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Happy Birthday MollyBaby1,84727May 2017Jul 11 hrs ago
what qualifies as modern humor: one word1691May 27Jun 1Jul 1
"Take the bananas out of your ears"- KGB defector46033May 21May 3113 hrs ago
Memorial Day43439May 23May 31Jul 2
What qualifies as modern humor1,11262May 24May 293 hrs ago
Underground19412May 22May 2713 hrs ago
Free Bird1112May 24May 24Jun 30
60-70 years of Experience: How's Life treating you?1,22033Jun 2017Dec 2017Jul 1
Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"1,34764Oct 2017Oct 2017Jul 2
The blog people are all posting naked photos3708Oct 2017Oct 2017Jul 1
Prayer Circle Requests (please limit comments to specific needs)65517Jun 2017Jul 2017Jul 1
"catfish" the person above you ( your lie is that you're not who your profile anyone else)5068Jul 2017Jul 2017Jul 1
when's the last time you got shit faced?( drunk)1,22043Jul 2017Jul 2017Jul 1
one boob or two?.1,38821Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 2
"squatter"50810Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 2
Economics 1015259Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 2
50-60 years of age: How's Life treating you?4978Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 1
70-80 years and got it ALL!2832Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 1
30-40 years of age:How's Life treating you?3392Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 1
40-50 years of age: How's Life treating you?3944Jun 2017Jun 2017Jul 1
4 Horsewomen of CS Apocalypse4824May 2017May 2017Jul 1
Tie Breakers needed ASAP for Blogland's 3 way3072Mar 2017Mar 2017Jul 2
Game Night at Blogland this Friday!!38513Feb 2017Mar 2017Jun 27
what is it like to be Pedro ?84121Feb 2017Feb 2017Jul 1
Are soccer players really being recruited to China-what sponsors?!80424Jan 2017Jan 2017Jul 2

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