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Will men in the near future be wearing body cams?122164 hrs ago2 hrs ago10 mins ago
What do women prefer wearing24019Oct 14Oct 183 hrs ago
Halloween is around the corner and will the left need costumes?743Oct 17Oct 177 hrs ago
What do you prefer to date?28222Oct 14Oct 175 hrs ago
Famous song covers17522Oct 11Oct 16Oct 18
What do women prefer part two42142Oct 14Oct 148 hrs ago
What do you have on toast?36432Oct 7Oct 103 hrs ago
Do women spend too much on clothes, make-up and mobile phones?1,433135Oct 7Oct 911 hrs ago
Age difference in dating poll1,40878Sep 10Oct 821 hrs ago
Are you politically Right or left leaning52832Sep 23Oct 811 hrs ago
brett kavanagh has been voted into the Supreme Court1041Oct 7Oct 717 hrs ago
When a woman cares about a man81044Oct 4Oct 59 hrs ago
Are all men bad, rapists, liars, evil? The left says yes, but what do you think?1745Sep 30Oct 123 hrs ago
When a woman says she don’t do drama in her dating profile92144Sep 20Sep 273 hrs ago
Which Words will the politically correct zombies want removed first?2549Sep 17Sep 178 hrs ago
Would you prefer to date someone who can cook?91755Aug 19Sep 1611 hrs ago
Men would you date a bi-sexaul woman?2,799198Aug 30Sep 165 hrs ago
Vote on my next thread27312Sep 12Sep 1210 hrs ago
Which one is better looking?60935Sep 9Sep 11Oct 18
Stefan Molyneux talking facts1,903109Jun 29Sep 116 hrs ago
Single woman vs single mother1,07260Sep 8Sep 95 hrs ago
Compliment a woman thread71627Sep 3Sep 8Oct 16
Illuminatti satanic song - no god is not a woman1544Sep 7Sep 719 hrs ago
When reality woke me up2276Sep 3Sep 412 hrs ago
A thread for women to talk about babies and pregnacy89547Aug 26Aug 2921 hrs ago
Jordon Peterson49421May 14Aug 26Oct 18
Talking about the word misandry24913Aug 24Aug 2521 hrs ago
Blues music thread53834Jul 14Aug 23Oct 18
Are most women ruled by their emotions, their need for validation and obsession with drama?22113Aug 20Aug 21Oct 7
Ladies how would you like a guy, who wanted to date you approach you?26412Aug 19Aug 206 hrs ago
Would you switch your mobile phone off on a date?54547Aug 19Aug 202 hrs ago
Ladies do you want to date taller or shorter?52435Aug 19Aug 204 hrs ago
Music without words78037Feb 17Jul 28Oct 17
Whitesnake - Post your favourite songs37311Jan 27Jul 28Oct 15
Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?1,70588Jul 12Jul 164 hrs ago
Rainbows79834May 24Jul 16Oct 16
Going on a date....Ladies make your choice?1,520109Jul 5Jul 74 hrs ago
Ladies going on a date part two - Ladies make your choice?1,641115Jul 5Jul 64 hrs ago
Dealing with losing your hair1,02658Jun 25Jul 56 hrs ago
Germany - immigration problem40918Jun 27Jul 4Oct 17
Patriotic theme music and Winston Churchill speeches51628May 27Jul 117 hrs ago
….Worst big budget movie remakes?42110Jan 15Jul 1Oct 17

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