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Why are you not in a relationship?1,42257Jun 28Jul 74 hrs ago
I'm waiting for someone to post an interesting thread!1,08272Apr 15Jul 46 hrs ago
An interesting fact about yourself !!46837Jun 29Jul 12 hrs ago
What have I come back to??1,28854Jun 18Jun 243 hrs ago
Butch women !1,913105Jun 3Jun 45 hrs ago
Abortion referendum in Ireland3,451238May 24May 261 hrs ago
What did the last email you sent say?5,671379Feb 12May 2623 mins ago
Back to basics2658Apr 21May 17Jul 18
How to make online dating more successful!3,143213May 13May 1622 hrs ago
"Defensive narcissist"6,104315Aug 2017May 1252 mins ago
National "blame someone else day"84842Apr 29May 54 hrs ago
Get it off your chest!1,42666Apr 23Apr 244 hrs ago
Can any one explain to me ...1,89286Apr 19Apr 2319 hrs ago
A thread for the NON gay members.31516Apr 13Apr 13Jul 19
Income & expenditure!44938Apr 13Apr 1315 hrs ago
Is intelligence or wisdom more useful in life's journey?60134Apr 10Apr 122 hrs ago
Role play!1,00473Apr 7Apr 9Jul 18
Is there an American/English translator..50638Apr 7Apr 820 hrs ago
Constructive criticism!26411Apr 5Apr 6Jul 18
If you could be an expert on anything..71854Apr 2Apr 321 hrs ago
What would you like to accomplish by the end of the year?76554Mar 27Mar 312 hrs ago
Who are the most boring race in the world?1,04654Mar 19Mar 3024 hrs ago
Happiest nation in the world?29118Mar 28Mar 29Jul 19
What's been the highlight of your life so far?42825Mar 22Mar 23Jul 15
What age range are you more attracted to?61932Mar 21Mar 2216 hrs ago
What is your idea of heaven?1,574111Mar 13Mar 2212 hrs ago
If you were a moderator...87558Mar 16Mar 2123 hrs ago
The moaning thread!81439Mar 18Mar 1919 hrs ago
Do you have what it takes..40627Mar 18Mar 183 hrs ago
What makes you think, you would make a good partner?1,30188Mar 11Mar 1219 hrs ago
Sapiosexual.2,985220Mar 9Mar 1215 hrs ago
Guess the person above yous profession ?1,652133Mar 9Mar 1142 mins ago
There are 2 reasons why you would join CS .95572Mar 6Mar 720 hrs ago
Love is??1,09373Mar 4Mar 624 hrs ago
Why would you join a international dating site..1,768112Feb 26Mar 48 hrs ago
A simple "Hello"... should63935Mar 3Mar 317 hrs ago
Due to the arctic weather....1,336101Mar 1Mar 313 hrs ago
Grab a granny!1,11755Feb 27Mar 223 hrs ago
Do women have an advantage when it comes to dating?1,45383Dec 18Feb 2623 hrs ago
Tell me a secret!!!1,28588Feb 23Feb 2523 hrs ago
For a relationship to work...44127Feb 22Feb 224 hrs ago
Help27917Feb 20Feb 2129 mins ago

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