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I Just Thought About Something...1705May 28 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Dating With A Disability5336Oct 14Nov 5May 3
Getting Back To Normal32612Oct 3Oct 415 hrs ago
Explain This To Me68535Jul 2020Jul 2020Apr 30
Millennials...Really?3265Mar 2020Mar 2020May 2
Should There Be A Disabled Bachelor?46122Feb 2020Mar 2020May 2
My Own Fault61230Jan 2020Jan 202020 hrs ago
Martial Artists2203Dec 2019Dec 2019Apr 29
What is it about bisexuality that is so appealing to Women?72121Sep 2019Sep 201911 hrs ago
Should I Read Casanova's Memoirs?54118Dec 2018Aug 2019Apr 26
Seriously...3244Aug 2019Aug 2019Apr 28
This Makes No Sense To Me68620Dec 2018Dec 201817 hrs ago
Married Friends5245Nov 2018Nov 2018Apr 26
Social Experiment1,03634Aug 2018Aug 2018Apr 9
Need Opinions1,74946Feb 2017Apr 2017Apr 29
I Don't Know, I'm kind of Frustrated.1,10338Apr 2017Apr 201711 hrs ago
What can I do?1,21920Mar 2017Apr 2017Apr 29
Allow me to explain...3637Mar 2017Mar 2017May 2
A College Prom4328Mar 2017Mar 2017Apr 26
First Day3062Feb 2017Feb 2017Apr 5
2 Questions47911Feb 2017Feb 201711 hrs ago
What is the best thing a man can do to protect his lady?2,08244Sep 2016Jan 20173 hrs ago
Do you ever talk to yourself?2,41534Sep 2016Oct 20162 hrs ago
Is poetry dead?1,34018Sep 2016Oct 2016May 2
Has Anyone Else Been On CS Before3,30855Aug 2016Oct 2016Apr 29
Don't Know Why...1,16713Sep 2016Sep 201611 hrs ago
Relationships with disabled persons-What do you think?3,39684Aug 2016Sep 2016May 3
Would you ever date someone you work, or go to school with?1,33411Sep 2016Sep 2016Apr 16
Who would you most like to marry?3,942161Sep 2016Sep 201616 hrs ago
Would you ever ask someone to set you up with a possibe romantic partner?2,66035Aug 2016Sep 20169 hrs ago
The best thing about the 90's1,1642Sep 2016Sep 2016May 1
In which of these would you choose to live?1,96027Aug 2016Sep 2016May 2
Favorite Movie? ( Comedy )2,22930Aug 2016Sep 201619 hrs ago
Does being bisexual justify cheating?2,60629Aug 2016Sep 2016May 3
Why Only Married Women?1,04513Aug 2016Aug 2016Apr 29

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