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tough decision79812Jul 2011Aug 2011Apr 8
A friend in California3344Jun 2011Jun 2011Mar 12
I have a question for the women..2,46574Feb 2011Feb 2011Apr 4
A not so great date1,52731Jan 2011Feb 20113 hrs ago
Feeling lonely1,41443Sep 2010Sep 2010Apr 2
how do I handle this?1,24137May 2010May 2010Mar 26
I need some advice77922May 2010May 2010Mar 16
I have feelings for this girl64515Apr 2010Apr 2010Apr 5
I try, I really do...82328Mar 2010Mar 2010Apr 7
favorite Evil Dead movie1,96322Nov 2008Mar 2010Mar 30
What would you watch with Tom Servo and Crow from MST3K?85822Mar 2010Mar 2010Apr 4
Who is your favorite character on the show Mystery Science Theater 3000?5233Feb 2010Mar 2010Mar 31
Any MSTies aka Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans?3185Feb 2010Mar 2010Mar 6
so this is the second time...2674Mar 2010Mar 2010Mar 31
So I've been writing to women on this site and another site..72220Jan 2010Jan 2010Mar 21
What's your favorite emoticon or smiley?32217Mar 2009Aug 2009Apr 8
if you could be any Peanuts character who would you be?73832Nov 2008May 2009Mar 18
favorite villain1,93369Nov 2008May 2009Apr 8
favorite scene or quote from This is Spinal Tap2351Feb 2009May 2009Apr 5
favorite TV show from the 90s88031Feb 2009May 2009Mar 20
what's your opinion on downloading music without paying?1,58867Feb 2009Apr 2009Mar 20
What's Jim Carrey's best movie in your opinion?99344Mar 2009Apr 2009Mar 7
joking2303Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 29
I don't get it39114Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 4
Which band member of the Pixies would you want to hang out with?4433Mar 2009Apr 2009Apr 1
wondering if55020Apr 2009Apr 2009Mar 2
Would you want to see the Pixies in concert when they get back together and tour again in June?60710Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 30
religion and other issues45017Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 19
women would you..98957Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 1
Does anyone remember the old synthesizers like the Moog with the big ocilators and patch cables?4842Mar 2009Mar 2009Feb 25
one of my friends..2976Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 4
quiet people47815Mar 2009Mar 200917 hrs ago
Favorite Mel Brooks movie50610Mar 2009Mar 20093 hrs ago
do you prefer actual instruments or those from a synthesizer or computer program?5108Mar 2009Mar 2009Feb 25
Pixies are getting back together, THIS IS SO AWESOME!!1350Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 8
what horror/scary/ dark comedy movie character would you date?8259Mar 2009Mar 2009Feb 27
is silence..?30410Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 9
Did you like the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie?5077Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 23
Has anyone heard of..2639Mar 2009Mar 2009Feb 25
Hey! been trying to meet you.. must be a devil between us58716Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 20
Hitchikers1483Mar 2009Mar 2009Feb 25
Favorite Pearl Jam song45818Feb 2009Mar 2009Feb 25

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