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Jordon Peterson25719May 14May 2010 hrs ago
Music without words45933Feb 17May 194 hrs ago
Ladies which do you prefer to wear?1,492198May 1May 194 hrs ago
Compliments68745May 11May 1922 hrs ago
The Titanic41422Apr 17May 197 hrs ago
Have you ever been set up on a blind date, by a friend before?91563Jan 25May 1615 hrs ago
Opposite to right35328May 12May 1324 hrs ago
Do you have piercings?26415May 2May 9May 19
Do you dye your hair, or have you dyed your hair before?67353May 2May 83 hrs ago
Ladies which of these songs, would you consider making love to?55046May 3May 7May 19
Nicknames -- do you give them or receive them?25512May 4May 5May 20
Walk about creek on CS...Aussie chat and laughter...have a Amber fluid and join me33125Mar 29May 2May 19
What is your view on charity shops?94776Jan 28May 2May 20
...Do you agree or disagree with the meetoo misandrist mob?36413Feb 2May 215 hrs ago
How many pairs of shoes do you own? Including trainers, boots, heels etc76552Jan 30May 212 hrs ago
…What are your views on Danielle Bregoli?49412Jan 14May 11 hrs ago
The late Steve Irwin and others1474Apr 17May 1May 15
….Worst big budget movie remakes?2272Jan 15May 1May 20
The Golden Age of Piracy Terror at Sea Documentary1999Apr 17May 1May 13
The beauty of nature1666Apr 26Apr 29May 19
Profanity – do you swear a lot in real life?1,12595Apr 2Apr 2915 hrs ago
Bushy bush1,57980Mar 4Apr 293 hrs ago
…Do women want to be judged on their looks?5,419305Jan 7Apr 2914 hrs ago
Which type of shopping do you enjoy?85165Jan 28Apr 2815 hrs ago
Which is your favourite letter of the alphabet?84960Mar 12Apr 286 hrs ago
….Have women fallen in love with their mobile phones?1,568117Dec 23Apr 2733 mins ago
pick a subject?47033Feb 19Apr 2611 hrs ago
Which James Bond do you fancy most? Thread for the Ladies:)84253Apr 18Apr 2650 mins ago
Any couples, who have met on online dating sites, who are posting on here?1330Apr 20Apr 20May 19
Movie theme music51956Mar 6Mar 2714 hrs ago
Whitesnake - Post your favourite songs2278Jan 27Mar 264 hrs ago
Watch out for the PC mob70048Mar 19Mar 2512 hrs ago
Snow1,613140Feb 28Mar 254 mins ago
s*xual preference89160Mar 22Mar 253 hrs ago
Mothers Day on Sunday 13th March19916Mar 8Mar 9May 19
My musical masterpiece - listen and enjoy1456Mar 2Mar 2May 5
Did your ex ever start arguments for no apparent reason?3,410211Feb 5Feb 2311 hrs ago
Do you live on a strict spending budget?41736Feb 16Feb 2222 hrs ago
Are nurses the best type of people to date?42423Feb 14Feb 188 hrs ago
Football talk – The English Premier League1397Feb 12Feb 13May 18
What do you know about the history of beds?35830Feb 12Feb 12May 12
Are you a feminist?2,739254Feb 4Feb 915 hrs ago

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