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Atlanta Georgia is Child Sex Pimp Capital of the WORLD !!! ... redrum alert folks3015Mar 2017Sep 2017May 14
Another UBER Driver Rapist - 2 hit in Skookie Chi-Town - Redrum Alert2331Mar 2017Jun 2017May 17
London Mayor ignores Terrorist Attack his city - Redrum Alert23514Mar 2017Mar 2017May 6
FOUND - Brady Stolen Superbowl gear - Messican did it legal crime27110Mar 2017Mar 201720 hrs ago
FBI says Trump Wiretap is FALSE = tells DOJ to drop investigation48929Mar 2017Mar 20177 hrs ago
Now Sessions lies about lying - Not just Pence lies about lying - Trump - NO AUDIT IN SIGHT29416Mar 2017Mar 2017May 16
Emperor Trump Has 'NO Cloths' - Aids insist he Does - House/Senate says 'No Cloths'25112Mar 2017Mar 2017May 20
GOPerp Senator caught with minor child in Motel = Redrum Alert Dennis Hastert RULES !!!32414Mar 2017Mar 2017May 14
Spring Ahead - 29 Degress F - 2 feet of Snow - Dress WARM !!!1492Mar 2017Mar 2017May 3
Religion AT WORK - No No No ... you go do it at Church Mudder Ducks32423Mar 2017Mar 2017May 14
10 March 2017 .. Trump Team Freaks Out in one day ... Pence lies to US big time about General Flynn64123Mar 2017Mar 20179 hrs ago
Trump all wrong about Messican Immigrants looking for a job ... none in Messico you know.1220Mar 2017Mar 2017May 4
Thousands Babies Mass Graves in Ireland discovered - Very Disturbing Video59926Mar 2017Mar 2017May 14
AG Sessions no contact with Trumps Russian Love Doll just like the rest - Redrum Alert1866Mar 2017Mar 2017May 13
Dead SEAL family did NOT MEET with Trump = Redrum Alert61425Feb 2017Mar 2017May 16
Super Dumb Trump or Super Scary Trump - Redrum Alert folks and get a helmet49026Feb 2017Mar 2017May 16
Deport 40 Million illegals @ 1 per second Takes 15 months or so to clean up the USA57827Feb 2017Feb 2017May 12
365 Days Without 40 million illegals ... WhhhhhhhooooooooooHoooooooooo !!!1885Feb 2017Feb 2017May 10
Road Closed - Get Out of Cars and Open It - Duhhh !!!1400Feb 2017Feb 2017May 2
Trump is Bat Chit Crazy .. or Putin Love Doll ?89343Feb 2017Feb 201723 hrs ago
Severe Water Pollution California - Don't drive, swim or contact it - Redrum Alert1666Feb 2017Feb 2017May 15
365 Days Without 40 million illegals ... WhhhhhhhooooooooooHoooooooooo !!!75539Feb 2017Feb 2017May 20
Trump Declares 17 US Fisheries Disasters for federal assistance2204Feb 2017Feb 2017May 6
General Flynn 2 Trump = Just Russian Locker Room Boy Talk No Big Deal2243Feb 2017Feb 20174 hrs ago
$185 million in Jet plane losses Trump illegal search in ONE WEEK2288Feb 2017Feb 2017May 8
Obama Ignores Border Security GOOD says SCOTUS - Trump Enforces Border Security BAD says Feds - WTF24015Feb 2017Feb 2017May 8

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