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Big People Words5,5374Jul 2013Aug 2013Apr 17
Convicts2,3366Jan 2013May 2013Apr 17
Question for Phoenix1,84417Feb 2012Mar 2012Apr 17
BEWARE OF THAT UNDERWEAR DUST!!!4350Jul 2011Jul 2011Mar 25
Running in the Rain4935Apr 2011Apr 2011Apr 18
Elizabeth Taylor4175Mar 2011Mar 2011Apr 4
Chocolate For Ever4865Jan 2011Jan 2011Mar 16
Harry Potter4305Jan 2011Jan 2011Apr 6
Two Elderly Gentlemen70813Oct 2010Oct 2010Apr 18
The Gift Certificate and a Grammar Lesson5083Jul 2010Jul 2010Apr 17
Eurovision 20101,44629May 2010May 2010Apr 17
ZEN Teachings1,4353Apr 2010Apr 2010Apr 17
It's Tough Getting Old7648Jan 2010Jan 2010Apr 17
Seven Dwarfs5897Jan 2010Jan 2010Apr 17
The last 10 cents3982Jul 2009Jul 2009Apr 15
Moral of the story4383Jul 2009Jul 2009Apr 18
Never Lie to a Woman4024Jun 2009Jul 2009Apr 4
The Sailor3580Jun 2009Jun 2009Apr 16
Susan Boyle - Britain's Got Talent64613Apr 2009Apr 2009Apr 18
Taliban4434Mar 2009Mar 2009Apr 6
Beauty of a Woman4905Mar 2009Mar 2009Mar 13
How to Shower like a Woman94921Jan 2009Feb 2009Apr 18
Financial Planning - Long Term3804Feb 2009Feb 2009Apr 4
Men!!5117Jan 2009Jan 2009Mar 17
Cajun honeymoon4171Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 7
The First Chritmas Story5394Dec 2008Dec 2008Apr 5
Married or not you're gonna love this63513Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 17
DEAF WIFE4922Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 8
YOUR DESSERT CHOICE1,34027Nov 2008Nov 2008Mar 29
Airline Joke4433Nov 2008Nov 2008Apr 17
The Garage Door4283Oct 2008Oct 2008Mar 17
This is hilarious55813Oct 2008Oct 2008Apr 6
THE TAX INSPECTOR6166Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 4
The Cowboy5034Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 4
The Poem4761Sep 2008Sep 2008Apr 15
FOUR FRIENDS AT A PARTY... You nust read this one!4812Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 8
Tickle Me Elmo..4783Aug 2008Aug 2008Apr 16
Character Test5113Aug 2008Aug 2008Mar 6
Dave the hen4160Aug 2008Aug 200814 hrs ago
How to Tell the Sex of a Fly65114Jul 2008Jul 2008Apr 7
CHINESE SICK LEAVE3512Jun 2008Jun 2008Mar 25
Rubber Gloves3615Jun 2008Jun 2008Apr 9

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