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What makes women...feel more feminine?2,23265Aug 2Aug 551 mins ago
Movie themes13716Aug 2Aug 44 hrs ago
illegal immigration into the UK75458Jul 31Aug 216 hrs ago
The global fraud and deadly vaccines56621Jul 29Aug 13 mins ago
The memorable one2839Jul 16Jul 1711 hrs ago
Should Paternity Tests…be mandatory?1,976105Feb 14Jul 854 mins ago
The Billy Idol Music thread14612Jun 23Jul 221 hrs ago
A day in Wales Today86551Jun 25Jul 121 hrs ago
Should made legal worldwide?83853Jun 6Jun 2721 hrs ago
Why do so many women in relationships…try to change men?2,354100Nov 2019Jun 271 hrs ago
If a person had a annoying voice...would you still date them?1,25839May 9Jun 263 hrs ago
A chat about eyes1,14546Jun 20Jun 243 hrs ago
The graveyard shift1693Jun 22Jun 2321 hrs ago
Will diversity quotas be eliminated…when the economy reopens?2739Apr 11Jun 22Aug 4
A chat about chanting44723Jun 12Jun 2221 hrs ago
A chat about the NWO and other things46423Jun 10Jun 174 hrs ago
What will America Do?50322Jun 8Jun 1721 hrs ago
Dating and politics75839Jun 9Jun 167 hrs ago
A chat about fear1,13959May 28Jun 555 mins ago
Escaping the Matrix is not easy...but can be done56434Jun 2Jun 56 hrs ago
How to deal with...Crazy people77425May 22Jun 18 hrs ago
Would you wear a mask on dates?1,24564May 23May 3121 hrs ago
Have you ever...had a profile review?30916May 30May 3021 hrs ago
A chat about loyalty92947May 24May 249 hrs ago
Do men or women...create the best threads?90143May 20May 2319 hrs ago
Modern dating advice for men1,62569May 18May 2211 hrs ago
What Killed Marriage?1,99393May 13May 1810 hrs ago
THE NEW WORLD ORDER AND SATAN37719May 15May 1811 hrs ago
The prisoner42725May 18May 1821 hrs ago
Can women control Hypergamy?68325May 12May 145 hrs ago
Do you say it as you see it?2284Apr 24May 82 hrs ago
Adele loses 7 stone1,45047May 7May 821 hrs ago
Favourite superhero1463Apr 24May 211 hrs ago
Do you speak your mind always?50716Apr 25Apr 2921 hrs ago
Will the Corona vacinne and microchip in your mandatory?72633Apr 18Apr 289 hrs ago
Freedom vs Human slavery52723Apr 9Apr 231 hrs ago
Do very attractive looking women..have more or less sex…than average looking women?83234Apr 13Apr 23Aug 5
Which movie do you like best?40423Apr 14Apr 1811 hrs ago
Be the best you can be1332Apr 18Apr 1821 hrs ago
Would you help another in need...during this lockdown?2363Apr 12Apr 1322 hrs ago
Living Countryside37120Apr 4Apr 1122 hrs ago
Big brother owns you36016Apr 10Apr 1122 hrs ago

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