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Women only. Were you sexually harassed by anyone before 21? (in any way. No details.)1,74222Dec 7Mar 312 hrs ago
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Attitude to risks / Extend if you want to, thank you!49026Jan 4Jan 511 hrs ago
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Seeking for political asylum in Ireland Forums....49717Dec 7Dec 11Apr 18
Lost in the dark58631Aug 2017Aug 2017Apr 18
From boogers and fairy tales23410Aug 2017Aug 2017Apr 18
Words that bump and/or had bumped your heart a good way =)31316Jul 2017Jul 2017Apr 12
Being Single / Why Single/ What so ever Single Memes War73013Jul 2017Jul 201714 hrs ago
Compatibility between personality types63133Jul 2017Jul 2017Apr 15
What are you really good at?83552Jul 2017Jul 201723 hrs ago

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