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What´s the best country to visit in the EU?44,56798Feb 2016Jan 139 hrs ago
Where is everyone?3,33965Jan 2016Mar 20173 hrs ago
3, 2, 1 Drop them77118Feb 2016Nov 2016Feb 16
Which forum is more lively and why?3,10157Feb 2016Jun 2016Feb 17
What is New Zealand?1,12125Feb 2016Jun 2016Feb 11
Trip to OZ!!!!!2,36326Feb 2016May 20163 hrs ago
Slow night eh folks?13,42930Feb 2016May 2016Feb 12
Is neighbours rubbish?1,75129Feb 2016Apr 2016Feb 11
Friends without benefits2,29845Feb 2016Apr 2016Feb 18
Fun with the wife1,72135Feb 2016Mar 20166 hrs ago
Thunderbolts and lightning1,16536Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 15
Give us a wave1,17418Jan 2016Feb 2016Feb 11
Serial poster Pedro98817Feb 2016Feb 201613 hrs ago
Bath robes and dressing gowns4675Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 17
Brain teaser1,07526Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 13
Favourite recipe62815Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 9
Nerds1,32929Feb 2016Feb 20164 hrs ago
Gathering dust3966Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 12
Driving down a one way street the wrong way3881Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 12
Favourite sauce and what do you do with it?2,14147Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 12
Live today as if it was your last5978Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 15
Troubled folk46410Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 16
What makes a woman rage like an inferno?1,06015Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 15
Where are the women with no standards?2,21841Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 14
CS Personality quiz4073Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 18
Furring1,97533Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 18
My computer just crashed5379Feb 2016Feb 2016Feb 10
Are you good at cooking?2,20546Dec 2015Feb 201624 hrs ago
Help needed62113Jan 2016Jan 2016Feb 8
I´m stuck in the bath6658Jan 2016Jan 2016Feb 14
It´s for the best1,06817Jan 2016Jan 2016Feb 13
I wouldn´t mind a bit of Beyonce.....8587Jan 2016Jan 2016Feb 6
E-Minor1,06916Jan 2016Jan 2016Feb 12
New mobile phone not working1,69430Dec 2015Jan 201620 hrs ago
Immigration rising in Australia2,22840Dec 2015Jan 20161 hrs ago
Adoption4100Jan 2016Jan 2016Feb 15
Immigration rising in New Zealand73010Dec 2015Jan 2016Feb 6
Warmest place in Canada?1,1232Dec 2015Dec 2015Feb 13
Blind date95619Dec 2015Dec 2015Feb 14
T-Rex4322Dec 2015Dec 2015Feb 10
Dynamo3788Dec 2015Dec 2015Feb 4

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