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Finally23821Feb 1718 hrs ago2 hrs ago
What's up with Jeremy Corbyn84379Feb 1621 hrs ago45 mins ago
For anyone who wants to understand what is happening in the west today. especially Harbal24610Feb 11Feb 1816 mins ago
Do men take Viagra because their partners don't turn them on1,669137Feb 6Feb 1626 mins ago
What does sent of a woman24823Feb 16Feb 1638 mins ago
An interesting story on how the whole fake news mania540Feb 15Feb 157 hrs ago
What time of day are you most active on CS?18912Feb 8Feb 1323 hrs ago
Is using a bear with hearts emoji considered flirting.1,585112Feb 4Feb 1326 mins ago
We gotta get out of this place.19913Feb 12Feb 135 hrs ago
A break from white people.53242Feb 11Feb 136 hrs ago
Why is Ebay cutting off Paypal20616Feb 11Feb 12Feb 17
What emojis irritate you the most?1,388105Feb 7Feb 113 hrs ago
Which flame warrior best describes you.1,346137Feb 8Feb 92 hrs ago
What should you say or do24824Feb 7Feb 82 hrs ago
What can we learn about love from other cultures14813Feb 7Feb 78 hrs ago
Here is the memo36930Feb 2Feb 613 mins ago
What is #1 reason people don't put up recent profile pictures.2,098192Jan 28Feb 642 mins ago
Which one would you choose, if you had to pick one.70762Feb 2Feb 57 hrs ago
Super bowl live updates26440Feb 4Feb 5Feb 18
What's your favorite hair band ballad from the 80s or 90s.14315Jan 27Jan 281 hrs ago
What song best expresses you reason for being on CS.30421Jan 26Jan 27Feb 18
Picture that would have cost Obama 2008 election finally comes out66353Jan 25Jan 2711 hrs ago
This one is for mollybaby35224Jan 26Jan 26Feb 17
Good news for lonely male Brits, try before you buy.1648Jan 20Jan 2012 hrs ago
Principle of the least concerned29924Jan 17Jan 186 hrs ago

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