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NAFTA21823Sep 201822 mins ago22 mins ago
ANOTHER Republican Former Senator Murdered12913Jun 636 mins ago36 mins ago
Murder In Arkansas11413Jun 438 mins ago38 mins ago
Bohemian Grove477Jun 131 hrs ago54 mins ago
USA: Chat Thread8611Jun 31 hrs ago50 mins ago
Border Alert8,511759Oct 20181 hrs ago33 mins ago
161 Active Volcanoes In United States27715Oct 26Jun 1430 mins ago
Manhattan NewYork: Helicopter Crash9814Jun 10Jun 147 hrs ago
Massive Hong Kong Protest Against China26721Jun 9Jun 142 hrs ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez3,756302Jan 2Jun 1315 mins ago
USA vs Mexico28633Jun 6Jun 139 hrs ago
WikiLeaks Co-Founder: Julian Assange64144Oct 24Jun 1224 hrs ago
Animal Disease Outbreak8812Jun 11Jun 1212 hrs ago
1/2 Of The Presidents Had Affairs61033Mar 2018Jun 12Jun 14
Climate & Disaster Alerts37146May 20Jun 11Jun 14
Suspicious Deaths683Jun 9Jun 1020 hrs ago
Supreme Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsberg2,641232Oct 15Jun 101 hrs ago
POTUS & FLOTUS In The UK18117Jun 3Jun 106 hrs ago
Police Raid Australia's ABC News Network #AfghanFiles57738Jun 4Jun 102 hrs ago
No More For You9210Jun 9Jun 916 hrs ago
Outrageous In 20202,218148Mar 2018Jun 87 hrs ago
#TheGreatAwakening #GiletsJaunes #YellowJackets/Vests55751Dec 18Jun 817 hrs ago
YouTube PURGE 2019699Jun 5Jun 56 hrs ago
Ilhan Omar1,651135Feb 11Jun 43 hrs ago
Winter Is Coming82767Dec 17Jun 310 mins ago
William Pelham Barr19715Feb 15Jun 314 hrs ago
The Stars Are Out Of Alignment.... Again21211Jun 1Jun 210 hrs ago
Bilderberg 201911514May 23May 31Jun 14
Oroville Dam13913May 17May 31Jun 13
Security Clearances545May 29May 3012 hrs ago
What Do You Want To Know?967May 22May 29Jun 14
The Draft13217May 24May 2618 hrs ago
What Time Is The Apocalypse? - #230521Jan 14May 258 hrs ago
What Were Your Grandparents Right About?977May 22May 237 hrs ago
The Best And The Last8010May 22May 233 hrs ago
Who The Hell Is This Guy?52938Apr 26May 20Jun 12
Valerie Plame583May 17May 18Jun 12
Rashida Tlaib574May 17May 18Jun 11
Green Deal1,213116Feb 8May 179 hrs ago
USA & North Korea18022May 10May 15Jun 14
Those Racist, Islamicphobic, Bigots895May 15May 159 hrs ago
The Simpsons’1084Apr 21May 15Jun 14

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