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Telephone54434Aug 1Aug 1Oct 18
Lily Allen1697Jul 30Jul 308 hrs ago
Would you?1545Jul 28Jul 2814 hrs ago
Do you have a nice arse?3,838124Oct 2017Jun 43 hrs ago
A timely reminder for the ladies at CS65733Apr 5Apr 6Oct 19
Women...2467Mar 9Mar 9Oct 16
No arms or legs for a day.50120Feb 24Feb 256 hrs ago
The River Boys.22012Feb 20Feb 2319 hrs ago
What would you do?3219Feb 18Feb 18Oct 18
How many goats do you have?82440Feb 1Feb 13 hrs ago
So who is the clown pretending to be me?1,43557Jan 27Jan 2817 hrs ago
Women smoking pot.1,20146Dec 2017Jan 323 hrs ago
Piper2014Dec 2017Dec 2017Oct 16
Are you planning on having another baby?2818Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 18
It's on.53218Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 17
Are you on drugs?2,90755May 2017Nov 20173 hrs ago
I make a few moves44124Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 17
How many people with only one leg have you rooted?52710Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 18
The legacy of the UBT42816Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 17
The UBT (Ultimate Banning Thread)3359Nov 2017Nov 201721 hrs ago
I've probably been banned from the I've been banned from the what type of threads do you like poll.3648Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 18
2017 Melbourne cup.48222Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 19
Always good to check out the Irish forums...2257Nov 2017Nov 2017Oct 17
Whats happening with the VPL?38418Oct 2017Oct 201711 hrs ago
Gambling machines2717Oct 2017Oct 201723 hrs ago
The dog on the tuckerbox.2032Aug 2017Aug 2017Oct 16
Would you have sex with a gypsy?3,59561Nov 2015Aug 20178 hrs ago
Would you have sex with a builder?1,83822Jun 2016Aug 2017Oct 17
Which would you prefer to see?5428Jul 2017Aug 201713 hrs ago
Who will win?56337Jul 2017Jul 2017Oct 18
Is there room here for salami?1,00840Jun 2017Jun 2017Oct 18
Bread roll.34411Jun 2017Jun 201721 hrs ago
I might leave one day7208Jun 2017Jun 2017Oct 17
English elections.55319Jun 2017Jun 2017Oct 19
Is it legal?6297Mar 2017Jun 2017Oct 16
Coffee59731May 2017May 201716 hrs ago
That's pretty crap73629May 2017May 2017Oct 18
Would you have sex with an English person?2,73783Jun 2016Apr 201721 hrs ago
Womens arses4,544157Mar 2017Mar 20179 hrs ago
Indians/shame house heating etc.4579Dec 2016Dec 2016Oct 18
Trumps trumpet3272Dec 2016Dec 2016Oct 18
Signing off61914Jul 2016Jul 2016Oct 18

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