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Reparations anyone12217Apr 196 hrs ago2 hrs ago
Polygamy1,09385Apr 15Apr 179 hrs ago
How many can you guess. No peeking.2259Apr 12Apr 146 hrs ago
In crowd77673Apr 6Apr 714 hrs ago
New Swedish documentary on reversed apartheid in South Africa2,933273Mar 22Apr 426 mins ago
Why do nipples get hard?75750Mar 26Apr 4Apr 19
If you had a boat what would you name it?85672Mar 9Mar 30Apr 19
What are your thoughts on colonoscopies?74062Mar 9Mar 30Apr 18
Can you name the 8 different nipple types?27224Mar 29Mar 3013 hrs ago
Zuckerberg says Facebook will not sell your personal information in 200917216Mar 28Mar 29Apr 18
Trump hates Amazon, not Facebook.1188Mar 28Mar 28Apr 19
Do you ever wake up at night and log onto CS?70564Mar 17Mar 25Apr 19
Brazilians now wanting to own guns.20120Mar 20Mar 24Apr 19
Craigslist pulls personal adds due to sex trafficking bill..19116Mar 23Mar 24Apr 20
Naked and afraid trailer31831Mar 22Mar 23Apr 19
What five members have been on the CS the longest.1,32155Mar 18Mar 23Apr 19
What's your favorite Beatle song?60265Mar 19Mar 224 hrs ago
How long does green dot stay on after you log off?38631Mar 7Mar 18Apr 13
Men prefer sex dolls to real women1,288119Feb 25Mar 17Apr 20
Just finished the brilliant Doc Martin series.......are12711Mar 14Mar 17Apr 19
Cats have it really, really bad in Vietnam. Warning graphic19413Mar 15Mar 17Apr 16
Happy Pi Day1226Mar 14Mar 156 hrs ago
Which strong English speaking accent is hardest for Americans to understand.1,178103Mar 5Mar 12Apr 16
If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?45543Mar 8Mar 94 hrs ago
Which CS forum member do you think has the thickest accent?3,712271Mar 6Mar 92 hrs ago
What is going on in South Africa?1,876151Mar 2Mar 616 hrs ago
The tricks people use to shutdown debate.2329Mar 4Mar 5Apr 19
What's your definition of tolerance?1,934152Feb 28Mar 3Apr 19
Gay for a day45134Feb 24Feb 2817 mins ago
Which one would you choose, if you had to pick one.96471Feb 2Feb 27Apr 18
What's the difference between the forums and the blogs on CS?39632Feb 26Feb 27Apr 20
What is #1 reason people don't put up recent profile pictures.2,460198Jan 28Feb 26Apr 18
Do you prefer a polite sycophant to a irreverent smart a**?82778Feb 19Feb 2620 hrs ago
For anyone who wants to understand what is happening in the west today. especially Harbal52828Feb 11Feb 204 hrs ago
Finally29221Feb 17Feb 18Apr 17
What's up with Jeremy Corbyn92479Feb 16Feb 183 hrs ago
Do men take Viagra because their partners don't turn them on1,887137Feb 6Feb 16Apr 20
What does sent of a woman30823Feb 16Feb 16Apr 16
An interesting story on how the whole fake news mania920Feb 15Feb 15Apr 16
What time of day are you most active on CS?21712Feb 8Feb 13Apr 16
Is using a bear with hearts emoji considered flirting.1,707112Feb 4Feb 131 hrs ago
We gotta get out of this place.25813Feb 12Feb 13Apr 16

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