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Happy Birthday MollyBaby1,03425May 2017Jan 281 mins ago
60-70 years of Experience: How's Life treating you?73033Jun 2017Dec 9Mar 21
I would like lookn2share's definitive answer21818Oct 19Oct 19Mar 19
Religious Bigotry-"They're all alike"69864Oct 17Oct 18Mar 20
The blog people are all posting naked photos1748Oct 14Oct 145 hrs ago
Prayer Circle Requests (please limit comments to specific needs)36017Jun 2017Jul 25Mar 7
"catfish" the person above you ( your lie is that you're not who your profile anyone else)2748Jul 2017Jul 2017Mar 7
when's the last time you got shit faced?( drunk)78143Jul 2017Jul 2017Mar 21
one boob or two?.65321Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 21
"squatter"27110Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 17
Economics 1012519Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 18
50-60 years of age: How's Life treating you?2838Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 19
70-80 years and got it ALL!1362Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 13
30-40 years of age:How's Life treating you?1792Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 21
40-50 years of age: How's Life treating you?2004Jun 2017Jun 2017Mar 15
4 Horsewomen of CS Apocalypse2984May 2017May 2017Mar 19
Tie Breakers needed ASAP for Blogland's 3 way1732Mar 2017Mar 20174 hrs ago
Game Night at Blogland this Friday!!24313Feb 2017Mar 2017Mar 11
what is it like to be Pedro ?56521Feb 2017Feb 2017Mar 21
Are soccer players really being recruited to China-what sponsors?!43324Jan 2017Jan 2017Mar 10

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