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What do women mostly complain about?91083Apr 216 hrs ago1 hrs ago
I am thinking of creating a mans group1,09474Apr 12Apr 215 hrs ago
Which Party UK - would you vote in a general election?1199Apr 19Apr 199 hrs ago
Which age group of men, would women prefer to date?40331Apr 10Apr 172 hrs ago
Which age group of women, would men prefer to date?1,540121Apr 10Apr 15Apr 21
Should people’s religious and political beliefs - be mentioned in their dating profiles?22616Mar 22Apr 1110 hrs ago
Which actress in their prime...was more sexy?23815Apr 6Apr 97 hrs ago
Are we living in a materialist and cold hearted society25222Apr 4Apr 85 hrs ago
Which job would women - be better at?22925Apr 6Apr 617 hrs ago
What is the main words women use, when they disapprove of something?30428Mar 1Apr 2Apr 21
Story telling? 4 words per post8,069774Jan 28Mar 3118 mins ago
Do you think - America - is, was, never was, or never will be democratic?27119Mar 24Mar 29Apr 21
Have your ever been in love with a woman?28018Mar 15Mar 25Apr 18
The song - Anything goes – various versions792Mar 23Mar 23Apr 17
Women - Have you ever been in love with a man?42634Mar 15Mar 22Apr 19
Who do you listen to more?28527Mar 18Mar 21Apr 18
Who are easier to influence?1996Mar 11Mar 2117 hrs ago
Welcome to the 1980s music dedication thread17623Mar 16Mar 1624 hrs ago
Which decade of music...would you like me to host?21211Feb 1Mar 16Apr 18
Should threads be archived or left opened for comments?1386Mar 13Mar 15Apr 17
In dating - Is it important to a man, what a woman does for a living?97756Feb 3Mar 142 hrs ago
Men do we want to date taller or shorter women?2691Aug 2018Mar 12Apr 21
Which Male UK singer from the past or present has the best voice?21013Mar 8Mar 124 hrs ago
Which has the better sense of humour?1522Mar 11Mar 1219 hrs ago
Relationships - do most women really ever, know what they want?78972Mar 6Mar 1113 hrs ago
Which Male Musician – might have faked their death?1408Mar 10Mar 10Apr 18
Which type of movie do Men like best?1759Mar 2Mar 10Apr 16
Which Female UK singer from the past or present has the best voice?30825Mar 8Mar 916 hrs ago
When a woman says she don’t do drama in her dating profile1,27551Sep 20Mar 74 hrs ago
Would you prefer to date someone who can cook?1,23063Aug 2018Mar 622 hrs ago
Are you politically Right or left leaning75334Sep 23Mar 620 hrs ago
Which is better the better lifestyle for you?22922Feb 25Mar 511 hrs ago
Question for men – Do you prefer a woman with or without make-up?29121Feb 26Mar 5Apr 18
Do you think – cannabis should be made legal in your country?1,838176Feb 20Mar 521 hrs ago
Which animals/insects - are women most afraid of?18111Mar 1Mar 3Apr 20
Which type of movie do women like best?19312Mar 2Mar 3Apr 20
Are children of this generation lost?84151Jan 10Feb 28Apr 20
Will men in the near future be wearing body cams?91154Oct 19Feb 27Apr 21
Do multi-culture societies work?62742Feb 19Feb 2718 hrs ago
Would the England football team – benefit when the UK leaves the EU?37732Dec 18Feb 27Apr 20
Question for women - dating men - What is your height preference?17812Feb 26Feb 26Apr 18
Men and women55633Nov 3Feb 265 hrs ago

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