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I believe the traditional family unit may return in future41629Jan 411 hrs ago1 hrs ago
A few movies, that feminists cry about and need safe spaces from:))))))))))21718Jan 1312 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Who would you choose as the leader of your country?1,156105Jan 1013 hrs ago25 mins ago
Which Jimi Hendrix song do you prefer?12110Jan 1214 hrs ago9 hrs ago
mass immigration has been driving down wages in the UK for decades58636Dec 27Jan 133 hrs ago
Are all men bad, rapists, liars, evil? The left says yes, but what do you think?1,616100Sep 30Jan 131 hrs ago
Would you ban make-up and sexy clothing in the work place?77090Jan 11Jan 124 hrs ago
Jim morrison interview706Jan 11Jan 1124 hrs ago
Are children of this generation lost?15017Jan 10Jan 105 hrs ago
Would the England football team – benefit when the UK leaves the EU?23927Dec 18Jan 8Jan 13
Which desert do you prefer?81584Jan 5Jan 72 hrs ago
What would you do if you had a time machine?44340Jan 5Jan 64 hrs ago
Leecharming - New years thread - 201924517Dec 31Jan 2Jan 15
Ladies and women - do you have a pair of watermelons, coconuts or oranges?26413Dec 30Dec 3116 hrs ago
Gender politics in schools and the denial of biology40222Dec 22Dec 3021 hrs ago
What did women get for xmas?26916Dec 26Dec 272 hrs ago
It's Boxing day1234Dec 26Dec 2622 hrs ago
What will you be eating for your xmas dinner?81964Dec 24Dec 2421 hrs ago
Question for women - Do you prefer masculine men or feminine men?54131Dec 14Dec 233 hrs ago
Women with short hair Vs women with long hair?1,449102Nov 24Dec 232 hrs ago
Question for men – Do you prefer feminine or masculine women?49727Dec 14Dec 19Jan 15
Question to single women – Will you be collecting mistletoe and kisses over Xmas?34618Dec 17Dec 1918 hrs ago
Ladies - Will your turkey get a good stuffing over Xmas?1524Dec 17Dec 1725 mins ago
Songs about eyes1,05572Nov 30Dec 133 hrs ago
Which is the better Pet49437Nov 30Dec 12Jan 14
Do women spend too much on clothes, make-up and mobile phones?1,701140Oct 7Dec 96 hrs ago
I did a bit more research and here is something21312Dec 7Dec 9Jan 14
Can Donald Trump drain the swamp?1,44394Dec 1Dec 8Jan 14
Do most western women try to control relationships?43732Nov 30Dec 56 hrs ago
Who is your favourite poster?28914Dec 3Dec 314 hrs ago
Is Valentine’s day a waste of money?41733Nov 24Dec 11 hrs ago
Sock puppets20817Dec 1Dec 18 mins ago
Ladies what do you think men - like best about your bodies?78068Nov 28Nov 301 hrs ago
What do women like best about dating a man?38622Nov 25Nov 263 hrs ago
The best British Sit coms61774Nov 25Nov 25Jan 14
The agenda of the NWO1142Nov 23Nov 239 hrs ago
Why are modern adverts, so manipulative n materialistic?27315Nov 17Nov 22Jan 14
Stefan Molyneux talking facts2,138110Jun 29Nov 212 hrs ago
thread for nagging and complaining about your day48832Nov 20Nov 211 hrs ago
Why do so many women have either tattooed on eyebrow or pencilled on eyebrows?1,91789Jul 12Nov 201 hrs ago
Jordon Peterson67727May 2018Nov 204 mins ago
What you watch mostly?80169Nov 16Nov 201 hrs ago

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