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Gee, it's great to be popular!29410Dec 20Dec 307 hrs ago
Do Your Mail Settings Match Your Profile?66033Nov 16Nov 256 mins ago
Anyone on here fancy illustrating a children's book?43513May 2018Oct 292 hrs ago
Unrequited Love... What's your experience?70632Aug 8Aug 1416 hrs ago
A MESSAGE FROM SCAMMERS INC.3376Jun 2018Jun 2018Mar 20
Where Are All The Budding Artists?40915May 2018May 201812 hrs ago
I GIVE UP !1,33957Apr 2018Apr 20186 hrs ago
Have the Mods been tinkering again?2484Oct 2017Oct 2017Mar 20
So... The price of ciggies has gone up AGAIN!76226Sep 2017Sep 201711 hrs ago
What's the story with the "likes" on this site?88543Jan 2017Jan 20173 hrs ago
WHY BOTHER?1,41123Nov 2016Nov 2016Mar 21
REMEMBER WHEN.....65422Oct 2016Oct 2016Mar 11
Colourful Song Titles1,10423Sep 2016Oct 2016Mar 4
IS IT CHEATING IF.....4,785115May 2016May 2016Mar 17
You have received a new message from....3,7055Mar 2016Mar 2016Mar 15
This is supposed to be a DATING site10,448213Nov 2015Feb 2016Mar 20
Which of the following movies did NOT feature John Wayne AND James Stewart?3,6823Feb 2016Feb 2016Mar 15
Size vs Technique. Which do women prefer?11,377129Aug 2015Feb 2016Mar 21
WHO WOULD YOU CHOOSE?6,683186Oct 2015Nov 20157 hrs ago
An old flame suddenly appears and wants to hook up. Do you.....2,56465Sep 2015Oct 2015Mar 20
ONCE UPON A TIME IN QUEENSLAND7188Oct 2015Oct 2015Mar 19
Women in your area.1,14114Sep 2015Oct 20153 hrs ago
Gender discrimination95720Oct 2015Oct 2015Mar 20
CS is on the ball.1,2561Sep 2015Sep 2015Mar 8
CS is on the ball.3680Sep 2015Sep 2015Mar 21
Define SERIOUS relationship.1,98435Aug 2015Aug 2015Mar 21
Local women. Do they exist?60611Aug 2015Aug 2015Mar 8

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