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My dog and I34426Sep 27Sep 282 hrs ago
Spiritual?1,17268Mar 16Sep 2711 hrs ago
Spiritual but not contagious2,068262Aug 31Sep 268 hrs ago
There's a Naked Woman in my Bed40329Sep 21Sep 25Oct 14
It's not funny17915Sep 23Sep 23Oct 13
Who's the most bored on CS?1,464136Sep 22Sep 222 hrs ago
Kill joys19912Sep 1Sep 156 mins ago
Advice needed1,429142Aug 26Sep 17 hrs ago
Smart dog?26020Sep 1Sep 1Oct 13
Healthy lifestyle1598Aug 30Sep 119 hrs ago
Once in a lifetime31824Aug 31Sep 11 hrs ago
Fake laughter53439Aug 26Aug 27Oct 15
Anybody want to compare PMs?1,00143Jun 25Jul 13Oct 15
New Israeli settlement?1331Jul 10Jul 10Oct 15
Better late than never.28114Jul 9Jul 9Oct 15
Which is your favourite?60436Jun 5Jul 15 hrs ago
Fox News44231Jun 30Jun 30Oct 12
Pillow talk.50323Apr 7Jun 29Oct 15
Who's to blame?34715Jun 5Jun 622 hrs ago
British Man Jailed For Eating Crisps In Front Of Muslim3,014130May 26Jun 27 hrs ago
Solved3205May 14May 26Oct 10
Female genital observation spikes in UK.27817May 25May 25Oct 15
I want to make friends from Barnsley36621May 19May 19Oct 15
Needlework2518Apr 15Apr 15Oct 14
Favouritism89754Apr 13Apr 143 hrs ago
Show Us Yer Arse!4219Apr 12Apr 1313 hrs ago
Freedom of information.51029Apr 2Apr 11Oct 15
Sudden hair loss.74047Apr 9Apr 914 hrs ago
Scapegoat head.29312Mar 30Apr 9Oct 13
False alarm55627Apr 6Apr 7Oct 14
How times have changed.42213Apr 2Apr 610 hrs ago
Scunthorpe Blues.41528Apr 4Apr 5Oct 12
Photos?1,07058Apr 3Apr 56 hrs ago
Wanted43127Apr 1Apr 217 hrs ago
SATAN53322Mar 31Mar 3114 hrs ago
Self knowledge.46635Mar 30Mar 311 hrs ago
Targeted advertising.1687Mar 30Mar 30Oct 14
How come naturists don't get an erection?1,647118Mar 24Mar 3014 hrs ago
Describe your genitals.76728Mar 28Mar 2914 hrs ago
People with benefits.1,09259Mar 12Mar 2212 hrs ago
If you haven't got anything to say34017Mar 13Mar 18Oct 15
Forum announcement.69442Mar 18Mar 185 hrs ago

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