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Music without words70837Feb 17Jul 28Aug 16
Whitesnake - Post your favourite songs34011Jan 27Jul 2816 hrs ago
Blues music thread42332Jul 14Jul 23Aug 16
Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?1,51488Jul 12Jul 1619 hrs ago
Rainbows74434May 24Jul 165 hrs ago
Going on a date....Ladies make your choice?1,376109Jul 5Jul 79 hrs ago
Ladies going on a date part two - Ladies make your choice?1,517115Jul 5Jul 614 hrs ago
Dealing with losing your hair93158Jun 25Jul 55 hrs ago
Germany - immigration problem36218Jun 27Jul 416 hrs ago
Stefan Molyneux talking facts1,44297Jun 29Jul 312 hrs ago
Patriotic theme music and Winston Churchill speeches45328May 27Jul 114 hrs ago
….Worst big budget movie remakes?35410Jan 15Jul 17 hrs ago
Michael Caine1295Jul 1Jul 1Aug 15
Which James Bond do you fancy most? Thread for the Ladies:)1,04459Apr 18Jun 297 hrs ago
What do women talk about with their female friends mostly?86364Jun 21Jun 2617 hrs ago
How do people on CS define you?99357Jun 22Jun 2418 hrs ago
US President virtual poll…Trump Vs Hilary33212Jun 19Jun 21Aug 14
Sunsets1745May 24Jun 19Aug 15
The moon and stars1542May 24Jun 18Aug 13
Which is your favourite letter of the alphabet?1,29872Mar 12Jun 18Aug 16
Replying to thread posts1,13179Jun 17Jun 181 hrs ago
Fathers day16513Jun 17Jun 17Aug 15
acoustic guitar music16413Jun 7Jun 7Aug 16
Socks22712Jun 4Jun 4Aug 17
The new feature - virtual Thumbs up or Thumb down81440Jun 1Jun 211 hrs ago
Sticking to a thread subject1,13256May 31Jun 210 hrs ago
Brigette Gabriel1829May 30May 30Aug 15
Hollywood1627May 26May 28Aug 14
...Do you agree or disagree with the meetoo misandrist mob?49114Feb 2May 27Aug 17
Which sports do you like watching?35923May 24May 26Aug 17
Compliments2,210137May 11May 262 hrs ago
Talking about Time34925May 24May 2521 hrs ago
Jordon Peterson40020May 14May 223 hrs ago
Do you dye your hair, or have you dyed your hair before?97259May 2May 224 hrs ago
Ladies which do you prefer to wear?1,850198May 1May 194 hrs ago
The Titanic53022Apr 17May 196 hrs ago
Have you ever been set up on a blind date, by a friend before?1,08263Jan 25May 1624 hrs ago
Opposite to right45928May 12May 1348 mins ago
Do you have piercings?37715May 2May 918 hrs ago
Ladies which of these songs, would you consider making love to?77346May 3May 79 hrs ago
Nicknames -- do you give them or receive them?34812May 4May 518 hrs ago

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