct 2020Jul 31
Pathetic? Stupid? Sick?2,19077Oct 2020Oct 202029 mins ago
When do you know that it’s time to divorce?87029Aug 2020Aug 2020Aug 4

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