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How to impress a man!!1,38268Jul 2111 hrs ago12 mins ago
Do you come here often?69248Jan 18Jan 213 hrs ago
Do women have an advantage when it comes to dating?99365Dec 18Jan 182 hrs ago
The problem with the forums is....50329Jan 16Jan 174 hrs ago
Do you think slim women have a better chance of dating ...2,948173Jan 7Jan 164 hrs ago
The fast pace of city life.41332Jan 10Jan 114 hrs ago
What is your priority, when it comes to finding a partner?1,08652Dec 29Jan 921 hrs ago
Table manners!1,11460Jan 2Jan 5Jan 21
If you had to have a tattoo, what would it say & where would you have it ???42432Jan 2Jan 42 hrs ago
What would you rather...,34720Dec 30Dec 313 hrs ago
Do we really have choice?75058Dec 28Dec 295 hrs ago
Hanover cures???59035Dec 26Dec 28Jan 21
What intimidates more about the opposite sex?77651Dec 23Dec 26Jan 20
Do you think is right to chat to multiple people at one time?1,379112Dec 17Dec 2322 hrs ago
How the London bombings saved my relationship!!!44635Dec 21Dec 2112 hrs ago
Any ladies48440Dec 19Dec 20Jan 20
Interesting facts!65243Nov 21Dec 1723 hrs ago
CS calendar 201847227Dec 15Dec 16Jan 21
The diversity of impotence!30318Dec 8Dec 12Jan 21
What advice would you give the youth of today?1,660119Dec 8Dec 11Jan 20
If you had to give up chocolate or sex68740Nov 30Dec 108 hrs ago
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...45832Dec 10Dec 1016 hrs ago
In a few words, what would you write about the poster above you?70257Dec 7Dec 9Jan 19
Has anyone else noticed.51224Nov 29Dec 91 hrs ago
What have you learnt about people, since you joined the forums?2,328134Dec 3Dec 89 hrs ago
Notice!88650Dec 5Dec 73 hrs ago
Harry & Megan's engagement dinner menu!23319Dec 1Dec 223 hrs ago
Would you date anyone outside your comfort zone?1,47463Oct 23Dec 214 hrs ago
Swearing1,632114Nov 27Nov 30Jan 19
I'm back31018Nov 29Nov 30Jan 20
Today is international "no sex day"35337Nov 19Nov 28Jan 16
Spare a thought for the poor victims of the terror attack in Egypt67453Nov 26Nov 272 hrs ago
What are you most scared of, when meeting a date for the first time!2,19975Oct 16Nov 267 hrs ago
Where have all those yesterdays gone...43533Nov 24Nov 251 hrs ago
How much for your virginity??1,25582Nov 17Nov 194 hrs ago
Why are Irish girls so fiesty??1,60367Oct 14Nov 1813 hrs ago
Don't do me any favours!!1,00362Nov 16Nov 1718 hrs ago
I've been cursed !83674Nov 13Nov 13Jan 21
An interesting tittle thread!!!1,13052Nov 1Nov 1215 hrs ago
Outdated views on relationships & sex!1,32468Oct 29Nov 124 hrs ago
You only get one chance to make a first impression!1526Oct 31Oct 31Jan 19
Today is international "Tuen back the clocks" day67840Oct 29Oct 294 hrs ago

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