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Being a man2,996151Mar 134 hrs ago14 mins ago
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Mothers Day on Sunday 13th March17316Mar 8Mar 9Mar 15
Movie theme music20733Mar 6Mar 8Mar 16
Snow1,401134Feb 28Mar 542 mins ago
My musical masterpiece - listen and enjoy1236Mar 2Mar 2Mar 16
Did your ex ever start arguments for no apparent reason?3,249211Feb 5Feb 234 hrs ago
Do you live on a strict spending budget?35336Feb 16Feb 224 hrs ago
pick a subject?31026Feb 19Feb 21Mar 16
Music without words19723Feb 17Feb 2014 hrs ago
Are nurses the best type of people to date?39123Feb 14Feb 186 hrs ago
…Do women want to be judged on their looks?5,049301Jan 7Feb 152 hrs ago
….Have women fallen in love with their mobile phones?74452Dec 23Feb 14Mar 16
What is your view on charity shops?1364Jan 28Feb 13Mar 16
Football talk – The English Premier League1047Feb 12Feb 13Mar 15
What do you know about the history of beds?31230Feb 12Feb 122 hrs ago
Are you a feminist?2,538254Feb 4Feb 917 hrs ago
Have you ever been set up on a blind date, by a friend before?28822Jan 25Feb 816 hrs ago
newsflash - men and women are different2068Feb 4Feb 5Mar 16
What your view on women in contact sports?66544Jan 27Feb 44 mins ago
Whitesnake - Post your favourite songs1284Jan 27Feb 3Mar 15
The future of heterosexual dating and the problems it faces in western society…19716Feb 2Feb 21 hrs ago
How many pairs of shoes do you own? Including trainers, boots, heels etc44231Jan 30Jan 302 hrs ago
Which type of shopping do you enjoy?1454Jan 28Jan 28Mar 15
Which of these songs did you sing at Karaoke?2179Jan 25Jan 2616 hrs ago
Donald Trump March for Life Speech1,387122Jan 22Jan 258 hrs ago
Did you watch the recent C4 interview with Jordon Petterson?24920Jan 23Jan 25Mar 15
….What is your view on Chelsea Clinton Tweeting the Church of Satan?52033Jan 6Jan 16Mar 15
…What are your views on Danielle Bregoli?24710Jan 14Jan 164 hrs ago
…Men and women in modern western society - edited…1141Jan 14Jan 14Mar 12
...Men and women in modern in Western society...1547Jan 14Jan 14Mar 12
...What religion do you worship?1899Jan 6Jan 7Mar 14
....The Doors - Name your favourite song?1,09821Dec 22Dec 275 hrs ago
...The Manic street preachers - Your favourite song?1967Dec 22Dec 2411 hrs ago
Would you replace the real thing with a secs toy or robot?1,215151Dec 23Dec 2412 hrs ago
…Teacher’s pet…1345Dec 17Dec 17Mar 14
Kindness16312Dec 17Dec 17Mar 15
...Views on dating?...2017Dec 17Dec 17Mar 15
….Worst big budget movie remakes?1430Jan 15Mar 12
...Do you agree or disagree with the meetoo misandrist mob?1210Feb 2Mar 12

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