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the 3685908507 th post wins13212Apr 198 hrs ago1 hrs ago
Ever had a date with the wrong girl?64254Apr 14Apr 174 mins ago
ridiculous laws in wothless countries1112Apr 3Apr 3Apr 16
Terrorist attack in Tram, Utrecht the Netherlands97247Mar 18Mar 218 hrs ago
how do you foreigners see The Netherlands?1,37896Feb 17Feb 28Apr 20
I hate slippery roads.35219Jan 18Feb 2714 mins ago
how do you foreigners see The Netherlands?97672Feb 17Feb 236 hrs ago
Which passed away musician do you miss most?75049Feb 5Feb 1210 hrs ago
who is your favourite popmusician?20114Feb 5Feb 10Apr 14
fake profile again1,07054Jan 30Feb 4Apr 19
Coincidence, does it excist?66442Feb 2Feb 32 hrs ago
pharmaceutical maffia.28713Jan 11Jan 24Apr 17
Warning for the Vietnamese people.2366Jan 14Jan 145 hrs ago
Losing someone closeby1603Dec 23Dec 236 hrs ago
Are they playbacking? What do you think?872Dec 8Dec 8Apr 18
fun1170Dec 5Dec 5Apr 16
Dutch comedian about mr Erdogan.48546Nov 27Nov 283 hrs ago
more and more singles worldwide.88953Nov 17Nov 2610 hrs ago
Whats the news of your neighbourhood today?1070Nov 19Nov 1919 hrs ago
Did you knew?1957Nov 14Nov 14Apr 18
How do you like to end a fight with your partner?1,707214Nov 11Nov 1110 hrs ago
mother in law25118Oct 26Oct 26Apr 12
Metallica should be kicked out of the big 4.50931Sep 2Oct 2219 hrs ago
Confusing1915Oct 14Oct 17Apr 19
ridiculous governments27618Sep 25Sep 26Apr 19
Tobacco is bad, alcohol is bad, fat is bad, what can we eat?21616Sep 18Sep 18Apr 17
Celebrities27012Sep 9Sep 12Apr 16
wisdom1681Sep 3Sep 3Apr 17
rasistic jokes?63624Aug 29Aug 30Apr 19

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