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To my friends i`` the Carolina's24015Sep 11Sep 12Oct 18
Seems Not Much Has Changed48934Sep 1Sep 112 hrs ago
Canada Cannabis24513Jul 19Jul 204 hrs ago
The Experiment32912Sep 2017Sep 201719 hrs ago
Why No picture?44912Aug 2017Aug 2017Oct 18
NAFTA talks2275Aug 2017Aug 201712 hrs ago
Nuclear War? No worries!66830Aug 2017Aug 201722 hrs ago
DaMoose - BuzzKill Winner 2017!!70242Aug 2017Aug 201711 hrs ago
To Lilith from AB!35918Aug 2017Aug 2017Oct 20
WTH USA? Did you ban Haitians?2105Aug 2017Aug 2017Oct 21
Award-winning Cocktail in 1979!!!28811Aug 2017Aug 20172 hrs ago
Canada - Ist G7 to legalize pot federally (med and rec)56736Jul 2017Jul 2017Oct 17
Truck Songs66232Jul 2017Jul 2017Oct 19
Where are you from?2,339105Feb 2017Feb 20177 hrs ago
Cluster headaches37211Feb 2017Feb 2017Oct 20
Fishnet nylons....?? Communist plot or an invitation?43317Feb 2017Feb 2017Oct 20
Protest Marches erupt in Pennsylvania!3402Feb 2017Feb 2017Oct 19
This says it all....2090Feb 2017Feb 2017Oct 17
North America1,47729Nov 2016Nov 2016Oct 18
Change of topic from politics - First Kiss1,54327Nov 2016Nov 2016Oct 21
Welcome to My home....maybe8126Nov 2016Nov 2016Oct 18

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