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Three Words You Might Say After Sex ????????22,2731,000Apr 2008Apr 2010Apr 16
Not New To CS But NEW To EU Forums1,00120Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 15
I'm Confused....... Can You Help??????2,947105Jun 2008Aug 2008Apr 14
I Have Just Had Some Great News !! And I'm So Excited !!!!1,62865Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 15
Ok Ladies Has This Happened To You........?????2,990149Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 1
Could You Do Something For Me Please ?????????3459Aug 2008Aug 2008Mar 24
Hi Everyone. Guess What .........1,26248Jul 2008Jul 2008Apr 1
Life Changing Experience ..... And Many Thanks For All The Support And Kindness1,20641Jul 2008Jul 2008Mar 9
Ladies..... In Answer To Another Thread How Do You Like Your Man, Shaved Or Smooth?? Not His Head !3,867131Apr 2008Jun 2008Apr 5
I Just Want To Say Thank You............1,52756Jun 2008Jun 2008Apr 5
Is It Me? Or Is It Like A Battle Field Here Today??? What Is Going On??????4,291197Jun 2008Jun 2008Mar 17
Do You Think Men Go Through A Male Menopause ??????3,950101Apr 2008May 2008Mar 21
What Has Been Your Greatest Life Achievement ???3,536101May 2008May 2008Apr 9
One for the Girl's have you ever 'Faked' it ???? and why ???6,876247Feb 2008May 2008Mar 31
What's The Strangest Fetish You've Heard Of ?????2,05972Apr 2008Apr 2008Apr 9
Just Wondering Has Anyone Heard If goose Is Ok ????81827Apr 2008Apr 2008Mar 9
Good Morning Everyone, Have A Great Sunday !1,33046Apr 2008Apr 2008Mar 29
Is It Bettter To Have Loved And Lost Or Never Loved At All ???2,53773Mar 2008Apr 2008Apr 8
Question For The Guy's Coz I'm Really Curious .......?????????2,24564Apr 2008Apr 2008Apr 13
It Makes Me So Angry !!!!! Where Is Our Understanding ??????5,320163Mar 2008Apr 2008Mar 21
I'm bored !! So Why Do You think????????1,07239Mar 2008Mar 2008Apr 4
Have A Good One !!1,07849Mar 2008Mar 2008Mar 29
PILIPALA NEEDS OUR HELP .......2,878106Feb 2008Mar 2008Apr 15
I need to VENT and i need some help PLease !!!!!!2,53490Feb 2008Feb 2008Mar 13
It's Valentine's Day in Turkey .............2,97199Feb 2008Feb 2008Apr 13
Just need to say it1,66648Jan 2008Jan 2008Mar 31
Help i need some advice??4179Jan 2008Jan 2008Apr 4
If you loved someone could you/have you1,61647Jan 2008Jan 200815 hrs ago
IT'S 2008!!67219Dec 2007Dec 2007Mar 24
Hi everyone!!3733Dec 2007Dec 2007Apr 9
Just want to say !41812Dec 2007Dec 2007Apr 1
I'm feeling sad because44610Dec 2007Dec 2007Mar 15

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