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AI and DEEPFAKE55550Jun 135 hrs ago4 hrs ago
Revenge or Forgiveness?15911Jun 1518 hrs ago11 hrs ago
Are We In A Computer Simulated Reality?2,020154May 5May 181 hrs ago
The Gift Or Power Of Charisma1,07998Mar 18May 52 hrs ago
Euthanasia Debate in Spain1,833153Apr 5Apr 168 hrs ago
FORUMS (or FORA) AND THEIR PURPOSE81156Mar 13Apr 97 hrs ago
Define "Intelligence", in the Virtual World?1,264122Mar 30Mar 3115 hrs ago
The Art & Beauty of Imperfection54338Mar 25Mar 3116 hrs ago
SPIRITUAL BUT NOT RELIGIOUS60543Mar 26Mar 277 hrs ago
How Bored Are You?77967Mar 20Mar 22Jun 15
OPTIMISM Vs PESSIMISM - Or the other way round?1,387136Mar 15Mar 182 hrs ago
DEBATES And Their Purpose...70057Mar 13Mar 172 hrs ago
Do You Have Problem Falling Asleep?15910Feb 26Feb 26Jun 5
PREDICTIONS - Fact or Fiction?39235Feb 2Feb 11Jun 15
RULES...Something to ponder...1,363121Jan 28Jan 3112 hrs ago
Text Messaging Between Family Members and Close Friends..87353Jan 1Jan 106 hrs ago
Why Has My Thread About Microchips Disappeared?1,598107Dec 28Jan 117 hrs ago
Microchip Implants in Human Beings1,138105Dec 27Jan 1Jun 16
Prelude To Meeting Someone95974Dec 10Dec 1612 hrs ago
Palm Oil And Its Connection With The Environmental Destruction85270Dec 10Dec 1423 hrs ago
Games That People Play...70654Dec 6Dec 710 hrs ago
Quality Rather Than Quantity?49432Nov 6Nov 6Jun 13
Healing The World Within2145Aug 2018Aug 2018Jun 13
Time For Introspection - Looking Within....1,06055Jan 2018Jan 201820 hrs ago
WIDOWER, DIVORCEE or NEVER BEEN MARRIED?1,89147Mar 2017Aug 201711 hrs ago
Where Are We?1,37264Jul 2017Jul 20172 hrs ago

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