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Earthquakes46254Mar 72 hrs ago16 mins ago
Ruin A First Date, Using Four Words10212Mar 192 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Outrageous In 20201,622113Mar 20184 hrs ago32 mins ago
Harry Potter: Diversified In Warp Drive19223 hrs ago14 hrs ago11 hrs ago
Presidental Slogans715Mar 15Mar 209 mins ago
Border Alert5,812536Oct 7Mar 20just now
Ilhan Omar1,091121Feb 11Mar 201 hrs ago
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez2,965287Jan 2Mar 1947 mins ago
What Time Is The Apocalypse? - #21388Jan 14Mar 1935 mins ago
Irish-American Heritage Month776Mar 1Mar 1713 hrs ago
Israel Under Attack70235Oct 26Mar 16Mar 20
Red Dawn & Red October29824Oct 6Mar 144 hrs ago
Winter Is Coming66063Dec 17Mar 132 hrs ago
1/2 Of The Presidents Had Affairs44629Mar 2018Mar 1217 hrs ago
Missing In Georgia643Mar 10Mar 12Mar 20
Green Deal965107Feb 8Mar 114 hrs ago
Domestic Migration26720Oct 19Mar 112 hrs ago
America's PC Vocabulary20216Nov 13Mar 10Mar 17
#TheGreatAwakening #GiletsJaunes #YellowJackets/Vests27327Dec 18Mar 924 hrs ago
#TrumpDerangmentSyndrome vs #TrumpIdolatrySyndrome20018Sep 15Mar 916 hrs ago
Mandela Effect823Dec 7Mar 9Mar 18
Earthquakes Are Racist1517Jan 7Mar 910 hrs ago
How many social media /networks are you currently on?63615Mar 2018Mar 9Mar 20
Supreme Justice: Ruth Bader Ginsberg1,968194Oct 15Mar 515 mins ago
Taboo Subjects46626Nov 14Mar 516 hrs ago
Linda Sarsour29125Oct 7Feb 24Mar 20
Jeffrey Epstein44242Dec 2Feb 21Mar 19
Ron Rosenstein Resignation54944Sep 24Feb 20Mar 19
TEXAS : Heads Up!16910Dec 27Feb 193 hrs ago
Bill: H.R.674712010Dec 4Feb 19Mar 16
William Pelham Barr645Feb 15Feb 16Mar 20
#Shutdown41942Jan 3Feb 151 hrs ago
Proud To Be An American63750Dec 6Feb 117 hrs ago
NATO21219Jan 29Feb 8Mar 19
Conspiracy32628Dec 15Feb 723 hrs ago
Boycott The NFL90841Mar 2018Feb 614 hrs ago
161 Active Volcanoes In United States22013Oct 26Jan 25Mar 18
ALASKA: Earthquake & Tsaumi Warnings1186Dec 3Jan 20Mar 15
More Dead Journalists?13312Dec 30Jan 10Mar 20
MSM, Social Media & Politians- Ignoring & Censoring Cop's Murder16413Dec 30Jan 9Mar 20
“Nation states must today be prepared to give up their sovereignty”68232Dec 29Jan 9Mar 17
#CHINA: The Military Arm Of The #NWO90960Dec 30Jan 44 hrs ago

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