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Tell a porkie pie about the person above you....#34,620317May 2011Jun 201123 hrs ago
Tell a porkie pie about the person above you....#213,4381,000Mar 2011May 2011Apr 18
~ Good Luck Stormie NormieG~1,37150Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 14
~*~ Food and Drink Chain Game ~*~4,212308Mar 2011Apr 2011Apr 17
Bucket List......3,466162Mar 2011Mar 2011Apr 6
Cocktails1,84265Mar 2011Mar 201111 hrs ago
the results-----Stir it up.69926Mar 2011Mar 2011Mar 13
Tell a porkie pie about the person above you....13,6771,000Feb 2011Mar 20116 hrs ago
And so the story begins.....5,330278Feb 2011Mar 2011Apr 17
What a tragedy in NZ2,35285Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 14
do you keep fit? what sort of exercise do you do?1,43352Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 8
Ring, Ring It's a telemarketer what do you say?95930Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 13
Do you look at yourself?1,47253Jan 2011Feb 2011Apr 11
How much is too much?3088Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 14
Is it time to step up Sex Ed......1,34452Jan 2011Feb 2011Mar 11
The things we suck at.....75831Jan 2011Jan 2011Apr 14
Where are you?5886Apr 2008Mar 2010Mar 15
I'm going to Tassie. Help me out.:)61616Jan 2010Jan 2010Mar 14
God Blimey!!!!!!88020Oct 2009Oct 2009Apr 17
The "I Love Game"5,445216Apr 2008Oct 2009Apr 3
Post a rumor about the person above you.:)2,602120Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 13
Am I good enough for you to take shopping? Help please75655Jan 2009Aug 2009Apr 16
Some Bloody Men!!!!!!!1,68967Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 4
Innies and Outties..................93355Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 9
The credit Crunch................67622Aug 2009Aug 2009Apr 9
I was wondering......1,23444Jun 2009Aug 2009Apr 18
Well guess what?1,13648May 2009Aug 200917 hrs ago
Sex Talk........Yay or Nay...59017Jul 2009Jul 2009Apr 15
I was wondering......1,54782Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 18
Let's talk about2,32160Jul 2008Jun 2009Apr 18
Need to spit the dummy? come right in.1,16851May 2009Jun 2009Apr 14
Things that just go together.hmmmm4,586315May 2009May 2009Apr 18
Hellllooooo70232May 2009May 2009Apr 16
Things that just go together.hmmmm2,155159May 2009May 2009Apr 17
What do you still want to achieve in life73725May 2009May 2009Mar 23
Well guess what?96146May 2009May 2009Apr 15
ok! fess up. Who is hiding a secret talent.2,439143May 2009May 2009Apr 17
Move recommendations1,89089Dec 2008May 2009Apr 13
F*ck its positive80136Mar 2009Apr 2009Apr 8
Bridezillas1,02143Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 26
The Amber Alert....?52219Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 3
Well its positive1,57293Mar 2009Apr 2009Apr 13

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