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Why do a lot of hot women pick Aholes?1,64576May 2829 mins ago2 mins ago
Football news…Women want equal pay to men42632Jul 17Jul 1840 mins ago
Who brought you up?58940Jul 7Jul 1718 hrs ago
The labour party exposed for racism1546Jul 13Jul 17Jul 18
Which brand of women like best?57737May 30Jul 1212 hrs ago
Man caves...can they exist in relationships...with women?58029Jun 30Jul 1114 hrs ago
What would mostly…put you off…dating a woman?95556Jun 20Jul 71 hrs ago
Make-up companies and the search for perfection32916Jun 28Jul 74 hrs ago
Which country...In the UK...Has best singers?29217Jun 24Jul 4Jul 18
motivational songs11613Jul 3Jul 4Jul 13
Is it impolite for a woman…to talk with her mouth full?56538Jun 20Jul 318 hrs ago
It was a mistake to bash men and use extreme misandry77141Jul 1Jul 219 hrs ago
Positive feedback and compliments44225Jun 11Jul 219 hrs ago
Which would a woman wear most?27916Jun 30Jul 19 hrs ago
Different types of gangs?29518Jun 22Jun 2912 hrs ago
Have you ever been involved in a threesome?86335May 26Jun 263 hrs ago
What is your favourite...Arnold Schwarzenegger movie?38933Jun 14Jun 26Jul 18
Are women good at colour co-ordinating?17413Jun 22Jun 2323 hrs ago
How do you react...when you see a hot looking woman...walking by?46931Jun 20Jun 228 hrs ago
have you ever dated a heavy snorer8456Jun 11Jun 198 hrs ago
Could most women cope without drama?28221Jun 16Jun 1815 hrs ago
Fathers day47437Jun 15Jun 172 hrs ago
Which way do you communicate…most with others?25415Jun 13Jun 1722 hrs ago
Why do you dislike gambling?42532Jun 11Jun 171 hrs ago
Question for women...did you ever write love letters to men?26015Jun 13Jun 1411 hrs ago
Groups of sharing...would result in?1888Jun 9Jun 12Jul 18
Productive discussions on my threads62821Jun 9Jun 119 hrs ago
Why do women I want to avoid…keep showing up?1,20664Jun 5Jun 911 hrs ago
Do women most compliment a man on?59934Jun 2Jun 624 hrs ago
What do men most compliment women on?31226Jun 2Jun 6Jul 17
Have you ever stolen a relative’s boyfriend or girlfriend?2639May 26Jun 6Jul 17
Which of these jobs…would a woman choose?2138Jun 5Jun 5Jul 18
Do you have an peircings?20112May 30Jun 4Jul 16
How many times have you been divorced?29912May 28Jun 212 hrs ago
In your youth...Which sports were you good at?57152May 31Jun 16 hrs ago
How a babies life could evolve30619May 30May 312 hrs ago
Has a relative ever stolen your boyfriend or girlfriend?43431May 26May 27Jul 18
Which age group of men, would women prefer to date?62633Apr 10May 257 hrs ago
Do you think, that men are avoiding dating/relationships and marriages with women?1,59393May 17May 218 hrs ago
Wrapped up in cotton wool and safe spaces2038May 9May 21Jul 15
What do you like best on Television?60353May 11May 19Jul 16
Ladies - Can you charm the charming?55345May 14May 1721 hrs ago

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