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Good Luck Wales!81222Mar 2008Dec 2008Oct 14
What we're listening to just now.13,236586Apr 2008Dec 2008Oct 18
Choose 3 from CS...3,785109Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 17
Are age and wisdom synonymous?3,707110Apr 2008Apr 2008Oct 14
Daniel Craig...67724Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 10
Americans.....5,398132Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 19
Just how important...1,20239Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 14
Ireland V Wales1,05650Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 17
Science uncovers new and aggresive organism.96024Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 19
Just How Good Was Marvin Gaye????78822Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 14
Getting cerebral about sex...1,01428Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 20
Societies Influences On YOU!90936Mar 2008Mar 200814 hrs ago
Family Guy oy The Simpsons?1,22736Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 4
Nationalism and Pride in ones country.3,471104Mar 2008Mar 200822 hrs ago
People1,35244Mar 2008Mar 2008Oct 16
Expectations.1,40231Nov 2007Feb 2008Sep 29
The relationship between chemistry & respect.1,86551Feb 2008Feb 2008Oct 13
Respect my authoritaaaaaaaaaaa!1,26036Feb 2008Feb 2008Oct 1
The Greatest Women Who' ve Ever Lived1,44830Dec 2007Feb 2008Oct 18
Phew...It's Gone!1,25330Nov 2007Feb 2008Oct 17
The ultimate boobie poll !!!!!2,30320Dec 2007Feb 2008Oct 13
For The Men!1,84077Nov 2007Jan 2008Oct 17
Accept The American Way, Or Face The Consequences!18,926813Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 11
OK...2,48878Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 9
Passion Poll3,17532Dec 2007Jan 2008Oct 21
Do we allow fear to shape our lives?1,37838Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 13
Being happy before making anybody else happy.1,00324Jan 2008Jan 2008Sep 18
What is your purpose in life?1,62055Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 17
If you were asked....1,00321Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 14
Intellectualism, and compassion/love.2,33771Dec 2007Jan 2008Oct 10
Be you think you're eligible?4,469154Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 19
Why is it...2,46087Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 6
Depression and Relationships.3,907154Jan 2008Jan 20088 hrs ago
So...1,69874Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 19
Question...2,09970Jan 2008Jan 2008Oct 7
CS Greatest Album Of All Time.5,594292Dec 2007Jan 2008Oct 9
Chase or be Chased?3,373120Dec 2007Dec 2007Oct 19 patient with me on this one!3,636156Dec 2007Dec 2007Oct 21
Lois from Family Guy....2592Dec 2007Dec 2007Sep 30
Dammit...1,51972Dec 2007Dec 2007Oct 14
The Big Lebowski60913Dec 2007Dec 2007Oct 2
Merry...97129Dec 2007Dec 2007Oct 21

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