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I Hate ______1,998107Jun 2019Jul 636 mins ago
Same Time Everyday _____1338Jun 9Jul 610 hrs ago
Trump And The United Nations69334Sep 2018Jul 4Jul 5
All Creatures Great And Small1,14777Oct 2019Jul 4Jul 6
The Supreme Court655Jul 3Jul 37 hrs ago
Jeffrey Epstein3,999235Dec 2018Jul 32 hrs ago
Mood1,10661Aug 2019Jun 2613 hrs ago
Ready to Train Your Low-Wage Replacements?28412Sep 2019Jun 2629 mins ago
Washington DC Has Fallen56447Jun 5Jun 2618 hrs ago
Food Thread25720Jun 15Jun 231 hrs ago
I Want _______16211Jun 9Jun 22Jul 3
POPEYE’S Chicken Chaos30318Nov 9Jun 22Jul 6
Domestic Migration84343Oct 2018Jun 229 hrs ago
NORWAY1234Oct 2019Jun 2031 mins ago
War Drums & Oil Drums: "Locked And Loaded"1,633115Sep 2019Jun 1814 hrs ago
My Favorite ______1599Jun 9Jun 15Jul 4
Happiness Is _____67731Dec 23Jun 1512 hrs ago
ADL : The Anti Defamation League22710Sep 2019Jun 14Jul 5
What Time Is The Apocalypse? - #269330Jan 2019Jun 11Jul 3
Green Deal1,759122Feb 2019Jun 112 hrs ago
I Wish ______2,347136Jun 2019Jun 99 hrs ago
Predictions 202024710Oct 2019Jun 9Jul 5
Oh No You Didn't!30013Sep 2019Jun 919 hrs ago
WTH Is Going On With The FBI?26917Aug 2019Jun 619 hrs ago
Bill de Blasio1737Jul 2019Jun 614 mins ago
Second Wave1286Jun 2Jun 4Jul 4
Insurrection Act1002Jun 1Jun 214 hrs ago
POLAND: ‘Europe is dying!’36020Nov 12Jun 220 hrs ago
Anti Lockdown Protests Worldwide62353May 8May 31Jul 5
The Draft51926May 2019May 30Jul 5
Medical Martial Law18612May 21May 2715 hrs ago
Climate & Disaster Alerts2,346152May 2019May 229 hrs ago
What Do Americans Really Want?49827Oct 2019May 2111 hrs ago
Impression1285May 18May 21Jul 2
Border Alert12,467808Oct 2018May 219 hrs ago
Christian Persecution28413Jul 2019May 214 hrs ago
USA Red Alert! Real time crisis1293May 19May 21Jul 5
What Do You Want To Know?41119May 2019May 20Jul 6
No One Is Talking About It38120Oct 2019May 19Jul 5
Quakes: Waiting For The Big One1,07559Aug 2019May 1910 hrs ago
Hillary In 202075337Oct 2019May 19Jul 1
Write Your Own Law Or Mandate27013May 12May 17Jul 6

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