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Pants? Dhotis? Lungis? or Kilts?38534Jul 20Aug 311 hrs ago
Trump, The Cuckold; why does his wife want to visit Labron James?1963Aug 5Aug 52 hrs ago
Victim Blaming1,746103Jan 16Apr 162 hrs ago
How Many Survival Tools Can You Pack In A Zippo Lighter And Case?44128Mar 14Mar 18Sep 20
Nuclear threat.1,588101Jan 13Jan 163 hrs ago
There's A Killer On The Road75731Nov 2017Nov 201714 hrs ago
Trump's Already On Vacation?63427Feb 2017Oct 2017Sep 10
Should Trump move his own business interests and money back to America too?1,61991Mar 2017Jun 201720 hrs ago
Moms the Personification of Unconditional Love58610May 2017May 20171 hrs ago
How Many Everyday Words Can We Get The Auto-Censor To Censor?26414Apr 2017Apr 2017Sep 18
I Just Found A Few Real Cool Verses From The Book Of Enoch!29618Apr 2017Apr 2017Sep 21
Let's Talk About God2,205122Mar 2017Apr 201712 hrs ago
Was Abram a Brahmin?74024Mar 2017Mar 20175 hrs ago
God Did At The First Visit The Gentiles62742Mar 2017Mar 2017Sep 18
Does SEAL's Dad deserve an investigation?98081Feb 2017Mar 20178 hrs ago
A small button on every profile...1,38470Feb 2017Feb 20172 hrs ago
The Electoral College Is A Disaster For Democracy.1,08559Dec 2016Dec 20165 hrs ago

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