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Choices - a sign of intellect37624Jun 29Jul 77 hrs ago
Congratulations are in order!!60523Jun 10Jun 297 hrs ago
Putting an end to things1,03861Jun 19Jun 28Jul 15
Arguing over division - Is the Argument worth winning?1,43372Jun 10Jun 187 hrs ago
How does your garden grow? An ode to Carbon Footprinting19012May 28Jun 52 hrs ago
Paleo, Keto and Grain-free - anyone??61736Apr 18Apr 2524 hrs ago
Reversing direction : a Tale of Two Situations59947Apr 22Apr 2312 hrs ago
The Biggest Mistake you can make is...2,316118Apr 1Apr 178 hrs ago
3 Below Honey2496Mar 28Apr 4Jul 15
Feedback amplifier circuit error in Climatology theory34922Mar 28Mar 30Jul 15
How long are you going to wait...1,19075Mar 19Mar 217 hrs ago

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