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Virtually unfaithful!!1,386134Sep 1910 hrs ago36 mins ago
Transparent1621818 hrs ago17 hrs ago3 hrs ago
Trans foods !1041219 hrs ago18 hrs ago5 hrs ago
I'm writing a book on survival !!32835Sep 20Sep 212 hrs ago
lists of demands!!!1,352105Sep 14Sep 163 hrs ago
Women , would you date a bisexual man95364Aug 30Sep 141 hrs ago
My ideal match !!1,02281Sep 12Sep 142 hrs ago
Why are shampoo produce made .....56356Sep 6Sep 124 hrs ago
Alopecia !!1,123122Sep 3Sep 85 hrs ago
Back to school ....61881Sep 4Sep 63 hrs ago
I get suspicious of women who have been ...2,553141Aug 26Sep 41 hrs ago
Do you think the mods were too hasty ..2,11998Aug 28Sep 418 hrs ago
Is it bingo night tonight??1,241156Aug 31Sep 12 hrs ago
Judge One2note!!39436Aug 31Aug 3117 mins ago
What is your biggest fear ????93262Aug 29Aug 292 hrs ago
The advantages of Living in the countryside ..1,612123Aug 27Aug 284 hrs ago
The angry thread1,28483Aug 24Aug 246 hrs ago
Socially awkward people !!71243Aug 20Aug 2121 hrs ago
Describe your ideal partner ...39929Aug 20Aug 2018 hrs ago
The advantages & disadvantages of being single!76361Aug 19Aug 193 hrs ago
The CS forum awards 252023Aug 15Aug 176 hrs ago
The CS forum awards !!!!88167Aug 15Aug 155 hrs ago
What are your goals for the future?93872Aug 13Aug 145 hrs ago
Holiday season71460Jul 24Aug 113 hrs ago
There are only 3 types of people .....2,105127Jul 21Jul 304 hrs ago
Why are you not in a relationship?1,53657Jun 28Jul 721 hrs ago
I'm waiting for someone to post an interesting thread!1,21572Apr 15Jul 46 hrs ago
An interesting fact about yourself !!51737Jun 29Jul 15 hrs ago
What have I come back to??1,37254Jun 18Jun 2417 hrs ago
Butch women !2,081105Jun 3Jun 47 hrs ago
Abortion referendum in Ireland3,769238May 24May 265 hrs ago
What did the last email you sent say?6,194379Feb 12May 261 hrs ago
Back to basics3078Apr 21May 174 hrs ago
How to make online dating more successful!3,459213May 13May 164 hrs ago
"Defensive narcissist"6,579315Aug 2017May 122 hrs ago
National "blame someone else day"92742Apr 29May 523 hrs ago
Get it off your chest!1,52066Apr 23Apr 244 hrs ago
Can any one explain to me ...2,14886Apr 19Apr 231 hrs ago
A thread for the NON gay members.37416Apr 13Apr 136 hrs ago
Income & expenditure!54338Apr 13Apr 1323 hrs ago
Is intelligence or wisdom more useful in life's journey?66334Apr 10Apr 12Sep 20
Role play!1,12473Apr 7Apr 9Sep 21

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