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the 3685908507 th post wins29,5992,460Apr 20198 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Music game39,4041,839Feb 2020Jun 293 hrs ago
decided to leave52012Apr 3Apr 17Jun 29
scammers got €6.000.000 from the dutch on datingsites39316Dec 5Dec 16Jun 29
passports39514Aug 2021Dec 1217 hrs ago
what is it4246Aug 2021Sep 20213 mins ago
Ruin a songtitle by changing the letters1781Jul 2021Jul 2021Jun 29
R.I.P. Andy 'The Viking' Fordham3259Jul 2021Jul 2021Jun 29
News of the day in your country.1,65578Jul 2021Jul 2021Jun 28
renting or buying?64920May 2021May 202122 hrs ago
Pope or idiot?2,940110Apr 2021Apr 2021Jun 29
what you wanted to be as a child?39212Mar 2021Mar 2021Jun 21
Female guitarplayers64710Feb 2021Feb 2021Jun 26
What's famous in your country?3,655124Jul 2020Feb 202120 hrs ago
painted bird2476Dec 2020Dec 2020Jun 27
What song reminds you of your parents?72328Dec 2020Dec 2020Jun 23
fugitives33512Nov 2020Nov 202011 hrs ago
I'm starting to think to stay single.84522Nov 2020Nov 2020Jun 28
Have you ever been in an ambulance?62927Oct 2020Oct 2020Jun 26
what would you do if...81027Aug 2020Sep 2020Jun 29
sick people1,16835Sep 2020Sep 2020Jun 28
If you were a wizzard, how would the world be?96926Jul 2020Aug 2020Jun 23
Sayings in your own language, which funny sayings do you have?1,34256Aug 2020Aug 2020Jun 28
Hillary got money from NXIVM2221Aug 2020Aug 2020Jun 24
where are they, have you seen them?2880Jul 2020Jul 2020Jun 26
Who pays for covid 19?70528Jul 2020Jul 2020Jun 28
What will you do when you are retired?96032Jul 2020Jul 2020Jun 25
could you live one day without your smartphone?59323Jul 2020Jul 2020Jun 26
Rest in Piece Ennio Morricone37912Jul 2020Jul 2020Jun 28
the power of the oil industry37612May 2020Jun 2020Jun 29
16th of May 20103425May 2020May 2020Jun 24
FAILING EU1,97643May 2020May 20208 hrs ago
fugs in the Netherlands are misbehaving3181May 2020May 2020Jun 28
What was your best excuse for not getting or paying a fine?4009May 2020May 2020Jun 17
When would you tell your new friend or girlfriend you have a s*xual fetish?1,03331Apr 2020May 2020Jun 29
Deathrow should return in the Netherlands94526Mar 2020Mar 2020Jun 29
music quiz - Name that song2560Mar 2020Mar 2020Jun 28
Fraud again3282Mar 2020Mar 2020Jun 12
criminality in your country45916Dec 2019Dec 2019Jun 28
christmas food3585Dec 2019Dec 2019Jun 17
what really pisses me off3854Dec 2019Dec 2019Jun 24
What is your fetish? vote anominously69118Dec 2019Dec 2019Jun 26

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