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Hurrah......... Trump gets to pick another Supreme Court Justice.82558Jun 27Jun 303 hrs ago
Has the English flag become a racist symbol?3,064218Jun 25Jun 284 hrs ago
What song best expresses you reason for being on CS.52124Jan 26Jun 27Jul 19
BBC video about immigrants grooming young Sikh girls72646Jun 20Jun 242 hrs ago
Tommy Robinson arrested and sent to prison for filming outside Muslim rape trial6,828508May 25Jun 222 hrs ago
London 1967 no cell phones31918Jun 16Jun 2014 hrs ago
Camel v. Cactus2106Jun 4Jun 617 hrs ago
Andrew Norfork the journalist who broke the grooming gang scandal. (Times reporter)95564Jun 1Jun 5Jul 19
There's some truth in this one.2277Jun 4Jun 5Jul 19
Show us your dog/dogs2018Jun 2Jun 221 hrs ago
Female Genital Mutilation Spikes in U.K1,777103May 22Jun 116 hrs ago
Facebook asks users to send nude pictures to combat revenge porn.35522May 23May 2520 hrs ago
Brits overtaking Americans in fat race.60435May 20May 2224 hrs ago
Shock Report: Migrants Become Less Integrated the Longer They Stay in Europe88451May 14May 1716 hrs ago
Is sex better at night1,870115May 2May 129 hrs ago
Reparations anyone27818Apr 19Apr 308 hrs ago
How to post photos from laptop or computer. Not phones.46322Apr 28Apr 303 hrs ago
What position do you sleep in?37425Apr 24Apr 24Jul 18
Polygamy1,30185Apr 15Apr 174 mins ago
How many can you guess. No peeking.3179Apr 12Apr 1420 hrs ago
In crowd90373Apr 6Apr 7Jul 18
New Swedish documentary on reversed apartheid in South Africa3,284273Mar 22Apr 414 mins ago
Why do nipples get hard?84750Mar 26Apr 4Jul 19
If you had a boat what would you name it?97172Mar 9Mar 30Jul 18
What are your thoughts on colonoscopies?89162Mar 9Mar 30Jul 19
Can you name the 8 different nipple types?45224Mar 29Mar 302 hrs ago
Zuckerberg says Facebook will not sell your personal information in 200922716Mar 28Mar 293 hrs ago
Trump hates Amazon, not Facebook.2018Mar 28Mar 283 hrs ago
Do you ever wake up at night and log onto CS?78264Mar 17Mar 2516 hrs ago
Brazilians now wanting to own guns.27420Mar 20Mar 24Jul 18
Craigslist pulls personal adds due to sex trafficking bill..27616Mar 23Mar 24Jul 17
Naked and afraid trailer38331Mar 22Mar 2315 hrs ago
What five members have been on the CS the longest.1,42855Mar 18Mar 23Jul 18
What's your favorite Beatle song?73365Mar 19Mar 2219 hrs ago
How long does green dot stay on after you log off?49531Mar 7Mar 186 hrs ago
Men prefer sex dolls to real women1,604119Feb 25Mar 173 hrs ago
Just finished the brilliant Doc Martin series.......are16611Mar 14Mar 1719 hrs ago
Cats have it really, really bad in Vietnam. Warning graphic24513Mar 15Mar 17Jul 19
Happy Pi Day1596Mar 14Mar 1516 hrs ago
Which strong English speaking accent is hardest for Americans to understand.1,309103Mar 5Mar 128 hrs ago
If you didn’t have to sleep, what would you do with the extra time?52843Mar 8Mar 9Jul 17
Which CS forum member do you think has the thickest accent?4,167271Mar 6Mar 914 hrs ago

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