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I didn't know that24520Feb 27Feb 2722 hrs ago
Tonight's the night61343Feb 2Feb 32 hrs ago
Strange Fascination60825Jan 20Jan 24Mar 18
What's the biggest threat to Western civilisation30419Jan 15Jan 15Mar 21
Liberal as a term of abuse (continued)32427Jan 10Jan 156 hrs ago
It's not Humbug34215Dec 23Jan 15Mar 20
I'm going to bed now35213Jan 5Jan 1324 hrs ago
Spiritual but not contagious2,663269Aug 31Jan 93 hrs ago
What do you most hate about being a man?1,66093Nov 25Jan 8Mar 20
Link to daniela's microchip thread53234Dec 28Dec 303 hrs ago
Liberal as a term of abuse.3,002240Nov 24Dec 74 hrs ago
Schadenfreude64737Nov 24Nov 30Mar 20
What is the optimum length of a pubic hair?71438Nov 24Nov 3017 hrs ago
Ban animal products49137Nov 23Nov 23Mar 21
New Israeli settlement?2244Jul 2018Nov 20Mar 19
British Man Jailed For Eating Crisps In Front Of Muslim4,046151May 2018Oct 2943 mins ago
My dog and I45626Sep 27Sep 2819 hrs ago
Spiritual?1,36768Mar 2018Sep 276 hrs ago
There's a Naked Woman in my Bed51929Sep 21Sep 25Mar 19
It's not funny23515Sep 23Sep 23Mar 20
Who's the most bored on CS?1,881136Sep 22Sep 223 hrs ago
Kill joys24712Sep 1Sep 1Mar 20
Advice needed1,709142Aug 26Sep 18 hrs ago
Smart dog?37220Sep 1Sep 1Mar 20
Healthy lifestyle2238Aug 30Sep 1Mar 12
Fake laughter61939Aug 26Aug 2711 hrs ago
Anybody want to compare PMs?1,11943Jun 2018Jul 201820 hrs ago
Better late than never.33014Jul 2018Jul 2018Mar 18
Which is your favourite?67736Jun 2018Jul 2018Mar 18
Fox News54331Jun 2018Jun 2018Mar 20
Pillow talk.60023Apr 2018Jun 201839 mins ago
Who's to blame?38915Jun 2018Jun 201823 hrs ago
Solved3655May 2018May 2018Mar 14
Female genital observation spikes in UK.34517May 2018May 2018Mar 19
I want to make friends from Barnsley43521May 2018May 2018Mar 20
Needlework3108Apr 2018Apr 2018Mar 20
Favouritism1,23154Apr 2018Apr 20186 hrs ago
Show Us Yer Arse!5259Apr 2018Apr 20183 hrs ago
Freedom of information.62729Apr 2018Apr 20189 hrs ago
Sudden hair loss.87247Apr 2018Apr 20188 hrs ago
Scapegoat head.35212Mar 2018Apr 2018Mar 20
False alarm67127Apr 2018Apr 201810 hrs ago

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