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FAMILY2202Dec 2017Dec 201710 hrs ago
hei1923Dec 2017Dec 2017Sep 19
Before4084Jan 2017Oct 20173 hrs ago
Miss The Train2935Jan 2017Apr 20179 hrs ago
upset36020Apr 2017Apr 201716 hrs ago
Freedom is not free49222Apr 2017Apr 20177 hrs ago
I LOVE,,,,,,WHAT ABOUT YOU???33412Mar 2017Apr 201712 hrs ago
Say Something About You86642Mar 2017Apr 201716 hrs ago
song.......what is your favorite song ??1290Apr 2017Apr 20177 hrs ago
Age1,01441Mar 2017Mar 20178 hrs ago
Add things to your profile1300Mar 2017Mar 2017Aug 31
TELL ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY73434Mar 2017Mar 20179 hrs ago
kiss1911Mar 2017Mar 2017Sep 23
Win1621Mar 2017Mar 201716 hrs ago
Baby28411Mar 2017Mar 20179 hrs ago
7 THINGS YOU NEVER FORGET ABOUT YOUR FIRST LOVE ...49320Mar 2017Mar 20179 hrs ago
What kind of books do you like to read?54736Mar 2017Mar 20179 hrs ago
Heart1612Mar 2017Mar 201716 hrs ago
Friend1320Mar 2017Mar 201716 hrs ago
Sex and Love55318Jan 2017Feb 201716 hrs ago
Forum of the day1872Feb 2017Feb 201716 hrs ago
Have you been in love before?5111Jan 2017Feb 2017Sep 22
Good day1762Jan 2017Jan 201716 hrs ago
Death3659Jan 2017Jan 20179 hrs ago
A librarian36016Jan 2017Jan 201716 hrs ago

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