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Are you happy with your feet?50714Mar 25Sep 1Sep 27
how do you greet most people?1,31043Jan 8Aug 1121 hrs ago
Do women enjoy hand holding...when they are in a relationship with a man?1,07823Dec 2022Aug 10Sep 28
if you could hire a bodyguard...would you?84629Jan 22Aug 9Sep 27
Are women attracted to men of mystery?77112Mar 25Apr 7Sep 27
is international women's day...a good or bad idea?5344Mar 23Apr 14 hrs ago
have you heard of posy parker?71912Mar 27Apr 15 hrs ago
s international men's day...a good or bad idea?4648Mar 23Mar 313 hrs ago
Discussing...Hit and run commenters5444Mar 25Mar 28Sep 27
do women think...high heels are practical?76014Mar 23Mar 25Sep 28
they are our...feathered friends37714Mar 18Mar 1924 hrs ago
do you think...gullible people...believe anything?41710Mar 18Mar 1921 hrs ago
Ministry of truth3496Feb 2Feb 422 hrs ago
Do you think some women...have the IT factor?54714Jan 8Feb 3Sep 26
did Aldous Huxley...predict the future/present?38711Jan 26Feb 2Sep 27
Where are the women at?6959Dec 2022Feb 223 hrs ago
a thread for women5945Nov 2022Feb 2Sep 27
a discussion on...mistakes in dating3789Jan 9Jan 9Sep 26
Who is your biggest influence?60415Jan 8Jan 92 hrs ago
a discussion on this broken society4635Jan 1Jan 7Sep 25
EctoLife: The First Baby Factory...what do women think? what do men think?80523Dec 2022Dec 202221 hrs ago
What do you think of the site changes?43011Dec 2022Dec 20226 hrs ago
do you do kind things for others?1,94592Nov 2022Dec 202222 hrs ago
would you wear a mask again?1,69257Aug 2022Dec 2022Sep 27
it's time for the yawn thread1,03933Apr 2022Nov 2022Sep 20
who was the best...wheeler dealer?3183Nov 2022Nov 2022Sep 27
what do women...least want men to look at?80427Nov 2022Nov 20226 hrs ago
do you want more women to post?55310Nov 2022Nov 2022Sep 27
Do women give better hugs than men?70120Oct 2022Oct 2022Sep 27
do you think bad women are attractive?61026Oct 2022Oct 202220 hrs ago
the cost of bread price is a sign80115Oct 2022Oct 202222 hrs ago
Do horror movies...scare women or men mostly?56617Oct 2022Oct 2022Sep 27
Do you oppose...a cashless society?1,20830Sep 2022Oct 20222 hrs ago
are you still looking to date others?92622Sep 2022Sep 2022Sep 27
Does it need a woman's touch?73012Sep 2022Sep 2022Sep 20
Do men...who control conversations?88724Sep 2022Sep 2022Sep 27
Could women be winners...with the right man?1,25933Sep 2022Sep 20228 hrs ago
relationships...what would a woman..say most to a man?64710Aug 2022Aug 2022Sep 27
Are you going without...foods you used to afford?1,22735Aug 2022Aug 20229 hrs ago
can you read a woman's mind?1,13942Aug 2022Aug 202220 hrs ago
which is your decade?31610Aug 2022Aug 2022Sep 27
music for dating51110Aug 2022Aug 2022Sep 20

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