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What is your greatest asset, that would ..1,399117Oct 29Apr 113 hrs ago
You have £8 to build your ideal partner ..1,12573Mar 23Apr 19 hrs ago
lists of demands!!!1,878109Sep 14Mar 61 hrs ago
Do you enjoy listening to music....73044Nov 12Feb 22Apr 20
Happiest nation in the world?1,41367Mar 2018Feb 101 hrs ago
New year .. same old predictable posts !2,53782Jan 2Jan 9Apr 21
Why do so many people mention that....1,51461Dec 27Jan 324 hrs ago
Have you passed your "sell by" date ?88958Dec 31Jan 116 hrs ago
Cosmetic surgery!1,45195Dec 23Dec 241 hrs ago
Rasputin88146Dec 20Dec 227 hrs ago
How to rid of poster deliberately creating ..1,05654Dec 21Dec 22Apr 20
Is it worth creating a thread about real life situations..1,418101Dec 13Dec 20Apr 20
Planning for the future!1,27382Dec 17Dec 19Apr 20
Class system.93253Dec 7Dec 161 hrs ago
Are you changing with the times ?1,18075Dec 6Dec 1513 hrs ago
Obsession & predictably!1,18580Dec 10Dec 113 hrs ago
Things I don't care about !79241Dec 3Dec 92 hrs ago
A lesson in how to speak English .1,61685Nov 25Dec 22 hrs ago
Don't read this message !!1,419107Nov 22Dec 2Apr 21
When was the last time you did something for the last time ?77559Nov 23Dec 212 hrs ago
Say yes to another brexit vote93986Nov 21Nov 2815 hrs ago
Why do so few women create forum threads1,07053Nov 17Nov 2334 mins ago
Why, when a woman gets to a certain age ..81151Nov 16Nov 16Apr 13
No sex please , we're British .1,658108Sep 23Nov 151 hrs ago
Sapiosexual.4,220233Mar 2018Nov 155 hrs ago
Have women lost their femininity?6,139386Oct 13Nov 1357 mins ago
Do you think the mods were too hasty ..4,000164Aug 28Nov 102 hrs ago
So, I watched a wildlife documentary...2,377179Nov 5Nov 75 hrs ago
What is it about big cities, that change ....96578Nov 1Nov 69 hrs ago
Why do relationships go pearshaped !1,883127Oct 25Nov 42 hrs ago
Breaking news !!!!!!!1,19882Nov 3Nov 4Apr 21
Have people resigned themselves to remain single ?2,703206Oct 21Oct 305 mins ago
Clever boy or party boy ??34320Oct 22Oct 22Apr 13
Is it really worth the effort...........70448Oct 16Oct 1718 hrs ago
Isn't it amazing how an international forum..88838Oct 12Oct 1720 mins ago
How high are your expectations??1,14077Oct 10Oct 15Apr 20
Truheart .96971Oct 11Oct 12Apr 21
The queen!!1,09179Oct 7Oct 1111 hrs ago
With all the technology available to us ..1,639142Oct 9Oct 106 hrs ago
I think women are getting ahead of themelves1,669105Oct 4Oct 717 hrs ago
I have a dream ...1,06383Sep 27Oct 72 hrs ago
What's the most expensive present....83445Sep 28Oct 62 hrs ago

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