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FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW3733Feb 2009Mar 2009Nov 13
real men1,20035Feb 2009Feb 200921 hrs ago
Translations3403Feb 2009Feb 2009Nov 21
I´m back!! For the second time47412Feb 2009Feb 200920 hrs ago
The Talking Frog3664Jul 2008Aug 2008Nov 5
Strong Pill3122Jul 2008Jul 2008Nov 15
A Mismatched Pair of Gloves9564Jul 2008Jul 2008Nov 28
I´m back72022Jul 2008Jul 2008Nov 17
Nice or bad ?1,3029Dec 2007Apr 2008Nov 19
Porno Shop Worker8506Jan 2008Apr 2008Nov 4
SEX AND YOUR STARS1,86550Jan 2008Mar 2008Nov 26
Poor guy7535Jan 2008Mar 2008Nov 27
Top ten signs that you are too drunk42310Dec 2007Mar 2008Nov 1
Can we have sex?65415Dec 2007Feb 2008Nov 22
Cool test1,59144Dec 2007Feb 2008Nov 27
I'll never forget the first time I took it in my mouth...1,58924Dec 2007Feb 2008Nov 25
What flowers can tell you55810Nov 2007Jan 2008Nov 9
Men are like.....51513Nov 2007Jan 2008Nov 26
Parents and their children3393Dec 2007Jan 2008Nov 11
Alone in the Desert4441Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 26
What men / woman would do if...................4321Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 8
Did you ever had an affair as you where in a relationship or married?2,19941Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 14
0 to 200 in 6 seconds5474Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 25
Girls night out4231Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 15
His And Hers Road Trip3990Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 29
From A Mother With Love4422Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 14
Bookstore II3391Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 24
Book Store3831Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 24
10 Husbands, Still a Virgin4864Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 26
New Drink3923Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 21
Aliens land in Texas3613Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 9
A GREAT GUY AND FABULOUS GAL5945Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 28
World's Shortest Fairytale65214Dec 2007Jan 2008Nov 22
Would you do have group sex?2,89174Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 13
Help1,22126Jan 2008Jan 200819 hrs ago
AT THE MASKED BALL3862Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 28
AT THE CHICAGO CONFERENCE3983Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 25
JUMPING WITH THE GERIATRICS4384Jan 2008Jan 200820 hrs ago
A man and a genie3420Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 17
Blind man in restaurant3592Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 12
Christmas Wish3170Jan 2008Jan 2008Nov 1

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