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Are You Experiencing _______?3942Aug 2023Sep 21May 11
The Men Who Wanted to Be Left Alone81518Aug 2023Sep 2023May 14
I Don't Want To Hear It5,977148Aug 2021Aug 2023May 17
Whoa..1250Aug 2023Aug 2023May 11
"The Greatest Depression"8,210236Aug 2020Aug 202322 hrs ago
Nourish The Soul3,244114Oct 2020Aug 2023May 16
C40 Cities1761Aug 2023Aug 2023May 15
Elon Musk - Digital ID971Aug 2023Aug 2023May 9
Severe Weather / Climate - August 202381123Aug 2023Aug 2023May 12
Sleep77112May 2023Aug 2023May 16
HURRICANE HILLARY2356Aug 2023Aug 2023May 16
Utopia3,61397Feb 2021Aug 2023May 16
California - FIRES1251Aug 2023Aug 2023May 14
700,0002,84174May 2023Aug 2023May 13
Story Time2295Aug 2023Aug 2023May 12
All Creatures Great And Small10,372310Oct 2019Aug 20235 hrs ago
Pearls Of Wisdom1,76344Apr 2021Aug 2023May 11
What Time Is The Apocalypse? - #22,40759Jan 2019Aug 2023May 16
If I Was Really Wealthy _____5316Dec 2022Aug 2023May 3
I Hope1,67842Aug 2020Aug 2023May 13
I Miss ______1,69446Oct 2020Aug 2023May 16
I Wish ______6,944224Jun 2019Aug 202323 hrs ago
Musk vs Zuckerberg3076Aug 2023Aug 2023May 11
If You Wrote A Book ...4995Jul 2023Aug 2023May 4
To Vote Or Not To Vote, That Is The Question1,74539Jul 2019Aug 20237 hrs ago
23,000 And Counting4153May 2023Aug 2023Apr 29
Your SHERIFF Is The Final Authority69811Dec 2020Aug 2023May 13
I Am Grateful _______3,911118Jun 2019Aug 202311 hrs ago
What Do You Want To Know? Part 256212May 2023Aug 202321 hrs ago
Artificial Intelligence73519Dec 2018Aug 2023May 11
Heads Up APPALACHIA1785Aug 2023Aug 2023May 9
Canada Goes Full Orwell1,12128Nov 2019Aug 2023May 12
Food Thread8,809320Jun 2020Aug 20231 hrs ago
What's The Price?74021Aug 2023Aug 202324 hrs ago
I Hate ______7,723227Jun 2019Aug 202310 hrs ago
PAKISTAN52711Jan 2020Aug 2023May 7
THIRD Test2612Aug 2023Aug 2023May 14
Meanwhile: In Martha's Vineyard3259Jul 2023Aug 20236 hrs ago
The Secret Of Life ____62717Dec 2022Aug 2023May 4
Windshield26413Aug 2023Aug 2023May 7
Are You Ready?10,167286Jul 2020Aug 202322 hrs ago
Worldcoin - UBI1041Aug 2023Aug 2023May 9

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