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Why do some women lash strangers online?33313Jun 247 hrs ago1 mins ago
Do women want a player?1,02561Jun 1718 hrs ago14 mins ago
do you agree with slut shaming?2,267111Jun 17Jun 255 mins ago
something happened?60016Jun 9Jun 11Jun 23
the goofing thread31925May 20May 261 hrs ago
would you alpha woman?1,66264Apr 26May 1518 hrs ago
Do you like truth bombs? watch..listen and discuss25617Apr 10Apr 12Jun 22
it's time for the yawn thread59935Apr 8Apr 1212 mins ago
Are men or women better at flirting1925Apr 8Apr 82 hrs ago
i told you so2549Apr 4Apr 4Jun 17
the told you so1412Apr 4Apr 4Jun 24
do you think...abortion is murder?2,975193Mar 28Apr 37 hrs ago
women who are...concerned about their waistline?3506Mar 15Mar 2310 hrs ago
how many...typed words are censored?77985Mar 4Mar 104 hrs ago
who should pay for the dinner date?97554Mar 8Mar 10Jun 24
are there...too many movie remakes?34820Jan 14Feb 24Jun 25
I want women to know?54230Feb 23Feb 24Jun 24
you will own this the future?58221Feb 14Feb 23Jun 24
Do you think...we need more women on CS?2,12197Jan 20Feb 2110 hrs ago
have you ever...gone swimming naked?57630Feb 2Feb 15Jun 25
do you think...women good in bed?1,23459Feb 4Feb 1313 hrs ago
which his and you most popular?2032Feb 11Feb 11Jun 23
Is the fall of the west is close?93437Dec 4Feb 114 hrs ago
are women on cs...good at flirting?78237Jan 28Feb 6Jun 20
which women's you enjoy most?1,18064Jan 16Feb 4Jun 24
my late grandfather...used to call American's yanks46617Jan 24Feb 3Jun 24
Is it a myth...that women can multi task?66729Sep 2021Jan 29Jun 23
Do you think...Over representation....creates division?1,45593Oct 2021Jan 29Jun 24
update on my beard....65230Dec 10Jan 29Jun 24
question to you use a push up bra?99842Dec 6Jan 29Jun 22
Which is more honest...some with a fake profile photo or someone without a photo?1,49960Jun 2021Jan 29Jun 22
The removing of dislikes is censorship58823Dec 4Jan 2914 hrs ago
Do you want to date a man...who agrees with...most of your opinions?45928Dec 11Jan 29Jun 21
It's not a mask it's a?38719Dec 24Jan 29Jun 20
Do women...impress you?43625Jan 7Jan 29Jun 19
Do men...impress you?63926Jan 7Jan 29Jun 21
Only 18% Of American Households....Are Families With Married Parents45613Jan 12Jan 293 hrs ago
i want women to flagpole has been raised44617Jan 23Jan 2419 hrs ago
was Jordon Peterson right to resign?34715Jan 22Jan 23Jun 22
should i forgive women...who have been unkind to me over the years?1,62672Jan 17Jan 225 hrs ago
would women or men...censor speech more?1,40292Jan 12Jan 146 hrs ago
Erin pizzy1828Jan 14Jan 14Jun 16

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