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How soon after meeting online and chatting do you think 2 people should become exclusive and why?1,504113Feb 16Mar 1819 hrs ago
Why do women always expect the guy to travel to them and or pay.1,49597Feb 25Mar 53 hrs ago
Knife makers and blacksmiths.23626Feb 28Mar 2May 23
Beers, brews cocktails, your favorite inebriation, recipes and mixes, home made or bought.1142Mar 1Mar 2May 19
Off grid living, tips, tricks and cheats to make life easier. :)98371Feb 6Feb 2719 hrs ago
Does our reliance on antibiotics and hygiene, weaken the human gene pool?26021Feb 18Feb 26May 22
What race, country or origin of people, do you think is the most attractive and why1,22363Feb 14Feb 217 hrs ago
Is modern medicines, over populating the world?25828Feb 20Feb 21May 23
Use by dates on food stuffs, do you pay attention to them and why?16511Feb 18Feb 1921 hrs ago
Is there such a thing as healthy jealousy in a loving relationship or does it just cause conflict?58039Feb 16Feb 187 hrs ago
Time to go and get some work done, this place takes up to much time.2168Feb 16Feb 17May 22
What don't you want in a relationship? What are the needs in a relationship to make it work?24612Feb 14Feb 15May 23
The lack of mature adults, both male and female as opposed to being adult in western society & why.1,16174Feb 12Feb 147 hrs ago
Still new to the site, what happened to my mail?2829Feb 7Feb 1215 hrs ago
Knowing the difference between a real and fake profile and the problems genuine people face.78936Feb 5Feb 913 hrs ago
Does your pasion dictate that you must be right or can you agree to disagree?46825Feb 6Feb 819 hrs ago

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