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Srange reasons for being delayed on your way to work.1,42024Nov 2011Nov 2014Apr 3
Inspiring quote of the day.3,17685Aug 2013Sep 2013Apr 12
Atheists are 'more intelligent than religious people'5,167111Aug 2013Aug 201324 hrs ago
Take your partner for the next dance.1,67729Jul 2013Jul 2013Apr 15
Climbing the Diamond....Unbelievable!!!1,09810Jun 2013Jun 2013Apr 19
Amanda Knox to face re-trial5,836145Mar 2013Jun 20139 mins ago
Songs with days of the week in the title.1,50724May 2013May 201319 hrs ago
Is an o*gasm a s*xual experience?4,547102Apr 2013May 2013Apr 9
The 'Iron Lady' has passed away.7,713181Apr 2013Apr 20134 hrs ago
Spring has been delayed7380Mar 2013Mar 2013Apr 13
Censorship6486Mar 2013Mar 2013Apr 3
A Tribute to 'Flowers of Manchester'5045Feb 2013Feb 2013Apr 9
O Superman6298Jan 2013Jan 2013Mar 18
What happened?2,43053Nov 2012Nov 2012Apr 17
Anyone seen "The Shift?"7097Oct 2012Oct 2012Apr 12
When (if ever) do you stop thinking?2,14341Jul 2012Jul 2012Apr 15
Could it be Elvis next?1,11910Apr 2012May 2012Mar 18
R.I.P. Bert Weedon.6383Apr 2012Apr 2012Mar 28
When does a hill become a mountain?1,82038Apr 2012Apr 2012Apr 8
Classic old comedy sketches.1,25510Mar 2012Mar 2012Apr 11
Word games on the forums?2,17356Mar 2012Mar 2012Apr 8
Come on The Arsenal!!!2914Mar 2012Mar 2012Apr 16
R.I.P. Davy Jones.1,63931Feb 2012Mar 2012Apr 17
Who on cs is the highest?1,58937Feb 2012Feb 2012Apr 10
Man sentenced for blackmailing married woman he met online1,45518Feb 2012Feb 2012Apr 9
Egypt football match, at least 73 deaths.94413Feb 2012Feb 2012Apr 11
Seventeen years ago today...9837Jan 2012Jan 2012Apr 6
UK closed due to lack of interest.2,61132Nov 2011Jan 2012Apr 16
William Shatner to boldly go back to Broadway1,35520Jan 2012Jan 2012Apr 9
If Jesus was born today.85010Dec 2011Jan 2012Apr 2
Serious drink drive warning - timely pre- Christmas8729Dec 2011Dec 2011Apr 15
Once Upon a Time on CS.......2,25248Dec 2011Dec 2011Apr 9
Great cover songs that are very different from the original.8,26261Aug 2011Dec 201111 hrs ago
Songs with town or city names in the title.7,056136Jun 2011Nov 2011Apr 16
An eccentric Brit and the elephants.6715Nov 2011Nov 2011Apr 18
A remarkable display of self belief.1,92342Nov 2011Nov 2011Apr 15
Caught by cctv and 'outed' by the internet.1,02615Nov 2011Nov 2011Apr 6
The Ooops moment.85811Nov 2011Nov 2011Apr 2
Internet stalker jailed.8988Oct 2011Nov 2011Apr 15
Just been banned from a thread for the first time.1,55628Nov 2011Nov 2011Apr 2
Gaddafi's a dead duck!!!9,052185Oct 2011Oct 201138 mins ago
Have you got a Guardian Angel?6594Oct 2011Oct 2011Apr 18

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