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Are females just hookers?3,858188Oct 2015May 20179 hrs ago
I would marry a man for #1 love #2 wealth (but wish just a little that he made more money like so n75814Aug 2015May 2017Jan 10
Did your last partner in crime turn out to be a bum/gold digger/looser2,03694Aug 2015Oct 2016Jan 16
I did marry for love, but ended up outright resentful that he didn't/doesn't make as much money as o7641Aug 2015May 2016Jan 13
If your really attracted to a person do you care if they are single/available?2,50083Aug 2015Dec 2015Jan 17
Should the citizens of the world ask Putin and China to Bomb Wshington DC, CIA, Federal Reserve, Uni1,87673Nov 2015Nov 2015Jan 19
Men; how many s*xual (inter course) partners have you had in your life2,65450Oct 2015Oct 2015Jan 17
Which fruit is the sexiest1,33622Aug 2015Oct 2015Jan 12
Haunted house? seen a ghost? Heard weird noises?1,42881Aug 2015Oct 2015Jan 13
Is child support just about wealth redistribution1,85739Aug 2015Sep 2015Dec 24
Which Mode of transportation suits you1,55245Aug 2015Sep 2015Jan 16
Ladies-Rate your last(longterm) partner1,35634Jul 2015Sep 2015Dec 24
Is FOREPLAY really relevant2,259168Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 8
did you get pregnant to snare the guy2,14232Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 2
You would marry exclusively for money, while being honest that you don't particularly love the guy.1,48182Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 1
Who would you pick right now for the Office of Presidential Puppet!1,32933Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 12
Do you believe in Angels?1,19223Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 8
How much credence do you have in/for the two party system?1,17410Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 18
Is there a difference between 'prostitution' and 'sex trafficking?1,24725Jul 2015Aug 2015Jan 15
In civil disobedience and/or protest have you ever or known someone to ...have6351Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 16
so ladies, why are you attracted to a man1,22128Aug 2015Aug 201513 hrs ago
Email disappears2782Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 7
My favorite anatomy of my women is her...to kiss cuddle torture lol8464Aug 2015Aug 201511 hrs ago
Can this one be the real deal? help!94321Aug 2015Aug 2015Dec 28
pancakes griddle cakes or waffles or bisquits with breakfast1,31411Aug 2015Aug 2015Jan 18
Do you believe in ghosts, or demon spirits?74017Jul 2015Aug 2015Jan 18
'I love to laugh' -ok, most people do but...3003Jul 2015Jul 2015Nov 30
You Operate exclusively on the 'Someone's got to be with the rich guy, why not me' principle.7870Aug 2015Jan 6
Is 'Incrementalism' by collectivists destroying morality, liberty, freedoms, natural rights7950Oct 2015Jan 6
Do Scammers work in pairs or three's, groups, etc on an opensite1,2630Oct 2015Jan 15

This is a list of threads created by DDawson59.