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When do you know that it’s time to divorce?48427Aug 4Aug 49 hrs ago
Choo-hoo! EU leaders seal deal on €750bn Covid-19 recovery plans74244Jul 21Jul 2214 hrs ago
Budget mobile phone1,10565Jul 10Jul 2114 hrs ago
Income difference and relationship1,991100Jun 23Jun 295 hrs ago
What keeps you single still?2,199125Apr 24Jun 269 hrs ago
Source of information66842Jun 6Jun 713 hrs ago
Modern dancing advice for men40322May 19May 1913 hrs ago
Do you take care of yourself?70633May 4May 1413 hrs ago
How's your week-end going?3,604241Mar 7May 913 hrs ago
To tell or not to tell: that's the question1,16749Apr 8Apr 1812 hrs ago
Three books1,336109Apr 11Apr 1711 hrs ago
A rapist found guilty75730Feb 25Feb 2911 hrs ago
What of MADE IN UK are you going to miss?2,205179Jan 24Feb 111 hrs ago
Male REACTION50829Jan 6Jan 106 hrs ago
Signs or rejection that men understand1,732101Nov 2019Nov 2019Aug 6
People have their issues1,23776Sep 2019Sep 201910 hrs ago
Returnees1,92365Jul 2019Sep 2019Aug 7
Answer a question with a question2,430189Nov 2018Aug 2019Aug 6
The sidefall of modern man34610Jul 2019Jul 20191 hrs ago
The greatest thing you ever learned1,23759Apr 2019Apr 20197 hrs ago
White-knighting1,77398Feb 2019Feb 20197 hrs ago
Old EU forum pens4738Oct 2018Feb 2019Aug 6
Gender - how do you know?1,32872Dec 2018Dec 20185 hrs ago
Woman makeing the first move1,79386Dec 2018Dec 2018Aug 8
Clothes61831Nov 2018Nov 201810 hrs ago
Do you feel yourself hugged?91445Oct 2018Nov 2018Aug 8
Spotting the green lights40513Nov 2018Nov 2018Aug 8
Need practical advice - how to get rid of a rat?3,061177Sep 2018Oct 2018Aug 7
Your latest achievement69730Sep 2018Oct 2018Aug 6
What is your trump card?42919Oct 2018Oct 2018Aug 6
Observation of the day79724Sep 2018Sep 2018Aug 8
Qigong54926Sep 2018Sep 201823 hrs ago
Where to meet single women2,30688Aug 2018Aug 2018Aug 8
How are you different from all other people?1,48280Aug 2018Aug 2018Aug 7
"Tell me more..."1,22345Jul 2018Jul 201821 hrs ago
Likes box = monkey buseness45313Jul 2018Jul 2018Aug 6
Humanitarian help needed77422Jul 2018Jul 20183 hrs ago
Spirited erg4095May 2018May 2018Aug 6
Controllable events (urgent)1,32744Mar 2018Mar 20188 hrs ago
Success1,27843Feb 2018Mar 2018Aug 6
Full time72321Feb 2018Feb 2018Aug 6
Why didn't you climb Everest yet?1,69367Feb 2018Feb 2018Aug 8

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